Burdock hair mask - hair mask with burdock oil

  • Burdock hair mask - hair mask with burdock oil

    Do not believe in bright advertising of all kinds of hair products, after all it's chemistry. Do not argue, once you can achieve a very good effect, but in the long run it will only ruin your hair, addiction to the product will begin. In this article you will find answers to questions about how to quickly grow hair, how to strengthen it - all this can be done with absolutely natural means.

    Causes of hair loss

    1. Unsuitable hair washing agents. Parabens harm the hair condition - they irritate the skin, sulphates - ruthlessly wash off all natural hair nutrition, drying them. In this regard, set aside all the shampoos that foam well, and some like such shampoos, believing that they wash their hair well. A good foam just says a lot of sulfate in the shampoo.
    2. Hair coloring. Often women are fond of coloring their hair. Particular harm causes clarification. As a result of burning out the pigment, the hair suffers: their general condition deteriorates, the structure breaks down, they dry up and become brittle.
    3. Indirect factors. However, there is also such a situation: a woman does not use coloring agents, and her hair still gradually little by little look attractive. With what it can be connected? It can be hormonal changes, for example, pregnancy, adolescence, also suffered stress, lack of vitamins, and elementary laziness, which is manifested in hair care, when it's too lazy to wash hair with conditioner and balms, too lazy to make masks and generally take care of hair in general.

    Multiple masks recipes with burdock oil and not only

    Hair masks with burdock oil

    The number one care product in hair care is burdock mask for hair based on burdock oil. Despite the fact that the purchase of burdock oil does not burden the wallet at all, the result from using masks with burdock oil is simply excellent. Burdock oil is indispensable in the violation of the function of the sebaceous glands of the head and to strengthen the hair.

    Mask exclusively made from burdock oil. Some neglect burdock oil, but in vain. Even the use of burdock oil in its pure form gives a stunning result. All you need is to massage the burdock oil into the roots of the hair, and distribute the remainder of the oil that is left in your hands throughout the entire length. Leave the mask for two or three hours, wash it off, let the hair dry naturally, comb their comb with sparse teeth and enjoy the beauty, brilliance and silkiness of your hair.

    Oil mask for hair nourishment Oil mask for hair nourishment. Mix in equal proportions burdock oil, Macadamia or Brazil nut oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Preheat the mixture in a microwave and apply a warm mass on the hair. Note that most of all attention is needed not by the tips of the hair, but by the roots.

    Some people mistakenly believe that it is necessary to nourish the tips, so that the hair does not break, strengthened, in short, heals. You will certainly achieve some effect, but if the hair is initially split, the split ends can not be removed - you need to cut it. Cutting your hair every two months literally by three centimeters, you will get rid of the problem of split ends, without depriving your hair of length. Moreover, after such correction, you not only will not make the hair shorter, they will grow much more intensively than before the haircuts. From this short digression we conclude that the oils need to be applied to the roots of the hair.

    It is near the scalp that the hair is still in its original state. With proper care, they will remain so, going all the way from the roots to the tips. So, massage movements rub the mask into the roots of the hair - improve blood circulation, and hair, like a sponge, will absorb all the useful substances. Then put on a cap made of polyethylene or foil, since for best effect it is necessary to reduce the heat outflow from the head, i.e.create a greenhouse effect. On top, put on one more hat from the fabric. The minimum exposure time for the mask is 1-2 hours. But the best result you can achieve if you leave the mask for the night. The day before the next washing of the head, rub the same mixture into the tips, although you will not get rid of the cross section, but the fragility will decrease.

    Mask with mustard powder A burdock mustard mask for hair growth. If you lose faith in hair products, hair falls out and does not want to grow at all, pills, lotions, vitamins, shampoos, all kinds of overseas drugs do not help at all, try a mask based on burdock oil and mustard powder. Burdock mask for hair will be very cheap, but really very effective. In addition to burdock oil and mustard, you will need sugar - 2 tsp, warm boiled water - 2 tablespoons.and yolk of one chicken egg. Mix the ingredients with mustard - 2 tbsp.l.and the same amount of burdock oil. Apply the mask on your hair, again warm your head with caps and rinse after half an hour with shampoo. Know that this mask also removes dandruff. Just two uses, and dandruff, as it used to be.

    Mask with pepper Burdock mask with pepper. Another "sharp" mask will accelerate the growth of your hair - this is burdock oil with pepper. It is sold already ready in the pharmacy and so it is called "Burdock oil with pepper".The only condition on which the result depends is that the oil should be burned, otherwise the effect will be minimal.

    For the application of masks, it is very convenient to use a brush for dyeing hair, firstly, it allows to distribute the mask evenly over the hair, and secondly, it has a divider so that, without using the comb, it is possible to separate the strands from each other.

    Your hair should not be the first freshness. Optimal to do the mask before washing your head. Make a straight parting and comb your hair. We will apply the mask solely to the roots of the hair. Pour the oil into a deep bowl, dab the brush in the oil and distribute it along the chicken. Then, separate the next strand parallel to the first part with the brush for coloring the hair and apply the oil in the same way. Continue so to the temple with that and on the other side. After you finish processing the temporal zones, dip the fingertips in the remaining oil and rub it into the occipital part of the head, without stopping, go to the massage of the roots. In passing, you can use the tool of the ancient yogis against hair loss and for their more active growth - a slight twitching - grasp the hair at the roots and slightly "shake" them.

    Now you can remove the burdock oil and take the peach oil. It needs to be distributed in the palms and rubbed into the tips, they are usually overdried, and burdock little with pepper can harm them, and so they will be protected. Then make a tight beam, create a greenhouse effect, as described above. Walk this way from an hour to three, depending on how much you have free time. At the end of the prescribed time, simply shampoo the head with shampoo, applying the product only to the roots, the rest of the hair will be rinsed by the fact that it will drain from the roots.

    How to properly wash a burdock mask

    How to wash off a burdock mask

    The problem with difficult flushing of oils is easy to solve. Just instead of a single shampooing shampoo, do the second set, if you normally wash your hair with shampoo twice, wash it three times. After all, the hair gets used to the amount of shampoo you are using, and if you have accustomed the hair to a double dose of detergent, you will not wash the oil twice - you will need to wash it for the third time.

    Use these secret recipes to care for your hair. Let your hair be healthy, beautiful, silky. Do not forget that healthy hair is a well-groomed and undamaged hair.