• Treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus

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    Statistics are such that we know, nearly seven million people fall ill with diabetes each year. If we take into account the fact that the disease affects the walls of the arteries and veins of such organs, such as the heart, eyes, kidneys, the prevention of diabetes is becoming a vital event.

    In our time, a person careless about their health risks losing their jobs and finding problems in the family. Adult people most often fall ill with this type of ailment, that is, independent of insulin, the disease is considered incurable. Therefore, the prevention of diabetes mellitus gives a real chance for a person to reduce the risk of getting this disease many times.

    Risk Factors:

    • In people over forty, the risk of developing diabetes is greatly increased.
    • Another risk factor is overweight.
    • Doctors believe that the hereditary factor also has not the last significance.
    • Lack of physical activity for many years of life can also provoke the development of this disease.
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    On the prevention of

    Based on the foregoing, prevention of type 2 diabetes will consist in changing the way of life for the better.
    First, one should adhere to the principles of healthy eating. Diet for the prevention of diabetes is not difficult, everyone can observe it.

    A person at risk with a high body weight should reduce the intake of carbohydrates, which create an unnecessary burden on the pancreas. Very high-calorie food is contraindicated - it is a guarantee of weight stabilization. There should be a lot of vegetables and fruits on the menu, but bananas should be excluded, as well as grapes and potatoes( they contain a lot of glucose).Beets, zucchini, carrots, sweet peppers will bring many benefits, because they have dietary fiber that hampers the absorption of glucose. From drinks you need to choose sour-milk products, as well as fruit drinks and herbal infusions.

    Prevention of diabetes in children should also be associated with such recommendations. Nutrition of children should be five to six times a day and in small portions.

    Fats in the diet

    Animal fats should be changed to vegetable quality oils. Preventive measures include the use of lean fish and dietary meat, steamed or boiled.

    The restriction applies to pasta dishes, as well as all kinds of smoking.

    The use of physical activities

    Every day moderate exercise is recommended, the time of training is thirty minutes. Adults can attend a fitness club, children can play volleyball and basketball in the courtyard.

    Prevention of type 1 diabetes also implies physical activity, which has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

    About folk remedies for the prevention of diabetes mellitus

    Prevention of diabetes by folk remedies implies the use of such natural gifts that improve the functioning of the pancreas, reduce the dangerous amount of sugar in the blood and reduce the likelihood of getting this disease.

    For prevention it is useful to eat ground pear, blueberry berries, make decoctions of horsetail, rose hips and St. John's wort flowers. Teach children to sour juices, such are alycha juice, pomegranate juice. You can make and cucumber juice, it regulates metabolism well.

    A good prevention of this disease will be the use of broth from garlic, for this cloves of garlic are ground into a slurry and poured with 500 milliliters of boiling water. After cooling, such a decoction can be drunk as tea. Four onions are ground and poured with 2 liters of boiled water. After insisting for an hour, you can take this infusion.

    A good prevention of diabetes is buckwheat. Two tablespoons of this cereal grind in a coffee grinder and mix with one glass of kefir. This mixture is taken for breakfast and dinner. You can use this mixture before eating.

    Folk healers recommend for prevention drink decoction from the bean leaves. Lilac kidneys are also considered a good remedy, which is used as a decoction.

    Useful for the prevention of drinking a decoction of black currant sprigs, this broth is very fragrant and can replace tea.

    There is one more reliable means for prevention - it is a peony tincture. Three times a day before eating, you need to drink thirty to forty drops of this tincture. Breaking the walnuts, do not throw out their septums, because this is an excellent tool for the prevention of insidious disease, they are used as a decoction or tincture on vodka. Seeds of a known plantain plantain will also help in the prevention of diabetes if applied as a decoction( 15 grams of seeds per glass of water).

    Using centuries of proven folk remedies, you will save yourself from the danger of acquiring diabetes.

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