• Dermatitis Symptoms

    Dermatitis is an inflammatory process of the skin that occurs as a result of the direct action of various agents of the external environment: mechanical, physical factors, chemicals of plant and animal origin, allergic irritants. How to treat this ailment with folk remedies, look here.

    Dermatitis is a skin disease remotely resembling eczema. In both cases, there is inflammation, swelling and an itchy rash, and everything can end with the appearance of blisters and a weeping crust. The skin often becomes thick, peeling and sometimes covered with pigment spots.

    Many forms of dermatitis are associated with a hereditary predisposition to allergies, such as food. Others are a contact kind of dermatitis, that is, they appear as a result of contact with what causes an allergy, for example some substance in the production, washing liquid, shaving foam and anti-sweating remedy. One of the earliest and most common types of dermatitis is diaper rash, the reaction of infants to the presence of acid in urine. Dermatitis and eczema may first appear( or progress) during emotional stress, overwork.

    In the initial stage of dermatitis, inflammatory processes are less pronounced. Chronic dermatitis can for a long time be a mild symptom, under the influence of some or other causes, a relapse of the disease occurs.

    Skin dermatitis is quite common. Clinical manifestations occur 2-3 days after contact with the allergen, and often occurs with repeated contacts.

    Depending on the degree of severity and duration of the disease, contact dermatitis can manifest itself in a variety of skin changes - from mild reddening to pronounced wetting blisters from early edema to thickened scaly plaques in chronic course. The presence of a disorderly and asymmetrically located rash makes it possible to think that the cause of its development is external factors. This is evidenced by the presence of lesions of unusual shape. They say that nature does not draw corners, and if the area of ​​skin lesion has a square shape, the contact dermatitis is always the cause.

    Allergens: metals( chrome), ornaments, watch bracelets, cosmetic and perfumery products, hair dyes, creams, perfumes, formalin, photoreactives, polymers, rubber, rosin, medical workers in the pharmaceutical industry - medicines( antibiotics, vitamins).

    The most recent message came from Barcelona - people who held a coin worth one or two euros in their hands found a rash on their skin. Allergy in this case was caused by the presence of nickel in the money symbol. This metal in general often provokes an allergy.

    There is an expression: "I'm allergic to this person."It is fair, because there are allergic diseases purely on the nerves, while communicating with this or that unpleasant person for you. Poor women can be treacherously awaited by modern cosmetics, the scale and variety of applications of which are truly global. The fact is that an allergic reaction sometimes occurs on any component of cosmetics. It is almost impossible to protect yourself, as well as to abandon beauty in general. There is only one way out - the simpler the substance, the less risk.

    And your office can cause allergies. The chairman of the British allergic association, Muriel Simons, believes that this growing problem is only just beginning to attract attention. Allergy can provoke ozone, allocated by modern equipment, modern detergents, plastic coatings in just one office there are more than 300 harmful substances.

    Inflammation at the tip of the penis - dermatitis from diapers( according to N. Semenova) Sometimes boys develop a wound around the opening of the urethra. In this case, inflamed tissues can swell and block the passage of the canal, making it difficult to urinate. Such wounds appear due to diaper rash. In this case, it is best to keep the wound in the open air as long as possible. When the penis needs to be covered, the wound should be lubricated with an ointment containing petrolatum or lanolin, before going to bed it must be done. If a child experiences severe pain due to the fact that he can not urinate for a long time, you can put him in a bath with warm water and offer to urinate right in the water. If this does not help, you need to see a doctor.

    Inflammation at the tip of the penis and infection of the urogenital tract, in our view, a natural consequence of using diapers in caring for a baby boy. These diseases are only "flowers" from the great joy of pediatricians, that "the asses of the boys are dry."When you look at the joyful faces of doctors advertising diapers, there is always the thought that the screen is not doctors, but robots with a program for the destruction of the human race.

    Every doctor, every nurse and every little boy who is interested in the health of a boy - a male - is certainly aware of how Nature took care of the male reproductive system. Eggs, as a "special laboratory, where the mind of Nature turns into a human seed," is taken out of the body and must have its own temperature regime and individual physical parameters. A rise in temperature even by one degree immediately turns off spermatogenesis, slows the growth and development of the reproductive system. When the advertising of diapers appeared on TV screens, I wanted to know the story of this satanic action against the human race. In England, a prototype of diapers was used for a long time in sheep breeding. If many rams were born, then several producers were left in the herd. They grew up as usual, ate grass and very soon showed their sheep interest in lambs. Lambs were born. The sheep-producers in the herd did not need much, so they did not arrange bullfighting, did not share lambs. The rest had to eat meat, then to go to a shish kebab, pilaf, shurpa and the like. These rams were put on a testicle warm bag, very similar to the drying properties of the current diapers. Eggs in rams did not develop. The sheep grew quiet, claims to life and lambs were not in obedience obedience went to the slaughterhouse. And their testicles were dry.

    Our boys in diapers today are walking the path of calm rams. Distracting parents from the danger of nurturing pampers of impotence, pediatricians tell in the ads about the "dry asses" of the kids, keeping silent about the eggs being dried. One can only be surprised that an honest people in Russia can not hear the "ring of 22 pieces of silver" in their hands selling the future of Russia already in diapers.

    Atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin disorder that occurs, as a rule, in infants and young children. The disease by age of the child is classified into:

    1. Infant form - from 2 months of the baby's life;

    2. children's uniform - from one and a half years;

    3. Adult form - during puberty;

    1. Weighed heredity( the presence of allergic diseases in the family).

    2. Poisoning and intoxication.

    3. Diseases of the endocrine system.

    4. Inadequate nutrition.

    5. Metabolic disorders.

    6. Disease of the nervous system.

    Manifestations of the disease are as follows. Children suffer the strongest itch, as a result of which it is always possible to see the combs on the skin. The skin of such patients is dry and prone to peeling, it is covered with shiny plaques. There are jaunts in the corners of the mouth, a crack in the lower lip along the middle line, bruises under the eyes, as well as reddening and peeling of the eyelids. The skin is pale, with an earthy tinge.

    Diagnosis of the disease is based on examination of the baby and carrying out a series of studies. When examined, pay attention to the skin - rashes on the face, peeling eyelids, seizures.

    Allergological anamnesis, that is, information about allergic diseases in the family, is also important. Such patients are characterized by an increase in the level of eosinophils in the general blood test and the emergence of specific IgE.

    Treatment of the disease includes the creation of a supportive environment in the family, compliance with diet and use of medicines.

    Nutritionists recommend to refuse the following food products:

    • meat and fish soups, fried meat, caviar;

    • chocolate, honey, cocoa;

    • strawberries, pomegranates, melon, black currant, citrus( mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, oranges);

    • nuts;

    • mushrooms;

    • spices and smoked products;

    • canned and other products containing preservatives and colorants.

    Drug treatment should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician. Includes the following groups of drugs: antiallergic, detoxifying, antihistamines, tranquilizers and anti-inflammatory drugs. If the combs have an infection, then the connection of antibacterial agents is required. Children also require the appointment of enzyme preparations and eubiotics.

    Obligatory local treatment, that is the use of antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectants.

    For treatment apply ointments( fluorocort, flucinar).For prevention, contact with the allergen should be avoided. In everyday life, each of us must be attentive, observant and moderately cautious.