• Pregnancy Test: Instruction and Overview

    The principle of any pregnancy test is based on the production of a choriotropic hormone in the body of a woman. It begins to develop seven days after the beginning of pregnancy. It is at this time that the fertilized egg is attached to the uterine wall, begins to develop, resulting in the body and begins to produce the same chorionic hormone( human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG).

    The level of the hCG hormone in the blood and urine rises rather slowly, so the results of pregnancy tests are usually not very reliable, especially in the first days of pregnancy. But a week after conception, the level of the hormone is high enough to determine whether the pregnancy has come about using the test system.

    Most of all devices for pregnancy are recommended to use in the first days of menstrual cycle delay, and only a small part of them can reveal the onset of pregnancy before the expected date of onset of menstruation. Usually the morning portion of fresh urine is used for the test, although there are some that can show pregnancy at any time of the day. Still it is necessary to not forget, that the result of the test is a probable, but not the final forecast.

    Exact analysis can only be done by a gynecologist. In addition, with a positive test result, ectopic pregnancy is not excluded, so in any case it will be necessary to contact a specialist.

    You should carefully study how the device works for pregnancy: the instruction is on the package, or attached to it. Although the tests have a general principle of action, they can differ significantly in small things, and compliance with these details can depend on the exact result.

    Pregnancy test evitest: Instruction

    The test should be taken out of the package, trying to avoid getting moisture on it. Now you need to lower it into a container with a urine indicator down to the indicated mark for five seconds.

    The strip is now removed and the result is evaluated after 5 minutes at room temperature. If there is one red streak - there is no pregnancy, two red streaks - there is( positive result).

    Some precautions. Do not use the appliance with expired shelf life, or use the same strip twice. Store the evitest in packages, in places protected from sun and moisture. Shelf life is indicated on the package.

    There are four types of evitest tests:

    1. Classic.
    2. Double( two test strips per package).Suitable if you need to repeat the procedure.
    3. Professional second-generation test: test cassette and pipette. The urine is applied to the window, after a few minutes the result appears in the indicator window.
    4. Third-generation inkjet test. You do not need to collect urine. The end of the cassette marked by the arrow is placed under the stream of urine.

    Clearblue pregnancy test: instruction

    Digital pregnancy test Clearblue is a test stick with a cap. The cap should be removed, and place the absorbent under the urine stream( sampler down) for five seconds. As a variant of the test - place in a clean container with urine for twenty seconds.

    The signals will start to appear on the screen. At first, the timer icon( "waiting") will flash, indicating that the urine has been applied to the absorbent element and the device has started to work. After three minutes, the test result will appear on the screen, and will remain there for 24 hours.

    If the test is conducted from the first day of the expected monthly, it can be done at any time of the day. If it is done before the first day of delay, then only morning urine is needed. Do not drink a lot of fluids before testing.

    Instruction for the

    inkjet test These test systems are part of the third generation tests, and are by far the most reliable. Their fundamental difference from others is a more complex device and high sensitivity, allowing to detect pregnancy even with a very small level of hCG.

    In the inkjet there is a special layer of blue particles that are attached to the hCG, if it is present in the body of a woman. In order to use the jet test, there is no need for a container for urine: the tip of the test with the receiver is substituted for the urine stream.

    The results will be ready in a minute. The simplicity of the test is obvious: you can use it at any time of the day or night, anywhere.

    Erroneous test results for

    Sometimes devices may produce erroneous results. What could be the reason? Maybe it was stored incorrectly, or it is overdue. Sometimes the pregnancy test is incorrectly used: instruction, or rather its correct application, guarantee of an accurate result. For example, test strips can not be substituted for a stream of urine, unlike jet tests.

    But the inkjet can be lowered into a container with urine. It happens that the pregnancy test is carried out at a very early stage, when very little HCG is present in the urine, and the result may be erroneous. In some cases, an erroneous result is associated with a violation of the technology in the manufacture of the device.

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