• Why men are afraid of women

    A woman can be called an incredibly whole creature, which at the same time has a strong, but vulnerable and gentle soul. Women are able to bring every man crazy, turn his head, change all his attitude, raise him to the clouds, give him a sense of flight.

    Such a woman's power does not submit to any logic at all, she is inexplicable and frightening for a multitude, if not all men. They really like to communicate with women, to cooperate with them, to flirt, to be friends, to love and so on. But with all this, each of them is afraid of the pain that a woman can bring.

    For some reason, some men like to spend most of their lives alone, than to meet women? It seems that the girls beckon with their beauty, tenderness, feminine appeal and affection. In addition, the number of women on Earth is greater than that of men, which means that the latter have a good choice. What's the matter? Why do men fear women?

    For a huge number of men, relations with women are associated with some risks. Constantly thinking about them, daring and weighing the advantages and disadvantages, men eventually decide to deal with women simply do not join. But what are these risks?

    Women are insidious

    Women's guile

    The first on this list should be material risks. Candy, flowers, visits to expensive restaurants and going to the movies require money, sometimes quite considerable. A real man is ready to fulfill absolutely any whim of his beloved. But where is the guarantee that this is the most beloved he needs - a man - and not the material values ‚Äč‚Äčthat he has to offer?

    Here's the answer to why men are afraid of beautiful women. After all, in the course of the stereotype that the beauties need only money, and not sincere feelings.

    This is afraid of almost all men, and the rich, and the poor, and those who have medium prosperity. They have about this picture in their minds: they are all making efforts to win a woman with gifts and other things, but the result is one - the man himself does not need it. She just had fun to spend time with him, have fun and "breed" him for money.

    A large number of men who have been so deceived one day do not experience at all because they have spent some money. It is important to them that there was no reciprocity when they so wanted it. Memories of the time spent with such a woman do not cause them anything other than anger and anger.

    Spoiled reputation for

    Men incredibly value their reputation, perhaps much more than women. Therefore, the next group of risks are public risks. Men are afraid to lose the respect of society, to spoil their reputation for years. After all, women in the grievance are really terrible. They are capable of almost everything: dissolve rumors, tell the most horrible gossip about their former beloved. And, you see, for the latter, there is nothing pleasant about it.

    Therefore, in order not to get such problems, which, incidentally, is very difficult to get rid of, a man decides not to meet with women. This is not an option. But on the other hand, there is some kind of prudence here. Than then rake up problems, restore a spoiled reputation and return lost friends, for example, it's easier just to reduce communication with a beautiful gender to a minimum.

    But then where does the man find the opportunity to meet his true love? The one that will never hurt or hurt him? Exit one, learn to recognize women who can slander you and those who have never been able to do it.

    Women do not feel good parting

    Women's emotionality

    In fact, men care about the fair sex. After all, a woman is an incredibly emotional creature. In anger, she can do a lot: hit, throw a once-loved man a heavy object, burn it. In general, when a man gets a girl "under the hot hand" it always carries for him certain risks. Do you like bodily injury or a concussion? Of course not!

    For a considerable number of men, the relationship with the fair sex representatives means only stress. Misunderstanding, conflictness - such a changeable mood of a woman can cause a representative of the stronger sex to have negative emotions and sometimes panic. Both that and another affects the psychological health of men very negatively.

    In addition, most men are quite painfully experiencing separation: begin to overuse alcohol, fall into a depressed state, lose the meaning of life.

    The risks that have been listed above are fairly substantiated and often occur in the relationship between a man and a woman. But, of course, avoiding the fair sex and any relationship with them - not an option. Any man should understand the difference between sincerity and lies, frivolity and serious intentions, love for oneself or for money. And only in this case, the strong sex will no longer need to fight women.