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    second chin - a very bad flaw,which today worries and upsets many women, because each of them strives for perfection.

    Such a defect appears as a result of accumulation of fatty deposits in the lower part of the face, therefore, the skin begins to hang down, which significantly spoils the appearance of the face.

    Second chin: reasons for the appearance ^

    To effectively deal with the problem of the second chin, you must first understand the reasons for its appearance. The widespread view that the double chin is the problem of fat women is erroneous. After all, many noticed that even a very slender woman can complain about such a defect.

    Double chin most often appears in women who are genetically predisposed to this. If the relatives on the maternal line had such a problem, then it is likely to be transmitted at the gene level. To get frustrated for this reason is not necessary, because for any problem there is an effective solution: special exercises and the maintenance of a correct way of life.

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    • This defect can occur in women who have a weakly expressed jaw line. Correct such a flaw can be with the help of properly selected makeup and hairstyle.
    • As a result of age-related changes, the skin on the face of women becomes less elastic, the facial muscles become weak and as if descend. In this case it is necessary to resort to hardware cosmetology, face massage and home masks.
    • Overweight can always cause fat deposits in the chin area. Sharp and abnormal weight loss can also affect the condition of the skin, as a result of which it will hang, and the appearance of a second chin will be inevitable. If it appears because of excess weight, you need to fight first with extra pounds.
    • Problems with the endocrine system. In this case, the only way out is to consult a specialist who will prescribe a safe and effective course of treatment.
    • Improper diet, bad habits, poor posture or improperly matched sleeping pill increase the risk of a second chin. To solve this problem it is necessary to try to change the way of life, pick up a suitable pillow and follow the posture.

    There are many ways that you can get rid of this delicate problem. This, above all, special exercises, tightening masks and massage. To find the most suitable method, you should consider each of them a little more detailed.

    How to remove the second chin: a set of exercises ^

    Gymnastics, helping to remove the second chin at home

    All the exercises described are aimed at loading the muscles of the neck. If these muscles are tight, then the line of the chin and neck looks expressive, and the double chin is missing. Every day it is recommended to perform a set of the following exercises.

    Exercise 1 - Gruzik

    • The essence of this exercise is to slowly raise the chin and severely strain the muscles of the neck as if a heavy load is attached to the chin.
    • Number of lifts per 1 approach - 5-6.
    • You can perform 3 sets of this exercise per day.

    Exercise 2 - Giraffe's neck

    • This exercise can be performed in any convenient position, namely lying or sitting.
    • The back should be flat and the arms crossed on the chest.
    • It is necessary to strain the muscles and raise the head as high as possible.
    • One approach requires six times neck stretching. Exercise 3 - Useful resistance
      • This exercise is desirable to perform in a sitting position at the table.
      • The neck needs to be pulled forward a little.
      • You need to rest on your elbow on the table and put your chin on your fist.
      • The essence of the exercise is to try to open your mouth wide, while creating resistance with your fist.
      • The required number of repetitions is 8-10 times.

      How to get rid of the second chin: home masks, massage, reviews ^

      Home masks and a massage for tightening the skin of the chin: recipes

      Home masks from the second chin

      The main purpose of chin gymnastics is to eliminate the internal cause of this problem, but the use of masksis aimed at fighting sagging skin in this problem zone. After gymnastics, it is recommended to make one of the suggested mask options:

      Yeast mask

      • For its preparation, it is necessary to dilute a tablespoon of baker's yeast in a small amount of warm water, stir until the mass becomes homogeneous.
      • Dishes with a mixture must be wrapped with a towel and put in a warm place for 30 minutes.
      • The dough should be applied to the skin, apply a bandage.
      • Hold until the dough hardens, rinse with warm water.

      Potato mask

      • It is necessary to make a puree of two small boiled potatoes.
      • Take 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes and add a teaspoon of salt, stir well.
      • The resulting mixture should be applied to the chin, fixed with a bandage and held for about 40 minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm water.
      • It is recommended to add a little honey in the puree for a better tightening effect.

      Massage from the second chin

      Acetic massage

      • It is necessary to dilute a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and an incomplete tablespoon of salt in a glass of water.
      • The towel needs to be well impregnated with this solution, rolled into a tight tourniquet, sharply clapping them on the chin.
      • After the procedure, the skin should be rinsed with warm water.


      To achieve the desired results, massage should be done every day for a month and combine it with neck and chin gymnastics. To perform self-massage, you must:

      • apply a massage cream or rose water to the skin;
      • to smooth the chin is recommended from the center to the ears, gradually increasing the pressure pressing force;
      • tap the skin of the chin with your fingers in the direction from the center to the ears;
      • to tingle and knead the skin;
      • to finish the performance of the massage should be smoothing the skin.
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      How to get rid of the second chin: testimonials, video

      Xenia, 21 year:

      "I am a young, slender and pretty girl, for some reason I have one problem: the second chin. My friend advised me to perform special gymnastics. I've been doing it for a month. The results I'm happy with, the accumulation of fat under the skin has decreased, and the face looks more expressive. "

      Marina, 45 years old:

      "With age, I noticed the appearance of a double chin in connection with the loss of skin elasticity. Decided to tackle this problem seriously and began to combine self-massage, gymnastics and the use of a yeast mask. Of course, I did not manage to completely get rid of this problem, but still ahead, because there are shifts already! ".

      Katerina, 33 years old:

      "After the birth, I recovered by 20 kg, but for a year I lost a lot of weight and faced the problem of the appearance of a second chin. Yeast and potato masks alternate, also every morning I do gymnastics for the neck and chin for a week. While serious changes do not see, but I think that in a month they will be clearly visible. "