Traditional treatment and treatment of folk remedies by kidney tumors

  • Traditional treatment and treatment of folk remedies by kidney tumors

    The tumor of the kidney is a pathologically altered area of ​​the renal tissue. It can be benign or malignant in nature, and the most common form is a cyst, a cavity that is filled with fluid. Carry out treatment with folk remedies for kidney tumors only under the supervision of the doctor and at the early stages of the development of pathology.

    Tumor of the kidney is 2 - 3% of all neoplasms and twice as often affects the male body. The peak of development of pathology observes in people in return from 40 to 60 years.

    To the risk factors for the development of pathology include excess body weight, prolonged intake of estrogens for men, smoking, contact with asbestos, a prolonged course of hemodialysis.

    As for benign tumors, they are characterized by slow growth, they also do not affect surrounding tissues and organs, but can only displace or move them apart. These tumors are surrounded by a capsule, do not provoke metastases and can be easily removed by surgical intervention.

    Malignant neoplasms grow very quickly, grow into nearby tissues and organs, thereby destroying them. Such tumors can be removed by surgery only in the early stages and unopened stages. Cells of such a tumor fall into the flow of blood and lymph and are transferred to other organs and systems, causing metastases.

    Manifestations of the disease

    In the early stages of the onset of the tumor development process, any manifestations may be completely absent and not expressed. In the future, as the disease progresses, the following symptomatology is established:

    1. General condition deterioration - fatigue, weakness, lack of appetite, weight loss, poisoning of the body with products of tumor tissue exchange.
    2. Increase body temperature to 38 degrees.
    3. Anemia - develops because of the toxic effects of the products of vital activity of education on the bone marrow.
    4. Polycythemia.
    5. Increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation.
    6. The appearance of blood in the urine.
    7. Aching stupid pain in the lumbar region from the affected side - sometimes painful feelings are given in the thigh and groin.
    8. Renal colic - blood clots provoke a strong disturbance of urine outflow from the kidney.
    9. Possibility of probing a tumor.
    10. Varicocele - appears due to the formation of arteriovenous fistulas, compression of the tumor of the left renal vein, inferior vena cava.
    11. Symptoms associated with the process of metastasis - they depend on which organ and tissue were subjected to the lesion.

    Treatment of pathology

    The main way to treat neoplasm in the kidney is surgery. When forming a benign tumor, resection is performed under certain conditions. When a malignant tumor is formed, nephrectomy is mainly organized. Even with the appearance of distant metastases, the elimination of the primary source of metastasis can significantly prolong the life of the patient.

    Single metastases in bones and lungs are not considered a contraindication to conducting nephrectomy, as they may be excised. Indication for the organization of resection is a tumor in one kidney or bilateral renal damage.

    Radiation exposure is used only as a method to improve the quality of life of a patient with the development of a malignant tumor in the kidney.

    If we talk about conservative treatment, then immunotherapy or hormone therapy can be performed.

    In folk medicine there are also tools for the treatment and prevention of tumors of various types, namely:

    • Drinking plenty of curdled milk, kefir and carrot juice.
    • Use of broths from berries of a guelder-rose and infusions from flowers of a calendula.
    • Drinking infusions from potato flowers - two tablespoons of flowers are poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted for three hours in a thermos bottle. The resulting broth should be drunk thirty minutes before meals in the morning and in the evening.
    • Eat a lot of onions.

    To prevent the transformation of a benign tumor in the kidney into a malignant one, it is necessary to undergo constant medical examinations, and also start treatment of any pathologies in the body in time. Often the prognosis of this pathology depends on the age group of patients - the survival rate among patients under the age of 40 is much higher than among elderly patients.

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