How to learn to do push-ups to a girl - how to wring out the correct way

  • How to learn to do push-ups to a girl - how to wring out the correct way

    Existing stereotypes regarding the fact that the female sex is weak and unable to withstand the load, commensurate with the weight of the body, has long been dispelled. As the coaches say, the achievements come from the brain. The same deep delusion is the opinion that the girl will not be able to wring out. Then explain, where do women, beginning with middle age, have such a great experience of dragging huge bags and bales with goods, for example? And who ever measured the load of men in the gym with the loads of a woman mother, lulling her child.

    This is the training, which ultimately necessarily leads to the expected results, in pushing up your own body including.

    Please note! With the proper planning and conduct of the training process, the girl is quite able to achieve at any time a result of 100 push-ups without any special physical costs. This will take three months, but femininity, charm and fragility will remain, while the "plane" of the tummy is guaranteed to you.

    And where will the beliefs that the girl was created for the dance, and the man for lifting the bar and dragging weights go to. If this barrier of sexual specialization is overcome, then, as experienced trainers say with the inclinations of psychologists, 90 percent of success is ours, and 10 percent is acquired in training.

    Arguments in favor of push-ups

    Fit belly

    In favor of push-ups, let us cite the argument that modern slimming programs, popular in the girls' environment, contain exercises for push-up. Variants of the same or similar exercises were found in the healing schemes of antiquity - in taichi and yoga. Therefore, it is not possible to regard exercises for push-up as something complex and beyond. It's time to become interested in how to learn how to do push-ups to a girl.

    As for the body shapes that it acquires with regular push-ups, it should be said about the muscles of the chest, which are known to give the bust a beautiful shape due to its volume solely due to nature, but not fitness. And such parameters and indicators as a smart stomach, decorated hips, elastic buttocks are fully justified in the practice of push-ups. Hence, it is worth all the same to reflect on the topic - why the girl push-ups and what they are useful for her.

    Elastic body

    Existing push-up programs say that push-up exercises are important for the development of endurance, to increase strength, flat stomach and, nevertheless, for the formation of the relief of the muscles of the chest, shoulder and hands that can be trained without using dumbbells. It's hard to believe that the girl does not need all this.

    With a certain scheme( set of squeezes in 3 passes, 10 repetitions with 60 seconds pauses), push-ups allow "burn" from 60 to 100 kcal. And this is an effective program for weight loss. With such a task can handle unless the exercise with a skipping rope or high-speed running. And again there are no arguments against push-ups for girls. So, let's get started.

    Program of push-ups

    Warm-up before push-up

    To achieve all of what was said above, you need to make your program of these exercises.

    At once we will tell, that a short way "from a sofa and on a rug for push-ups" - absolutely incorrect. Requires warming up the body. To do this, 5-7 minutes are cardio drains, then jerking hands in front of the chest, their circular movements near the shoulder joint.

    Hands are the main tool for push-up. Therefore, you can practice on the punching bag - 20 strokes with each hand with the addition of 5 beats every day. This will take 15 minutes daily.

    Arm position

    Feet is also important. We train them, kneeling - body slopes forward 20 times daily.

    After a few days, combine the blows on the pear and squeeze directly on the knees with push-ups for 40 minutes a day. And so for two weeks.

    The first training: five approaches for 20 push-ups( 20, 20, 20, 20, 20) for 1.5 hours. In addition, two approaches for 15 push-ups from the chair( sitting on a chair, hands on the edge of the seat, legs extended forward).

    Push-ups with a chair

    Second training: five approaches for 25, 30, 20, 35, 15 push-ups.

    Third training: five approaches for 30 push-ups( 30, 30, 30, 30, 30).And do not be disturbed by your wrong push-up - this is just the beginning.

    Last stage: increase the number of push-ups. Do not allow the appearance of a sensation of pain in your hands - overdoing your body is unnecessary. The result will come gradually.

    Let the push-ups do not enlarge the chest in size, but certainly improve its shape - it will become high, and therefore very beautiful. Agree that impressive volumes do not always benefit from the aesthetics of elastic forms. At the same time the posture will change, the strength of muscles will increase, weight will decrease, and also there will be a tangible contrast between waist size and hip size. It seems that we have convinced you!


    With the technique of doing push-ups, you can see below: