• Itching and burning in the vagina: causes and treatment in women

    Itching in the vagina is an unpleasant sensation, which is accompanied by a constant desire to scratch certain areas of the mucous membrane.

    According to pathogenetic mechanisms, itching is a changed pain sensation, that is, it is the equivalent of pain.

    Itching in the vagina is often a type of vulvar itching, which can be caused by various causes.

    Causes of itching and burning

    Itching in the vagina can be the result of three major pathological processes:

    • self-disease
    • genital diseases
    • extragenital diseases.
    This is due to the fact that the sexual organs have a close connection with all organs and systems of the female body. That is why the list of causative factors that lead to itching in the vagina is very extensive. These include:

    1. 1) Inflammatory processes of the vulva( vaginitis, vulvitis, bartholinitis, colpitis, cervicitis, adnexitis and others.)
    2. 2) Liver pathology - hepatitis of various origin, cirrhosis
    3. 3) Diabetes mellitus, in which favorableconditions against the background of an increased level of glucose for the development of microorganisms

    4. 4) Pathology of the digestive system, especially helminthiases( worms promote the formation of a large number of substances in the body that cause itching)
    5. 5) Toxicaction of various chemicals, including synthetic materials
    6. 6) Allergic reaction to various substances( drug, food allergy, etc.)
    7. 7) Neuropsychiatric disorders which are characterized by an increased activity of the cerebral cortex. She constantly sends out impulses that make people constantly itch
    8. 8) Diseases of endocrine glands, for example thyroid
    9. 9) Dystrophic vulva, which develops against the background of a sharply reduced level of estrogen
    10. 10) Itching as a consequence of infectious and inflammatory processes of the genitals
    11. 11Kraurosis is a variant of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, labia and clitoris that develop in menopause( the skin and mucous membranes become dry and thin, which leads to their wrinkling)
    12. 12) LakePlaka, which is accompanied by cornification of land in places where it should not be. This condition relates to precancerous
    13. 13) Malignant oncological processes
    14. 14) Dermatitis.
    See also, the causes of itching and burning in the intimate zone in women.

    Clinical manifestations of

    Itching and burning in the vagina can be combined with other clinical manifestations of the pathological process, which depend on its type. Very often there is a combination of itching with leucorrhea. This is a condition in which there are abundant white discharge from the vagina.

    Other combined symptoms with pruritus are:

    • pain in the genital area
    • burning sensation
    • dysuric manifestations - frequent urination, which can be accompanied by pain, the appearance of nocturnal urination
    • dyspareunia, that is, the appearance of soreness during intercourse
    • swelling of the vulva
    • appearance of bloodyexcretions from the genital tract, which are associated with mild vulnerability of the mucous membrane.
    However, to clarify the cause of skin pruritus, a diagnostic search is necessary. It includes the following additional research methods:

    • general clinical blood test
    • general clinical urinalysis for renal pathology
    • glucose level determination that rises against the background of diabetes
    • determination of bilirubin, hepatic enzymes and total protein levels that change at the level of renal pathology
    • microscopic examination of swabs and voiding of the urethra
    • bacteriological examination of
    • vaginal discharge
    • colposcopy biopsy when suspected of oncological process
    • inf.ectological research to determine the cause-significant microorganisms( serological testing or PCR diagnostics is carried out for this purpose).

    Treatment of pruritus in the vagina, burning

    If itching and burning of the skin need to contact the gynecologist in a timely manner. He will prescribe a treatment that will be directed at treating the underlying pathological process. The most dangerous is the itching of the vagina, which is caused by dysplasia of the epithelium. All women with this diagnosis should be on a dispensary record with the oncogynecologist.

    Following indications, the following treatments are performed:

    • cryodestruction
    • laser destruction
    • 5-fluorouracil
    • vulvectomy performed in the presence of cancer.
    Idiopathic pruritus of the vulva, which is regarded as an independent disease, requires an integrated approach to treatment:

    • sedatives that have a calming effect on the nervous system
    • calcium and magnesium preparations
    • antihistamines that reduce the body's allergic
    • vitamins of group A.
    Local therapy looksas follows:

    • corticosteroid ointments that have an anti-inflammatory effect of the
    • based on a decoction of medicinal herbs
    • psychotherapeutic methods
    • physiotherapy methods - acupuncture, ultrasound
    • introduction of local anesthetics for blockade of the genital nerves with pronounced itching of the vulva
    • application of a helium-neon laser that improves trophic processes in the skin.
    Treatment of processes that occur against the background of a shortage of estrogen in menopause, which are accompanied by itching, is based on the use of hormonal drugs( for this, estrogens are used).

    The use of estrogens in the form of local dosage forms is not accompanied by a pronounced systemic effect, since their absorption through the skin and mucous membranes is extremely slight. Therefore, vaginal creams and suppositories are recommended for use if there are general contraindications for the use of these drugs.

    The main drugs used for this purpose are:

    • ovestin - is available as a cream and candles
    • ring impregnated with estrogens - Estring
    • Estriol suppositories.
    The advantage of a vaginal ring with estrogens is the possibility of prolonged wearing( 3 months).As a result, estrogen is continuously released at optimal dosages that are sufficient to suppress itching and do not lead to the development of systemic side effects.

    In the presence of a pronounced atrophic process from the skin and mucous membrane shows the addition of estrogen preparations of male sex hormones. These ointments and emulsions should not be used for more than 5-7 days. It is necessary to take a break, after which it is possible to repeat course treatment.

    In case a woman has some contraindications for the use of estrogen preparations, then symptomatic therapy is indicated. For this, vaginal ointments and creams are used on a water-soluble basis, since they penetrate more easily into epithelial tissues.

    Fat-soluble drugs are contraindicated, since they often cause clogging of the glands of the vagina, which predisposes to the development of folliculitis.

    Itching of the skin, due to the presence of the inflammatory process in the vagina( colpitis), it is necessary to treat in two stages. At the first stage, local antimicrobials are used, which cause the death of pathogenic microorganisms. At the second stage, it is recommended to restore the species and qualitative composition of the useful microflora in the vagina. It performs a protective role due to lactic acid, which prevents the development of pathogenic microflora on the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that itching in the vagina is accompanied by extremely unpleasant sensations that lead to combing of certain areas. Against this background, there is an increased likelihood of the development of inflammatory processes due to infection of the combs. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the gynecologist in time to find out the reasons for the development of the itch and, in view of this, to conduct its effective treatment.

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