What are the weddings by dates, by styles, jubilee weddings

  • What are the weddings by dates, by styles, jubilee weddings

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    Recently, more and more people wishing to make a marriage want to make this day very special, refusing to register in favor of something original. What are the weddings?

    • Wedding in accordance with the old customs and traditions adopted in the country of the bride and groom. Appropriate outfits are selected, ancient vows and vows are brought, all superstitions are recalled. Treats and entertainment in the same vein. In Russia, for example, it is mandatory to buy a bride, a red dress with embroidery and a kokoshnik, a huge number of guests and a table in the best traditions of hospitable hospitality.
    • Stylized celebration with elements of masquerade. In the invitation, the newlyweds specially indicate the theme of the wedding and the requirements for the dresses of guests. What are the styles of weddings? Subjects and the historical period - absolutely any, or in general something cosmic or in the style of fantasy, you are limited only by the budget and your imagination. Such a wedding requires careful preparation, special music and decorations. Perhaps, even a few rehearsals will be required. But the impressions are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
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    • Wedding in bright colors. The traditional color of the bride's dress is white. But if you want to add a ceremony of colorfulness, cheerfulness and optimism, choose something bright and ask about the same groom, witnesses and guests. In the same tone, decorations, table setting, decorations for cars, and, of course, a bridal bouquet and a wedding cake should be performed.
    • Wedding "Olivier".Just take from any scenarios the most liked details, not caring about a single style. But it is important to have a sense of proportion and somehow still combine it.

    Anniversaries and anniversaries

    Not everyone knows that a wedding can be celebrated every year. Only it will be called differently. What are wedding by date? The name and traditions of the celebration are at each anniversary, beginning with one year of family life.

    First, there are some light and frivolous titles - cotton, paper, leather, wax wedding. The first serious milestone is 5 years of marriage, a wooden wedding. Further, the names symbolize the growing strength of the union and its value. The names of noble breeds of wood, expensive fabrics, exotic flowers, precious metals and stones appear.

    The next anniversary is a pink( or amber) wedding, then - glass, porcelain, silver, pearl, coral, sapphire and gold. After 50 years of joint life, only five-year anniversaries are celebrated.

    What are wedding anniversaries? They have very beautiful names - emerald, diamond( platinum), iron, fertile, alabaster( crown), oak wedding. Then a 20-year break, and crowns the entire 100-year anniversary - a red wedding.

    How to celebrate anniversaries?

    Each anniversary has its own traditions. With each of them are associated certain traditions and superstitions, it is prescribed to give certain gifts. The more years you lived together, the more splendid the celebration is supposed to be.

    Basically at the celebration the name of the corresponding anniversary is played out. For example, those who have lived together for a year are given cotton towels, napkins and aprons, a year later the topic will be paper cards and souvenirs with sincere, cheerful and benevolent congratulations.

    Seven years - a copper wedding - involves products made of copper, mostly kitchen utensils.

    On "precious" anniversaries it is customary to give appropriate gifts - silver( for example, cutlery), jewelry made of pearls( necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, tie pins), gold, diamonds. .. Of course, this is not affordable for all guests. The main gift for the jubilee will be your attention, care and disposition.

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