How to sew a cloak over the shoulders for a woman or a girl: a detailed explanation with photos

  • How to sew a cloak over the shoulders for a woman or a girl: a detailed explanation with photos

    A cloak is an integral part of a women's wardrobe. How to sew a cloak over your shoulders, so that she gladdens the eyes of others, you will learn from this article. It should be noted immediately that, in principle, this does not require a pattern.

    Option 1: from

    fabric To do this:

    • Fabric( fleece is used in this example);
    • Clasp;
    • Super glue;
    • Scissors;
    • Metal rivets.

    First, fold the fabric square, so that 4 layers come out. Then one corner is cut in a circle.

    Next, you need to unfold the fabric and cut the neck. In order not to make a mistake with the necessary cut, first you need to measure the distance from the shoulder to the shoulder, the result is divided in half and pluses 3 centimeters.

    Now the front layer is cut in the middle.

    The next step is to attach the rivets. In the place where we are going to arrange the rivet, the tooth is punctured and bent from the back side. Leather fasteners of fasteners are spread with glue and pressed against the front strip of the workpiece. The process is shown in detail in the photo:

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    It remains to make holes for the hands, and the female cape is ready.

    It should be noted that it is possible to make the same model only with a hood.


    Fur coats on the shoulders have a rich history. So, in fashion, this element of clothing was introduced by the Bavarian duchess Isabella Charlotte. Such things are extremely convenient. It is only necessary to choose the right size and sew a product, and you will become adorable. How to sew a fur cape on the shoulders can be seen in the master class below.

    We will need:

    • Fur;
    • Sewing machine;
    • Needles;
    • Threads;
    • Scissors;
    • Ribbon-centimeter;
    • Ruler.

    It is worth noting that it is possible to make a cape from artificial fur, because today it is not inferior in quality to natural fur.

    To make the ideal thing at home, you need to know such parameters as chest girth, shoulder length and determine the length of the product.

    Prepare, first of all, a pattern. Take a square piece of material of the appropriate color and size and fold it in half to make a triangle.

    You need to cut the fur from the wrong side. It is necessary to cut only the base, trying not to hurt the fur. The edges of the product are rounded, and the cuts can be left open, just by sewing them with a stitching stitch.

    If there is a desire, then decorate the product with buttons or a leather strap. Sew the product around the edges. Congratulations, the work is completed.

    For the child

    Do not forget about the little women of fashion, because they also really like the capes . How to sew a cloak on a child's shoulders? Here is the necessary pattern:

    If you find something that seems difficult, then view the detailed video: