• Diet for hypothyroidism, permitted and prohibited foods

    It is known that hypothyroidism disrupts all types of metabolism( carbohydrate, fat, protein), and oxygen consumption by tissues and cells decreases, which leads to a decrease in the energy activity of the organism. That is why an important component of treatment is a diet for hypothyroidism.

    What should nutrition be for hypothyroidism?

    The main goal of dietotherapy is to increase oxidative processes in tissues and cells, for which the products in the diet should have low energy value. To do this, there are simple ways - to limit the consumption of calories, which come along with carbohydrates and fats.

    The restriction of carbohydrates in hypothyroidism plays an important role, therefore their number per day should not exceed 200-250 g, and the amount of consumed fats - no more than 80-100 g. Nutrition for hypothyroidism contains a list of prohibited foods, as well as a list of those thatare recommended and necessary in the diet.

    What products are prohibited?

    So, below is a list of what can not be eaten with hypothyroidism, and also indicates the reason why they should be excluded or restricted in the diet:

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    • Foods that have high cholesterol. These include fatty varieties of fish and meat, animal fats, black and red caviar, brains, animal by-products, cream, sour cream, butter. Instead, you need to consume vegetable fats.
    • Easily assimilated carbohydrates - these include baked pastries, white bread, sugar, jam, honey, sweet berries and fruits. Instead, the diet should be unsweetened fruits, many vegetables, foods rich in vegetable fiber.
    • Limit the intake of salt, as the salt delays the water in the body and makes it difficult to remove the kidneys. Together with the salt should limit the use of water, the amount of which should not exceed 1 , 5 liters per day.
    • It is forbidden to use polyunsaturated fats and transgenic engineering products( margarine).Polyunsaturated fats, being a useful product for most people, inactivate the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
    • Products containing soy, as soybean stimulates the production of estrogens, which slow down the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
    • Refined products, which include grinded rice and white flour. They suppress the body's ability to absorb iodine, increase blood sugar and slow the formation of thyroid hormones.

    What can and should be eaten with hypothyroidism?

    Nutrition for hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland should include food that helps restore energy balance in the body and normalize metabolic processes. There are a number of healthy and healthy foods that include:

    • A moderate amount of so-called saturated fat, which for most people is considered harmful.
    • Fruits and berries( sour) - they contain a large number of useful = micro- and macro elements, vitamins needed to control and reduce the stress hormone( adrenaline).
    • Broth cooked not on meat, but on bones - such soups have a beneficial effect on the inflammatory processes in the thyroid gland and are easily digested.
    • Seafood and sea fish - contain useful iodine, as well as selenium and many other minerals necessary for the assimilation of iodine.
    • Natural coffee is counted among useful products due to its high content of magnesium and vitamins, especially group B. The daily dose of natural( insoluble) coffee is 1-2 cups a day.
    • Greens and raw vegetables that contain a lot of plant fiber, and can normalize the work of the intestines.

    Basic principles of nutrition

    How to eat with hypothyroidism, so that the food was both healthy and tasty? It is very important to include in the diet food, which helps to speed up the exchange processes. Such useful substances include proteins, vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber. Proteins are a building material, from which the body builds cells and stimulates metabolism.

    Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables help maintain a normal amount of sugar in the blood, and also reduce the production of the stress hormone. Vegetable fiber cleans the intestines from the products of decay and decay, as well as increase the level of metabolic processes. For this you need to eat beets, carrots, greens, prunes, rye bread.

    Products that need to be cooked( meat, seafood and others), it is better to boil or stew, but do not fry. You can eat in the usual mode, 3-4 times a day, and you can increase the number of meals, slightly reducing the amount of food consumed per time.

    Very useful in the diet dried fruits( dried apricots, figs, dates) and sour-milk products of one-day cooking. These include kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, yoghurt. You can prepare healthy cocktails from fruits and sour-milk products.

    It is very important to establish the correct diet for children, as the children's organism constantly grows and develops, and their energy consumption is higher than that of adults. Therefore, it is very important for children with hypothyroidism to get advice from an endocrinologist and make the necessary diet. Children need an increased amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seafood, freshly squeezed juices.

    Thus, a diet with hypothyroidism, which is not the basis of treatment, can be of great help in normalizing metabolic processes and increasing oxygen consumption by tissues. Such a therapeutic diet can reduce the risk of complications and severe forms of the disease.

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