• Why use a blood sugar meter?

    Diabetes mellitus and problems associated with blood sugar levels are becoming increasingly relevant. The prevalence of this ailment makes the instruments for measuring sugar in demand.

    Blood sugar meter - or glucometer - a device designed to determine the level of sugar or, more correctly, glucose.

    Elevated blood sugar levels are not diabetes.

    In medicine, there is a perception that elevated or lowered blood sugar does not yet mean the presence of diabetes, and therefore, not a reason for panic and injections of insulin. The presence of diabetes mellitus is indicated by an increase in glucose to 7 mmol in fasted tests.

    It should be noted that the rise and fall of the glucose level is accompanied by various signs.

    In the first place, sugar rises with intense physical and psychological stress, and after eating.

    Secondly, it can be a consequence of the transferred diseases, surgical operations, and also against a background of a number of diseases, such as pancreatic cancer.

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    Symptoms of a decrease in blood levels of

    The most characteristic signs of a dropping blood glucose level are the following:

    • increased sweating;
    • is constantly feeling hungry;
    • arrhythmia;
    • vomiting and nausea;
    • increased anxiety.

    The above signs appear at an early stage of the disease.

    Also, the reduction in blood sugar in the late stages is characterized by the following symptoms:

    • attention is difficult, it is difficult for a person to concentrate on communicating with people;
    • migraines, weakness, drowsiness;
    • possible disorientation in space, confusion, inadequacy.

    The sugar in humans is no more than 5 mols, deviation from the norm is accompanied by disorders of the general state of health. For example, a decrease in the blood glucose level can cause irreversible deformations of the brain. Also, the nervous system suffers, which causes disorientation in space, inadequacy.

    Increase in glucose can be caused by obesity, stress, hypodynamia, malaise, alcoholism.

    Therefore, monitoring indicators is very important. It is for this that it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests at the first signs, indicating a violation of the glucose norm. In the future, it is always recommended to monitor the dynamics of changes in glucose in the blood. To do this, you need a table of blood sugar and a glucometer.

    Types of glucometers

    For the convenience of people to date a wide range of meters is available. For example, there are glucometers with voice options, with memory, statistics, and also with functions of changes in the content of ketones. Incidentally, glucometers with the possibility of ketone changes are recommended for people with diabetes.

    Some meters have the function "before and after", allowing you to monitor the glucose before and after meals. The measurement of blood sugar by a glucometer greatly facilitates the possibility of monitoring in any conditions and without resorting to medical facilities.

    How to choose a blood sugar meter?

    Acquisition of a glucometer is a very important moment. Sometimes a simple and inexpensive device is enough, and for some patients, on the contrary, a multifunctional meter is required.

    So, what should be considered when choosing a sugar meter:

    • first, it is necessary to determine the set of functions of the glucometer, in other words, it is required for the patient, simply to measure blood sugar, or also to determine the concentration of ketones and the cholesterol content;
    • calculate the required number of test strips;The
    • glucometer should also be selected based on the rhythm of the patient's life, for someone portable devices or in the form of a ball-point pen will be convenient;
    • it is important to consider the speed of determination of results;
    • distinguish glucometers with calibration by whole blood, they allow you to get a more accurate result;
    • for the visually impaired can choose the device with the presence of voice functions;
    • at an increased frequency of measurements and the need to monitor dynamics, it is recommended to purchase a meter with built-in memory and a PC connection function;
    • is also important to purchase a certified product that has a registration certificate.

    Control of blood sugar at home

    For a patient far from medicine, despite the simplicity and convenience of modern blood glucose meters, you need to know the rules of use and the procedure for the measurement procedure. So, let's look at how to determine sugar at home using a glucometer.

    When measuring sugar, a number of simple rules must be followed:

    1. always clean hands before taking blood;
    2. is not recommended to take blood from the same site;
    3. the skin of the finger should always be pierced from the side, without touching the sensitive areas of the skin, and do not pierce very deeply;
    4. do not allow the same lancet to be reused;
    5. Avoid subcutaneous bleeding.

    Thus, measuring glucose by a glucometer is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The most accurate results can be obtained by following all the rules for operating glucometers at home.

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