How to economically meet the New Year 2016 - a budget New Year

  • How to economically meet the New Year 2016 - a budget New Year

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    Let's figure out how to economically meet the New Year 2016 without compromising the New Year's mood.

    Where do we start?

    First of all, you need to make a list of guests, as well as an approximate plan for future costs. If there are no problems with the list of guests, the expenses can be quite impressive.

    Let's try to find out what you can save on New Year's Eve.


    Homemade ornaments

    Festive toys and decorations can be made by hand. Add homemade figurines from felt to those Christmas tree toys that you already have, restore old Christmas balls using the technique of decoupage. Decorate the house with homemade bells, snowflakes, garlands. Fantasize and create. If there are small children in your family, then this lesson will also have to their liking, especially since you can have fun and interesting time together.

    Christmas tree

    Spruce twigs

    If there is no money, then you can save on the Christmas tree. If there is an artificial Christmas tree, boldly dress it up. If you are an adherent of a living tree, you can buy fir twigs and decorate the house with their help. You can make a Christmas tree of colored paper or candy.

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    Discounts and Shares

    New Year Discounts and Shares

    Do not forget about New Year's discounts and promotions. If you buy a Christmas tree on December 31, then you can take advantage of significant discounts from 30 to 80 percent. For some categories of goods before the New Year make big sales - so you can buy a good gift.

    Please note! It is not necessary to buy expensive gifts for the New Year, sometimes an expensive gift brings less joy than a budget option. The main thing is to think of what to give. If you try and spend time, you can sew an excellent toy for your child with your own hands, give your mom a vase in the style of decoupage, etc.

    Cost plan

    Purchase of products

    The next stage is a list of New Year's expenses. It should be divided into 2 parts. The first includes monthly expenses that will not be associated with the holiday - it's payment for utilities, Internet, medical treatment, loans, etc. But the second part is the cost of food for the holiday, drinks, gifts, etc. This list is broken down into two columns:the most necessary and what you can buy in case you have money left.

    After the list is ready, compare the prices. Most people buy everything in the nearest shops, but you need to evaluate all prices in stores, specifying where and what you can buy at a discount. Yes, it will take a lot of time, but you will be able to save.

    Please note! Long-lived products need to be bought a few weeks before the New Year, because before the holiday prices usually rise substantially. Such products include sweets, canned goods, alcohol, tea, coffee.

    The meeting place can be changed

    How to make a New Year's table - a big question

    The most economical option for the New Year's Eve, whatever one may say, will be a home holiday with a tasty table and a sit-down at the TV.It is not necessary to cook a lot of various dishes, so that the table is bursting with food. If the money is tight, it is enough to have a couple of salads, and cooked not from exotic, but from the most ordinary products. Feel free to put home pickles on the table: tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, get prepared vegetable salads. Bake a cake with homemade jam or make your own cake - this will save you money, and the quality of the table from this will not be affected at all. Give up chops, instead bake chicken in the oven - tasty and much cheaper. The holiday will be ideal if included in the program of the evening funny photo sessions, various competitions. You can have a party in costumes. To do this, you just need to show creativity and sew them yourself out of old, unnecessary things.

    Options, how to meet the new year without money - a lot: blind snowman and arrange on its background a family photo shoot, measure its size, and in the coming year, beat your own record.

    Go to the city square to watch the celebratory salute.

    New Year in the Forest

    Teaming with friends and relatives, you can even go to celebrate the New Year in the woods. Believe me, such a New Year will definitely become the most memorable in the good sense of the word. Preliminary in the forest is to go to the exploration to select a clearing, and in general to think about what and how, based on the location. Salads do not do: they will quickly freeze. But dumplings will come at the right time, you can organize shish kebabs.

    In the morning after the holiday, you can go to the ice rink, the ice arena, to the theater, to attend events organized by the city administration, to take part in competitions.

    Fantasize and do not be afraid to translate dreams into reality. New year can be met very fun and creative, even if the money is not lucky. Better, of course, to follow the rule - to postpone for a couple of months before the New Year a certain amount, which then can be spent on preparing for the holiday. So New Year's spending will not hurt painfully on the wallet, and any force majeure circumstances in the form of unpaid wages will not be fatal.