• What are the features of diet in nutrition for arthrosis

    Osteoarthritis is a common age-related disease caused by an inflammatory process in the cartilaginous tissue.

    Arthrosis causes a lot of discomfort to its owners: people suffer from pain in joints, and drug therapy often has a temporary effect.

    To date, physicians have come to an unequivocal conclusion: in the treatment of arthrosis and elimination of its symptoms, an important diet plays an important role, which must necessarily be combined with drug therapy.

    So, what should be the proper nutrition for arthrosis? A competent diet for joint arthrosis should be aimed primarily at preventing excessive wear of joints and cartilage tissues.

    That's why it should be easy: overweight is an aggravating factor for the disease. Arthrosis is a disease most commonly seen in people who are overweight.

    This fact is proved by medical statistics, therefore it is very important for every person caring for their joints to monitor the body weight and monitor the caloric content of the diet.

    How to eat with arthrosis

    From the diet, in no case can not exclude fish and meat. As far as meat is concerned, doctors are especially useful as a jelly or jelly. Such dishes contain natural gelatin, which is a source of collagen, a building material for bone and cartilaginous tissue.

    Nutritional gelatin is a natural natural chondroprotector. Regular inclusion of gelatinous dishes in the menu with arthrosis significantly improves the patient's condition.

    In addition, the treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies almost always includes the use of strong bone bouillons, jellies and chillies: for a long time people have noticed that these dishes significantly improve the condition of the joints, ligaments and muscles.

    Fatty fish is very useful for the prevention of joint diseases. In contrast to fatty meat, it contains a huge amount of useful substances: polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 are indispensable for the restoration of cartilaginous tissue.

    They soften the inflammatory process. In addition, minerals that are rich in oily sea fish enrich the body and help it to restore the condition of bones and joints on its own.

    Do not use oil or grease when preparing fish and meat. It is best to cook food for a couple. In addition to animal protein, it is important to include in the diet and vegetable proteins. The most useful is buckwheat porridge, as well as lentils and beans.

    It is not necessary to refuse macaroni and potatoes, however their use should be limited. Nutrition for arthrosis must necessarily include fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not neglect the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

    Such juices are a concentrate of vitamins and minerals. Use them no later than 30 minutes after cooking. They contain a lot of antioxidants, preventing aging of body tissues, including aging of joints.

    Physicians in particular recommend paying attention to pomegranate juice, which is most effective in removing the inflammatory process in the cartilaginous tissue.

    Eat pomegranate juice every day, and after a while symptoms will loosen. Doctors say that it is enough to take only 5 tablespoons of fresh pomegranate juice a day to almost completely cure the disease, while not forgetting about the concomitant conservative therapy.

    Vitamins for arthrosis are very important. If you regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, there will be no shortage of vitamins and minerals.

    In the treatment of arthrosis by home remedies, in addition to pomegranate, pineapple is often used, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    Spices are especially useful for ginger in arthrosis: the burning spice, which has come to our kitchen from the eastern countries, has a powerful curative effect.

    What you need to exclude

    There are a number of limitations in the curative diet. The main prohibition in this case applies to all alcoholic products, as well as to fatty foods.

    It is necessary to refrain from semi-finished products, fast food, butter, fatty and roasted meat, whole milk, as well as whole-wheat products.

    Food for arthrosis should be as healthy and natural as possible. It is recommended to completely abandon the trans fats, which are abundantly contained in mayonnaise, ready-frozen semifinished products and sausages.

    Also very harmful for joint diseases are various smoked foods and excessively salty foods. It is not recommended to eat food that delays metabolic processes.

    The more you accelerate your metabolism, the lower your body weight. Low weight will ease the burden on the joints, which will greatly improve your condition.

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