How to get out of depression on your own - get out of depression

  • How to get out of depression on your own - get out of depression

    When it rains in the street, it's cold, it's uncomfortable and sad. In the autumn and winter months, people often visit depressed thoughts. The weather itself has a deepening in itself, thinking over unresolved problems. What are the causes of depression? Most often this condition is caused by stress, but the cause for stress can serve as a disease, which often occurs in the autumn-winter period, family drama, troubles at work, financial inconsistency.

    A person who falls into depression, is inclined to plunge into it deeper and deeper, "winding" itself. Apathy arises literally to everything. I want to somehow solve all problems at once, but at the slightest attempt of action, everything falls from the hands, causing even more irritation and destroying the last desire to change something. Particularly exacerbated by a state of incomprehension of loved ones, lack of support from friends and people significant to a person.

    Depression is characterized by a keen sense of loneliness, a sense of uselessness and sometimes dullness of fear of death, which causes suicide on the wave of depression. How to get out of depression on your own, when it seems that the meaning of life is lost? This task is complicated not so much by its decision as by the need to exert moral efforts.

    Replacement and distraction of

    Please note! Inaction is the most important enemy of a person who is depressed. Even the most serious problems can be experienced, thanks to the ability to shift attention to more optimistic things.

    Sometimes, everyday worries can be useful. Do what you have long wanted to do. They wanted to learn how to sew - welcome to the sewing and sewing courses, they wanted to outdo your girlfriends in belly dancing sometime - just sign up for classes.

    Healing from emotional wounds will be helped by a hike to visit, rest at the resort. If those circumstances that caused depression can not already be changed, do not get hung up on the problem, but switch to solving other problems, those that you are able to overcome. This will raise the mood and increase self-esteem.

    Watch movies: you can be comedic, but you can also those where the characters face the same situation as you. Empathizing, you throw out the negative, cry, if you want, and, perhaps, the depression will go away by itself. With the same success you can read books. Remember what you read in childhood, when there was always a mother nearby, ready to sympathize and comfort at any moment. Maybe you even have your favorite children's book, which remembers the warmth of my mother's hands and her tender voice.

    Self-analysis of

    However, it is not always possible to get distracted from gloomy thoughts. The method of distraction and substitution is good in mild cases of depression. After all, negative thoughts at any time can come down on consciousness with renewed vigor, and again enslave will and mind. More complex manifestations of depression need other methods of coping.

    The way to get out of depression with the help of introspection involves thinking about the problem and your attitude towards it. Try to ignore the subjective perception for a second and look at the situation from the side. Can you change something, are you in your power? If you blame yourself for what happened, can you somehow compensate for what happened? What could your depression lead to? Do you realize the consequences of your condition for your family? If you can not change anything, as in the case of the death of someone, it is important to realize that your life has not ended with the loss of a person that is dear to you, in your life there are people to whom you bear moral obligations, for example, your children.

    Depression is an opportunity to know yourself. After all, it is illusory and represents just your attitude to the current situation, nothing more. It is impossible to fight against oneself and it is meaningless.

    Appeal to the doctor

    In some cases, self-help does not give results, then you need to rely on doctors. For our mentality, an appeal to a psychologist or a psychotherapist is an extraordinary situation, and in vain. In the West, for a long time, they understood the point of professional psychotherapeutic services, it's not for you to "cry in the vest" to a friend. For someone, it's true, even talking on the phone can be a turning point, but cases of depression are of different gravity, sometimes medical help is really needed.

    Specialist will apply special techniques, for example, the same NLP, and you will soon change the attitude to your life that you would not have. Why, in the end, shift their problems to the shoulders of friends? Do not be energy vampires. And remember that an independent fight against serious depression can cause negative consequences, for example, such as alcoholism and psychosomatic diseases, up to a change in metabolism and stomach ulcers.

    Please note! Depression is not an excuse to deprive yourself of precious time that you can spend on more useful things.