2016 - the year of which animal - the symbol of 2016

  • 2016 - the year of which animal - the symbol of 2016

    The tradition to celebrate the New Year in the Chinese calendar came to our life not so long ago, but it has become so familiar and familiar. Of course, we do not celebrate this holiday as the Chinese themselves do. Our New Year as it was, and remained a purely Slavic holiday, with a plentiful meal, noisy companies and a cheerful festive mood. Just knowing that the next year will be run by some animal, endowed with a set of individual traits, gives the future some certainty. Already, most people know the year 2016 of which animal, what can be expected of him and how to celebrate this holiday.

    Character of the Fire Monkey

    New Year in China

    Although the Year of the Fiery Monkey for the Eastern calendar will come only on February 9, we will all be in the habit of celebrating the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1.Chinese New Year is celebrated quite differently from ours, but this is understandable - such a difference of cultures. It is common for them to remember their departed friends and relatives on this holiday, we are more focused on the future and carefully make wishes for chimes and champagne.

    In the eastern tradition, the monkey is considered an intelligent and astute creature, but with an unpredictable temperament. She does not tolerate, when she is teased, does not like obsessive attention and is capable of small dirty tricks. However, the monkey is quick-witted, good-natured, very funny and cheerful. This creature has artistic talent and is very fond of reincarnating.

    Monkeys love to attract the attention of

    Thanks to the fiery "coloring" of the mistress of the next year, all of her features - positive and negative - will be more clearly manifested. In 2016, we will not be bored for sure. The year promises to be unpredictable and rich in various events. Although astrologers and oriental predictors do not foresee serious global upheavals, during the year of the Fiery Monkey a number of incidents will take place, changing the destinies of not only people but also states. Not all of them will have a plus sign, but in general the year does not promise misfortunes and serious catastrophes. Thanks to the active and unpredictable character of the Monkey, events will flash before our eyes, as in a kaleidoscope.

    Destiny of Individuals

    Year will be rich in fateful meetings

    2016 will be held under the sign of Fire. It is a symbol of passion, strength, ardent love. Despite the unpredictability of the Monkey, or perhaps because of it, this year will be exceptionally rich in meetings that will for a long time unite the destinies of people.

    Please note! A bright fiery passion will present many joyous encounters, some of which will end with successful and lasting marriages. The changeable character of the Fiery Monkey will create some alliances so quickly that those around them may seem unnecessarily hasty. However, in most of their family unions will withstand the test.

    2016 for born in the year Monkeys

    Monkeys - animals family

    In the year of the Monkey 2016, the twelve-year cycle of the eastern horoscope ends, it is a kind of result lived 12 years. This year will give an opportunity to evaluate the passed way and take stock. For those born in the year of the Monkey, the year promises to be very successful and successful in all areas.

    Monkey is an animal of social, moreover, family. Mothers touchingly care for their own and others' babies, strictly observing the hierarchy in the herd. These properties of the mistress of the year are transferred to the character of people born under this sign. They strive to create a family, love children and always take care of their relatives.

    "Monkeys" are not created for leadership positions and long-term projects. Due to the changeable nature, they often need to change their activities or engage in creativity."Monkey" loves well-being, calm well-fed life, but in the absence of activity in his life he begins to get bored and is capable of doing foolish things. Its irrepressible energy must necessarily be directed "for peaceful purposes."

    You need to keep yourself in the hands of
    Please note! Born in the year of Monkeys are successful in life and marriage, but the unstable nature can manifest in them negative features - greed, spitefulness, pugnaciousness. The Year of the Fiery Monkey will help to identify the negative and cope with it.

    Monkey has unpredictable character, but it can be controlled by giving it a delicious banana and not paying attention to stupid antics. Do not let yourself be provoked and take everything that happens to you as a path to truth. In this case, the year of the Fiery Monkey will be very successful and cheerful for you.

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