How to stop jealous - why people are jealous

  • How to stop jealous - why people are jealous

    Jealousy. .. It did not suffer from a rare man on this earth. But why does such a feeling arise? Jealousy is the feeling of being unnecessary in loving relationships. So, stop jealous - feel that you are simply irreplaceable for a partner.

    In order to disappear jealousy, it is necessary to understand that its absence does not mean that you do not feel anything to your lover. This is not true. Rather, the absence of jealousy means a complete conviction that no one else your young man is needed and you are absolutely sure that you are worthy of the relationship that now exists between you.

    Jealousy is a huge problem, which, moreover, in all cases should be increased twice. After all, this feeling affects not only you, but your loved one as well.

    We remove jealousy from life

    How to stop jealous and spoil this sense of self-life?

    You are strongly tortured by attacks of jealousy, and you absolutely do not understand how to get rid of them? Then you can approach the option of seeking help from a psychotherapist. Especially this applies to cases where jealousy in you is manifested by outbursts of wild anger. In this situation, most likely, the doctor will prescribe to you special preparations having a calming effect.

    But only few people will accept this scenario. Therefore, it is best to begin "treating" jealousy on a different, moral level.

    Start by sitting alone in a secluded corner and try to calm down. You can even carefully disassemble all the causes that lead to the appearance of jealousy and dig into yourself. Just do not think that all men are such that they are all capable of treason and stuff. Really analyze everything that leads to the emergence of such a feeling.

    Now you need to think about what circumstances lead to jealousy and voice your beloved. Just do not raise your voice, criticize it, try to put some ultimatums, reproach, cry and stuff. It will not help. Just tell me everything that you have accumulated. Perhaps your loved one will understand that he is doing something wrong and stop doing this.

    About trust


    Jealousy is primarily a lack of confidence in one's partner and herself. Trust is one of the main elements of love. How often we would not be told that we are the best and that we do not need anything more, we do not believe in it. And we constantly poison our lives with jealousy and ourselves.

    Maybe that's enough? It is not known how long he will be able to endure it. Moreover, there is fear in jealousy, and he, as everyone knows, is able to destroy even the most beautiful relations. If you constantly fear that your loved one will go to another, it will happen sometime. Thoughts are material, so always think about what you are afraid of. Try not to give jealousy. Well, no chance to take possession of you, switch your attention to something positive.

    Trust is very important in any relationship. Therefore, try to always trust your beloved. After all, you started a relationship with him, not to exhaust himself, and his constant quibbles, reproaches and scandals?

    Try to love yourself. After all, most of the time jealousy comes from the fact that girls are not sure about themselves. They are constantly tormented by the thought that they do not fit such a wonderful guy that soon he will leave them for a more beautiful, intelligent girl. Stop it! Your favorite is already with you, which means that everything suits him perfectly.

    Who are you jealous of? Imagine in your mind the image of the girl who could definitely drive your loved one crazy. How should she behave, dress, communicate, look, what to do and get involved? Presented? Now you have only one task - to become this girl.

    Property rights no

    Jealousy also arises from a sense of authority, from which it is simply necessary to get rid of.

    When you really love, without any egoism and desire to own, everything will be fine and jealousy will be lost. Love a person with all your heart and remember that you need to respect his freedom.

    The most important thing is love yourself. After all, love should only give joy, and not constant torment and torment jealousy. Why do you need this? There are enough problems in life to create new ones.

    Stop controlling and checking your young man, and live peacefully, because the less you know, the stronger you sleep. Take care of yourself, your thoughts, then all sorts of nonsense like jealousy will not go into your head. In general, whether you are jealous or not, the situation will not change.

    New lessons for

    Just do not expect that your guy will notice the slightest change. This is not true. But after all, you do all this not for him, but for yourself first. So try to be as active as possible: forget about sitting in front of a computer or a book. Better to start, go to a beauty salon, go for a massage, do a manicure and a pedicure. In addition, it would be nice to update your wardrobe a bit.

    How about a new hobby? Sign up for the dance. Choose those that you prefer: Oriental, strip-plastic( your young man will like it) or Go-Go. All of them will allow you to become more relaxed and sexual. Moreover, the figure will also catch up and become almost ideal. And from such an ideal girl your boy just will not want to leave.

    Well, you've found yourself a huge number of classes. They should be enough to ensure that you have absolutely no time to be jealous of your loved one. And in general, to whom you can be jealous, when next to him is such a beautiful and comprehensively developed girl!

    Girls become jealous when they feel at least some share of insecurity. Try to find the cause of this condition and get rid of it. After all, as already mentioned above, if the guy is already with you, then everything he likes. Conclusion? Your jealousy is absolutely meaningless. Love yourself and respect. Remember that you are absolutely not worse, and, maybe, even better than other girls. After all, only weak people are capable of jealousy, and you are smart and attractive.