• How to determine the accuracy of pregnancy tests?

    Every woman who wants to manage her life and maintain health, to issues of sexual life is very responsible. In addition to maintaining a special calendar of the menstrual cycle, helping to calculate days, and regular visits to a gynecologist, a woman should be aware of the means that help determine pregnancy. Typically, these are special tests that can be carried out at home. It is worth noting that the accuracy of pregnancy tests depends on many factors: the manufacturer, shelf life, time and conditions when it was conducted.

    For greater reliability, experts recommend conducting several checks at once, and in case of doubt remain - just pass the tests in the gynecological office.

    Principle of operation

    The principle of work is based on determining the level of the hormone that is contained in the woman's urine. If pregnancy is - this will tell the manifested strips.

    The main problem of the method is that the accuracy depends on the time of day when the test was conducted and from the gestation period.

    Experts advise you to do testing in the morning, the first urine contains a large proportion of hormones. To overdo the strip is not necessary, can appear a strip, which should not be, the optimal time for viewing the result - after 5 minutes. Medicine and pharmacology does not stand still, which is why new methods of determining pregnancy without a medical specialist appear every year. The best manufacturers say that the accuracy of pregnancy tests is about 98%, which is considered an excellent result.

    The instructions are written on all packages of the tool, it is necessary to observe it without fail, otherwise the risk of obtaining unreliable results is high. The availability of verification tools is very high, it's easy to buy a good test today and for 100 rubles.

    Accuracy of tests

    To determine the authenticity of pregnancy tests only personal experience will help, girls and women should not be afraid to seek advice from a gynecologist, after all, if additional issues arise, additional research will be carried out by him.

    In case a pale strip appears, it is better for a woman to test again, you can use the products of another company. In this case, do not let things slide, only laboratory analysis will help confirm the pregnancy or disprove it. Postponing a visit to a doctor can play a cruel joke with a woman, because you always need to leave at least 5 percent that the test is wrong.

    Disputes about how accurate the tests can be conducted indefinitely, manufacturers advertise their products, want to present it on the most favorable side, and doctors strongly recommend that women do not delay with clarification and immediately contact the polyclinic and take tests for hormones. Such tests are conducted on the principle of tests, the patient donates blood, which is studied in the laboratory at the level of hormones responsible for the appearance of pregnancy. If the answer is positive - there is pregnancy, this method allows you to diagnose almost with absolute accuracy.

    For some girls, going to a specialist and waiting for results is a complicated matter, in this case independent testing will not only help answer questions, but will calm a person. Determine how accurate the pregnancy test can be after his repeated behavior. If 2, 3 times the same result is obtained, it can be taken as truth, if not, the path lies in gynecology.

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