How to interest a man - we are interested in a man

  • How to interest a man - we are interested in a man

    It is unlikely that among modern women there is one that does not want, at least in the depths of the soul, to interest a man. And now the race for anticipation is starting: education, career, beauty salon, car, weight in society. It is believed that the earlier these stages will be passed, the more likely to get the coveted man, namely, the young rich "son of an oligarch", but also to be intelligent, well educated and madly in love with you.

    But is it important to do all of the above? After all, it happens: you see, there is a woman who is called "about nothing", and with her there is a husband in an expensive suit, handsome, with one arm lovingly embraces his wife, the other leads the child's hand - idyll, and the other youth walks through beauty salons, almost a fashion model, clever, knows everything about the au pair, she has time to build her career, and relations with the opposite sex do not add up. How to interest a man? Yes, so interested in that for a long time?

    Manifestation of weakness

    Female weakness

    A real woman can be strong, capable of feats no less than men. She can nail down if necessary, and make a fire, and make repairs in the apartment. But she realizes that a real man is unlikely to be interested in such a self-sufficient lady - men eschew strong women, not every man can match. Who wants to be in a subordinate position? Therefore, a real woman has the intelligence to show her weakness towards men.

    A real woman will never take a hammer from a man, a drill, a saw, will not protest when he will carry heavy bags from the store, and she will walk next to her handbag. She will give her man the opportunity to perform a male role, which implies the performance of stereotypical male responsibilities. She will ask him for help every time the circumstances permit, thus creating the illusion of a fragile and defenseless girl. Being next to such a woman, a man not only does not feel like henpecked, he feels himself a hero, because in gratitude he gets an enthusiastic look and words of admiration.

    Be feminine

    Feminine girl

    A real woman is not really a written beauty, as she says "not to be born beautiful," she simply has an inherently feminine quality - she is tender, emotional, coquettish. If you ask a man about femininity, he is unlikely to give an intelligible clear answer, but he can definitely say whether a particular woman is feminine or not. Some associate femininity with maternal qualities, economy, others - with sexuality, spectacular appearance combined with manicure, make-up and a small black dress. The only thing that is not questioned, the woman's femininity in its entirety is manifested only next to the manly man.

    Giving all herself to children and home, a woman runs the risk of turning into a homemade klushu - not well-groomed, stale, angry at the whole world. To read interest in the eyes of men, you just need to watch yourself. The conversation is not about beauty salons, but about basic hygienic procedures. Do a manicure, go to the hairdresser, buy new clothes, because it is extremely important to be interested in a man, even if you are connected by years of relationships. Do not deny yourself an extra rest: let the kitchen is dirty dishes, but you will meet your man with a smile on his face.

    The right attitude to men

    Many women sin that they place too high demands on the potential elect. I do not argue, we all want to live in a fairy tale, to bathe in luxury, to be married to a prince. The only pity is that the princes are not enough for everyone, and the woman, scattered by men in her best years, risks to remain alone with age, because the requests are already different and the "facade" is not the same as before.

    In pursuit of the best representatives of the male sex, women forget that every person has the right to shortcomings - she herself is not without sin. In addition, a talented woman from any man will make an enviable life partner, it would be time and desire. That's how some ladies rush from one man to another, once again, coming to the conclusion that the fan is not worthy of her love. And then already all the girlfriends got married, we need to get tired of personal life: a feverish search begins, and the man subconsciously feels a consumer attitude towards himself and escapes.


    Female naturalness

    For sure, not only men, but women also paid attention to girls trying to seem glamorous. Wearing the latest novelties from clothing markets, they are photographed with protruding lips and put photos on the Internet, hoping for a lucrative batch. They do not have a lack of male attention, but only men perfectly understand that they have "cheap goods" before them, and consumer goods quickly get bored. Therefore, if you are interested in how to interest a man for a long time, do not be like this behavior and behave naturally. The real decoration of a woman is a smile and goodwill. Believe me, men value naturalness much more than cutesy manners.

    We wish you to find and interest your prince!