Blouse with chiffon hands: practical sewing advice

  • Blouse with chiffon hands: practical sewing advice

    Chiffon is a special delicate fabric, when working with which it is worth to be very neat. Therefore, if you want to make a blouse with your own hands from chiffon, you should be patient and diligent.

    This fabric is natural and, of course, synthetic, but, despite its origin, it will not be easy to sew a blouse even for an experienced seamstress. How to sew a blouse from chiffon, you can understand, only having studied all the subtleties of working with this material.

    Features of the cut

    A stitched female blouse made of chiffon creates a romantic silhouette that consists of translucent fabric. Such a blouse will face every fashionista. The pattern for this product should be as simple as possible, especially if you are just starting to sew. Here are some simple tips on how to cut such a fabric:

    1. This fabric is better to cut into one layer, because if you try to cut several layers, they will constantly roll down.

    2. The details of the pattern should not be pinned to the canvas, it is better to use special weights.

    3. In order to cut the fabric clearly along the lines, the seams should be reflected on the paper pattern.

    4. When cutting, it will not be superfluous to use an acute knife.

    If you do everything right, you can get such beautiful models.

    Tips for beginners

    We will definitely need a pattern, as well as a machine with a sharp needle and thread. Be careful not to get puffs or rough stitches. You need to try the stitch and adjust the tension and only after that you can lay an ideal seam. To ensure that the seams are not tightened, the length of one stitch should be 2 mm. If the product has a lining, this will make it easier to sew, if not, then all slices need to be processed with a small zigzag or can be processed using an overlock. A role overlock seam should not be used for neck processing, since it strongly pulls on oblique cuts.

    Working with this material is very painstaking and difficult. If you decided to sew something up in a hurry, then chiffon is definitely not for you. If you are full of determination and zealous, then forward for beautiful things.

    Step-by-step master class

    We recommend using several accents.

    The easiest way is to sew such a thing on one of the proposed patterns:

    But do not forget that you will need to make your own pattern that will match your size. Once you're done with the pattern, boldly start to cut the part out of the fabric, just do not forget to leave too much space on the seams. Rags of the blouse, sweep at the side seams right up to the armhole. The bottom of the product is seam, the length of the stack should be about 4 mm. Make sure that the assembly is neat. Pull the thread down to the size of the coquette. The detail of the lower coquette should be strengthened with the help of a thin thermotank. To do this, on the underside of the coquette we take thermo-cloth and we spread it. After the coquette we fold in half so that the thermo cloth remains inside. Further it is necessary to iron weave and stitch it.

    Next, you need to sweep and stitch the details of the collar, as well as the cuffs of the sleeves. Sew the buttons, and the blouse is ready.

    Video instructions