Crafts for the New Year 2016 - New Year's crafts

  • Crafts for the New Year 2016 - New Year's crafts

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    New Year's time is the most beloved in children and adults alike. After all, the preparations for the New Year 2016 will be filled with cheerful efforts, the acquisition of gifts for loved ones, the expectation of a miracle. What a joy brings decoration of the house and the Christmas tree, the choice of gifts, hanging garlands, toys, New Year's attributes. We, in turn, offer to experience the joy of the fact that you will make handmade items by the New Year 2016.

    This activity will be especially interesting for children, because joint creativity in the family always brings together, makes everyone closer and closer.

    Every year has its own symbol. In 2016, the Fiery Monkey will be the patroness, therefore it is worth considering her tastes when decorating her house.

    First of all, note that in the house there must be crafts of red color. If you have a fireplace, the best option is to light it and prepare everything for the holiday. If the fireplace is not, then you can make candlesticks, in which you should install red candles. During the New Year's Eve it is worthwhile to light them. By the way, do not exclude Bengal lights, however, igniting them in the house, do not forget about the safety rules.

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    This New Year can not do without a homemade monkey. Excellent monkeys can come from salted dough. Finished figures can be painted and varnished.

    Monkey from felt

    You can make toys in the form of monkeys from felt, and also using the technique of macrame or felting, embroider, draw. In general, we use everything that only comes to mind. It is simply impossible to enumerate all ideas.

    Sapozhok for gifts

    Sapozhok from felt

    This boots can be used for gifts and as a Christmas tree toy.

    To make the craft you need:

    • burgundy and red felt,
    • scissors,
    • needles and threads,
    • sintepon,
    • pattern,
    • lace,
    • rain and other details for decoration.

    Photo templates need to be printed, apply the templates to the felt and circle them with chalk or soap. Blanks should be two. If you make several boots, the number of patterns should be multiplied.

    New Year's boot pattern

    Sew the side details. To do this, select the thread of white color. Stitching should be done in a stitched manner, creating a decorative effect. Sew a ribbon on top of the boot, and sew a satin bow on the side. Decorate the boot to suit your tastes, you can use rain, golden paper, bead details or colorful felt figurines.

    On top you need to sew an eyelet, for it you can hang the boots on a carnation or a branch of a Christmas tree.

    Festive balls

    Balls of threads

    Interesting crafts can be made with children. For example, a threadlike transparent ball. Such an article is pleasant to all children by its originality. Even children in kindergarten will be able to make such an article, but certainly under the guidance of adults.

    You need to buy a balloon and inflate it, cover it with PVA glue, and wind the threads of different colors. To fix them, it is worth using a simple varnish, which you use for styling hair. Now pierce the balloon with a needle. As a result, you will have an unusual holiday ball.

    Fir cones

    Christmas cone ornaments from cones

    Crafts from cones very nicely fit into the theme of the New Year. Make them very simple. It is worth mixing the salt and water solution, 1 to 2, and bring it to a boil. Then remove the solution from the fire and put into it cones or spruce branches. Let them lie there for hours 5-6.

    Then you need to remove them, and leave to dry - they will appear crystals of "snow."

    You can priporoshit crafts and snow from polystyrene. To make snow, you need to take foam and glue. Cover the branches and cones with glue, and crush the foam on top. Watch the video, you can get a lot of ideas from there:


    Snowman from pompons

    In winter, when a lot of snow falls, the children go to the street traditionally to make a real snowman. Only to blind it is possible not only from snow, but also from improvised materials. Make a children's snowman can be made from plastic bottles, dough, felt, thread and balloons, paper or the origami method.

    Here is an instruction for making a snowman from pompoms:

    1. You can make three pompoms using special bobbins or from yarn or circles of cardboard. They will be the body, the head. Yarn is best to take a blue or white color.
    2. Wind the threads in circles and tightly bind them in the middle. Remove them from the workpiece.
    3. Cut threads need to be exactly in the middle, namely at the top of the turns. Such pompoms need to be transformed into neat balls - cut off the threads.
    4. Connect the pom-poms with glue.
    5. Bottom and top of the snowman trim, until they have a flat look, because on the bottom it will stand. On the head it is necessary to put on a snowman a bright red hat, which can be made from felt. As a place for a snowman, you can use a saucer, lull it with white foam.

    Fridge magnet

    Fridge magnets decoupage

    But the simplest version of crafts for the New Year will be a magnet on the refrigerator. You can make it from a napkin with a New Year theme and an old disc. Use the technique of decoupage.

    1. So, take a napkin and separate the top layer, where the picture is depicted.
    2. Disc sandpaper with sandpaper, then spread with glue, so that it is a smooth and thin layer. Attach the drawing to the center, smoothing it, excluding all the folds on the image.
    3. Top with a small layer of glue, and once it has dried, fix it with a varnish. On the other side of the disc, glue the Moment Magnet with the adhesive. To select a picture, you can use glitter. That's all - New Year's work is ready!

    Photo of

    Christmas tree of cones
    Hedgehog of cones
    Dwarf cones
    Garland for New Year red
    Christmas wreath
    Snowmen from old light bulbs
    Toy cushion
    New Year's handmade
    New Year's pendants
    Toys for a white fir tree
    Garland offelt
    Herringbone in quilling technique
    Hedgehogs from cork
    Herringbone from felt
    Christmas tree from fruits and sweets