How to spend the New Year 2014 with parents

  • How to spend the New Year 2014 with parents

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    We all come from childhood, that happy time when the world seemed huge and exciting, when every day a new discovery or achievement awaited us. The dearest and dearest people at this age were parents. Their presence filled the soul with happiness and it seemed that we did not need anything else. And what happy, carefree and wonderful New Year holidays they arranged for us? !With a smart Christmas tree, colorful garlands, fancy dresses, delicious dishes, magical mandarins and sweets! Do not forget the native people and gifts for their children!

    Years pass, it is the turn of grown-up children to pamper their beloved fathers and mothers. Thinking about how to spend the New Year 2014 with parents, we often get lost in conjecture: what would such an invent? After all, I want to give my family and friends such a holiday, so that they really liked and remembered for a long time.

    Preparing for the New Year

    What you need to remember during the preparation for the celebration:

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    • First, you need to release parents from the hustle and bustle of things: cleaning and cooking. To this end, young people often think of a place of celebration, different from that of the home: someone's dacha( of course, heated), a country campsite, a rest home or another "exotic" haven. Discuss with their families their wishes, whether they will want to plunge into a fairy tale away from home.
    • Sometimes parents are ready to "give everything away" just to get together in the family circle for the New Year 2014 in their nice cozy nest. In this case, you just need to protect them from household chores, beforehand by making a general cleaning and ordering a suitable menu for a New Year's table from a cafe or restaurant. Learn from their parents their preferences: they would like to taste various delicacies-surprises or adhere to a conservative menu with its traditional dishes: duck, olivier, famous herring "under the fur coat" and sweet mandarins.
    New Year's attributes
    • Regardless of where it was decided to meet the 2014th Year of the Blue Horse - in a nice country house or in a city apartment - create a fairy tale for parents! The sparkling garlands and tinsel, flashing and iridescent rainbow toys - symbols of the coming year, will return your beloved dad and mother to a long-forgotten childhood and will give a lot of pleasant emotions. Caps and Bengal lights, confetti and other New Year's attributes will amuse everyone, create a relaxed atmosphere and a festive mood.
    • The main culprit of the celebration is a fluffy Christmas tree in a room where we are going to arrange a feast. You can postpone the festive turmoil of her decoration before the arrival of parents, then a fun and exciting mess will be a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.
    • If the future holiday home is equipped with a fireplace or stove, pre-heat it, divorcing the fire( always follow the rules of fire safety!).The New Year's fireplace can not only warm you in the winter cold, but also create a warm and favorable atmosphere in communication with loved ones.
    Gifts under the Christmas tree
    • Prepare items bought in advance and packed in a secluded place so that you can deliver them at the most solemn and pleasant moment.
    • It is necessary to take care of the necessary medicines and first aid means.
    • Be sure to prepare sleeping places for relatives and nooks where you can relax from festive fun.
    • Organize watching TV - this little thing can be very important for the traditional meeting of the New Year.
    • If there is a forest around the cute little house, wander through the snow-covered fairy-tale, play with your favorite people in snowballs. Arrange a good and wonderful holiday, if you have to meet the New Year in the suburbs.
    • Each family has its own traditions and customs of celebrating the New Year's celebration: someone likes the explosion of firecrackers in the yard or the joy of a huge festive salute, and someone wants to go to the main square of the city or stroll through the night streets. Some families organize in their circle competitions, mini-concerts, videotaping interviews and toasts, wishes and congratulatory speeches. And if you have not yet acquired such established traditions, it is never too late to prepare the necessary materials, tools - and in a good way!

    What the eastern horoscope says in 2014

    Eastern horoscope for the year Horses

    According to the Chinese canons Blue Wooden Horse in 2014 prefers big and noisy companies small nice gatherings in a close family circle. Especially this circumstance will please parents whose children live far away, are rarely seen and very bored by each other.


    Mug for gift

    Magic gifts for mom in the Year of the Green Wooden Horse 2014 can be: cosmetics and home clothes, accessories or jewelry. Do not give home items, except for those that facilitate domestic work or are acutely needed.

    Modern technology can turn any banal gift into a fantastic surprise. For example, photo printing on pictures of your favorite children, grandchildren, or wishes will become a real miracle for mom and dad.

    A good gift for a dad can be done, knowing about his habits and hobbies. A motorist can use a navigator or a certificate to the auto-buffalo store, a car seat with a heated seat or a kit for hands free phone. The geek will like the tea or coffee mug with a USB port or a new game. The practicality of men is known for a long time, you can enjoy them for hours, original aesthetic glasses, leather belt, functional razor, classic tie and other things.

    One of the most valuable gifts parents consider are crafts made by children, created by their hands. If you have the desire, the skill and the time to make your parents such a surprise, then it will be remembered for a long time by your relatives, they will cherish and store it, each time remembering you and an unforgettable New Year's holiday 2014.