• Tips on how to choose the right bedding

    When buying bedding, we choose not just a thing, but a reliable assistant, without which we can not do without. After all, a bed, this is the most hidden part of our life, which allows us to realize all our thoughts, ideas, fantasies and desires, controlled by harmony and beauty.

    Before going to the store you need to know exactly the size of the mattress, pillows, blankets, The sizes of standard bed sets do not always correspond to the required sizes. Certainly, the variety of shapes and sizes increases the choice, makes it more affordable relative to price and quality.

    Rules on how to choose bed linens by the type of fabric

    One of the main selection criteria is the material. Recognized leadership belongs to the most democratic, very comfortable cotton material .The variety of color registration is in great demand, it is easy to wash and eliminate the bruising of the tissue, it "breathes well" without causing allergic reactions. Relative fit of the dimensions makes it possible to make the right choice.

    But, today, in order to increase the density of the fabric, following the fashion trends, the cotton fabric is impregnated with special chemical agents( harmless to the person), which create the effect of "rattling cotton".Underwear really shrinks less, but it breathes worse and can even cause allergies.

    Especially attractive is bed linen made from coarse calico , it is practical and the quality of the material that does not contain synthetic impurities. The fabric has a high wear resistance, which certainly increases the service life. Can withstand a very large amount of washing, as well as easy to iron. It absorbs moisture well, is suitable for children's bedding, people with delicate sensitive skin and is inexpensive.   

    Beautiful, durable, durable with a light shine satin is more expensive than cotton. The technology of manufacturing satin depends on the twisted cotton thread, the more twisted the thread in the production, the brighter and more noticeable the material will shine. Bed linen, sewn from such a fabric, has a luxurious appearance. The bright shine of satin fabric resembles silk, but it also stands appropriately. Linen, sewn from silk fabric, nice to touch, but slides on the mattress, quickly creases and forms clues.

    Flax , the most health-friendly material, as it is hygienic, durable and soft. It has one drawback - it's very hard to iron, but on bed linen it will not be hot in the summer, and it's cold in winter. The fabric made of linen is a light natural antiseptic, therefore it has the properties to breathe well, takes into account the pathogenic microflora, creates an excellent mood.

    Experts Vse-Sekrety.ru note that wide seamless sheets, with internal seams in duvet covers and pillowcases are an indicator and some guarantee, quality competently sewn bed linen. A good informer when buying bedding is also a label or a sewn label, which indicates the rules of care of the product, manufacturing technology, and the company that manufactured this product.

    Remember that if you choose the right outfit for your bed, then it will create an atmosphere of appeasement, and also give peace and the opportunity to easily fall asleep and wake up energetic, full of energy and vigor.