• The loin hurts during pregnancy: the causes of discomfort in the early and late periods.

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    The young lady, who would not complain that she has a low back pain during pregnancy, is very difficult to find. With the increase in the volume of the abdomen and mass gain by the child, the load on the spine becomes much larger.

    But pain in the lumbar region can occur not only for natural reasons. Often, discomfort occurs against the background of serious pathologies.


    Some young ladies, frightened by the fact that they are very sore in the lumbar region, begin to independently cure colds and myositis. It is important to understand that this is a reckless step leading to dangerous consequences for both the mother and her child.

    Painful sensations in the lumbar zone, formed in the 1st trimester, are not considered pathological.

    This condition is due to relaxation of the femoral joints and sacrum, which remained immobile until pregnancy.

    When should I alarm?

    If the pain in the lower back during pregnancy has become pronounced, spasmodic, then it's worth asking for help as soon as possible to the doctor. A disturbing signal is a violation of coordination.

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    This often indicates a progressive symphysitis. The factor that triggered the development of symphysitis is internal bleeding. This dangerous anomaly should be treated only in a stationary setting.

    Alerting alarms is necessary when there are symptoms such as:

    1. Severe fever.
    2. Strong puffiness.
    3. Darkening of urine.
    4. Frequent migraines.

    These signs indicate the development of inflammation in the genitourinary system. If treatment is incorrect or untimely, the risk of developing urolithiasis is very high.

    The greatest danger is represented by "wavy" painful sensations. They can testify both to a progressive intestinal infection, and to the approaching miscarriage.

    How to differentiate painful sensations?

    Often the answer to the question of why the loin hurts in pregnant women frightens young mothers. The fact is that one of the most common causes of the appearance of painful sensations is inflammation of the kidneys or pyelonephritis. The risk of getting pyelonephritis is every woman who has a fetus.

    To determine the primary symptoms of this dangerous disease is not difficult. At first the young lady notices that during urination she has discomfort. Urine becomes turbid in appearance and acquires an unpleasant, sharp "aroma".After that on the legs there are strong swelling.

    Pyelonephritis requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, kidney failure may develop, which will negatively affect the health of not only mom, but her baby.

    How can I stop the discomfort?

    Trying to find the answer to the question of why a loin hurts during pregnancy, the doctor must first exclude the presence of dangerous anomalies that threaten the life of the future mother and her child. After clarifying the diagnosis, treatment is prescribed.

    Specialist's help

    Taking medication for low back pain is not advisable, but in the most severe cases it is impossible to do without them. So, if the future mother complains that she has a severe lumbar region, then the doctor is obliged to prescribe her painkillers.

    Antibiotic medicines that are safe for the health of the child are prescribed only in extreme cases.

    If the pain occurs against the background of progressive osteochondrosis, the woman is prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. It is important to understand that the use of most of these drugs can trigger the occurrence of side effects.

    Another, often used method of treatment is manual therapy. With the help of this practice, the doctor has the opportunity to replace the vertebrae. This method also can not be called optimal, because massage procedures can provoke premature birth.

    Methods of self-healing pain

    Many gynecologists are sure that pain in the lumbar region can and must be tolerated. If the pain persists after the resolution of the burden, then you should contact the doctor for the necessary clarifications.

    A woman will be able to endure pain more easily if she is less likely to be in an upright position, and more often to rest. Thus, the spine will receive the necessary discharge, and the pain will become much quieter.

    Do not make sudden movements and lean. This is especially true for the young lady, who is in the fifth month of bearing the fetus. It is at this time that the load on the spine is growing rapidly.

    Preventive measures

    Unpleasant sensations in the lumbar zone can be avoided. For this it is necessary: ​​

    • perform special exercises for the waist;
    • attend courses for pregnant women;
    • wear special bandage;
    • engage in the pool under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

    Massage manipulations must be performed only by a qualified technician. The massage procedure is performed with the help of light, delicate movements. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.

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