• Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Their types, cost and features of application

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    It is clear that pregnancy for a woman is a difficult test, which is accompanied by a variety of problems.

    Pregnant women often spend time sitting, it is difficult for them to normalize their food in order to avoid intestinal disorders and, in addition, to monitor all their movements - which is not all causes of hemorrhoid symptoms. It is necessary to avoid hypothermia, to engage in special physical exercises, it is also useful to wash off after each emptying of the rectum, and still it is necessary to lie on the left side for twenty minutes every four to six hours.

    Prolonged sitting or standing, unnecessarily long walks for pregnant women are contraindicated. Any, even trifling, negative manifestations in the GI tract cause extreme anxiety in pregnant women, but one should not overlook the numerous complaints, because delaying the treatment of a disease such as hemorrhoids can be dangerous for both the mother and the future child.

    So, the problem is found

    To gently solve this delicate problem, try using candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. As a rule, they are made on a natural plant basis, so their use is harmless. In pregnancy, candles from hemorrhoids are the most reliable and effective method of treating inflammations, irritations and cracks, since they will not affect the fetus's condition and the health of the mother as a whole.

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    To begin with it is worthwhile to use candles with ichthyol for hemorrhoids, which have an excellent anesthetic effect, which allows you to get rid of the pain and use other types of candles. In addition, they have excellent disinfecting properties, which makes it possible to use candles with ichthyol in hemorrhoids as an antiseptic to prevent inflammation of feces caught in cracks after defecation.

    After analgesia

    For example, methyluracil suppositories with hemorrhoids give a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects, as well as stimulate metabolic processes, which accelerates healing. Thanks to them, the immune processes are excited, which sets the weakened organism to fight the disease.

    Significantly slow the inflammatory processes of the candle from hemorrhoids and sea buckthorn, the main component of which is healing sea-buckthorn oil. In combination with wax, a sea-buckthorn candle easily melts, enveloping problem areas and bringing long-awaited relief to the sore areas. The instruction for sea buckthorn candles from hemorrhoids informs them that they have no contraindications( except for individual intolerance), but they can stain the clothes with orange pigment, so they usually use a simple daily lining with them.

    Do not forget to try with a hemorrhoids candle with glycerin. This substance, known for its cosmetic qualities, will also help to tighten even the smallest and most harmful skin and microcracks in the rectum. In addition, do not forget the emollient properties of glycerol that help the calves pass more freely throughout the entire length of the intestine.

    Universal candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy for permanent use

    Candles with papaverine for hemorrhoids are truly a universal tool that relieves pain and first aidin the weakening of pressure on the walls of the intestine due to the ability to swell and be absorbed into the intestinal epithelium. Candles with papaverine in hemorrhoids are also classified as antispasmodics, anesthetics and antiseptics, which makes them an indispensable complex treatment for inflammation.

    Apply them better before going to bed so that the remains of the candles go out together with the morning stool and do not cause discomfort during walking. Proper use of candles with papaverine significantly speeds up recovery. Degenerating candles from hemorrhoids are used during exacerbation of the disease, as they have a rich composition: extracts of therapeutic mud, cocoa butter, chestnut, sea buckthorn, homeopathic extracts and essences.

    The use of absorbing candles is accompanied by the use of granules and ointments that enhance the healing effect, and is carried out in the same way as with papaverine candles - at night until the morning. Such candles are considered to be the most effective of the conservative methods of treating hemorrhoids, the only ones possible during pregnancy.

    Cost of candles from hemorrhoids

    Candle prices vary greatly. Preparations produced in CIS countries rarely cost more than one hundred rubles. In the range of pharmacies it is usually easy to find domestic, fairly high-quality candles with ichthyol, sea buckthorn oil, belladonna extract, glycerin and papaverine. Dilapidated candles have a price of 3-8 times greater, but are produced abroad: in Germany, Serbia, Poland, and other European countries.

    In principle, the question "how much are the candles from hemorrhoids?" Is difficult to answer unequivocally, therefore, at the first signs of this disease it is required to immediately visit a doctor who will determine which medicine you should buy and how to use it. This does not mean that you will impose a foreign drug at an inflated price - any doctor will gladly draw your attention to domestic counterparts of foreign medicines, so never delay the solution to the problem with hemorrhoids, especially if you are pregnant.

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