• How many calories in sugar - the caloric value of sugar

    I want sweet, but are not going to spoil the figure? Of course, many representatives of the fair sex will prefer to step on their own "to the throat" and will diligently suppress the desire to eat something tasty. But you can simply calculate the consumed and wasted calories, and if the latter exceed the first, boldly diversify your menu with sweet dishes. However, do not forget that even a couple of cups of tea or coffee with sugar can pull the "scales" in the wrong direction.

    Therefore, to know how many calories in sugar you obviously will not hurt.

    What kind of sugar is

    Types of sugar

    Before you start to count how many calories in sugar, it is necessary to decide what kind of sugar you are now going to add to the drink or dough.

    Cane sugar( it is made from sugar cane stalks) can be brown or white. At the same time, brown sugar is considered to be the most useful, however dieticians have a completely different opinion. The fact is that the brown shade of sugar is attached to the molasses molasses contained in it, which makes it more caloric.

    Sugar beet sugar( that is, from sugar beet juice) is the most familiar and affordable variety of sugar that can be easily found in any grocery store in the form of refined sugar, sugar or sugar candy( it is also called candy sugar and it can beyellow, dark or white).

    Other types of sugar - maple, palm, sorghum - are less popular and therefore in our country you will not find them anywhere.

    Caloric content

    Calorie content of sugar

    To understand how many calories in a sugar of one kind or another, it is worth paying attention not only to what it is made of( sugar beet or reed), but also where this sugar is produced.

    This is the lowest calorie value of candy cane unrefined brown sugar( produced in Russia) - 377 kcal per 100 g of sugar.

    In second place - sugar beet sugar and sugar-refined Russian production - only 387 kcal per 100 g of sugar.

    Further on caloric content there is a brown reed unrefined sugar-sand( again of manufacture of Russia) - 398 kcal.

    And closes the table of cane sugar of foreign production with caloric content - 401 kcal per 100 g of sugar.

    As you can see, the difference in calories depending on the type of sugar is not too great. Therefore, it is generally accepted that 4 grams of sugar( that is, one teaspoonful) contains 16 kcal.

    Nutritional value of

    Nutritional value of sugar

    However, calorie content is not the only indicator of nutritional value of sugar. In addition to carbohydrates, cane sugar also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. And in candy sugar is the largest number of these substances.

    But fat and protein in sugar( regardless of its type) you will not find.