How to prepare congratulations on the New Year - how to congratulate

  • How to prepare congratulations on the New Year - how to congratulate

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    Each New Year brings people not only hope and faith in a beautiful future, but also long-awaited gifts with warm wishes. That is why you should prepare for this holiday long before the cherished date.

    In order to please your relatives and close friends with New Year's gifts, you just need to go to the nearest store and buy the necessary goods. However, this is not all that you should prepare for this magical holiday. After all, presenting a present, you must necessarily voice and good wishes.

    Before you prepare your greetings for the New Year, first of all it is recommended that you decide on the address to which these warm and solemn words will be sent. After all, wishes for the child and the adult, for the man and the woman, for the husband and the boss differ significantly from each other.

    So, let's look at several ways how to prepare congratulations on the New Year.

    Congratulations to the child

    Congratulations to the child

    It's worth noting that it's quite simple to congratulate the child on the New Year with an original, because absolutely all kids love all kinds of skits, bright balls, gifts and other details that seem unusual to them. That's why you can easily change into Santa Claus or Snow Maiden and congratulate your child, sounding an interesting New Year's poem.

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    If you want to be present at the moment with children not as a fairy-tale character, but as a loving parent, then you can easily order this service in the relevant companies.

    It is also worth noting that it is unusual to congratulate a child on the New Year with the help of the Snow Maiden or Santa Claus, but using your child's favorite character.

    Congratulations to a teenager

    Congratulations to a teenager

    As a rule, children 11-16 years old no longer believe in the existence of fairy-tale characters. That's why congratulations with disguises here are already irrelevant.

    So, in order to prepare warm words for your grown-up child, you need to show a special fantasy and sense of humor. Ideal option for such a congratulation will serve as a poem of his own composition, the basis of which will be various jokes and jokes. The most important thing in this case is not to overdo it with parental instructions, as some teenagers are extremely negative about taking advice from adults.

    It is also worth noting that the congratulation of a teenager must necessarily be accompanied by an appropriate gift. By the way, it would be fine if it were mentioned in the poem, because after slightly revealing the secret of the presentation, you will strongly intrigue your child.

    Congratulation of the husband / wife

    How to congratulate on the New Year of the husband

    Spouses are close enough people who know almost everything about each other. That is why such congratulations should be very personal or even intimate.

    In order to prepare warm words for your husband or wife, you should think carefully about what you value most in your companion. List all its advantages, evaluate the abilities that it possesses, and also thank her for support and understanding. This speech can be written both in poetic form and in prose.

    It is also worth noting that to read such a congratulation you need to choose a suitable case. If the poems contain intimate moments, it is better to voice them alone, and if you wrote official words, you can congratulate your spouse right behind the New Year's table.

    Congratulations to the chief / colleagues

    How to congratulate the boss on the New Year

    In order to write warm words to your superiors or colleagues, one should adhere to the official style. The text must necessarily contain the wishes of success in work and career, as well as material well-being.

    If greeting is written for the boss, then do not be too sycophant and make a lot of compliments, as this can affect your personal relationships. But for colleagues to skimp on the words should not be, especially if you have a complete rapport.

    Congratulations to friends / friend / girlfriends

    Congratulations to your friend on Happy New Year

    Absolutely all people associate with friends only warm and bright memories. It is about this you can write in your New Year's greetings. Try to make the text capacious and informative, but do not enter any negative information there that will remind your friend about the unpleasant moments in his life.

    Decoration of a postcard

    We draw up a New Year's greeting card

    Congratulations are not easy to write and correct, they need to be beautifully decorated with a colorful postcard and a bright gel pen.

    By the way, if you have experience in creating postcards yourself, you can easily prepare an original gift with congratulations, using colored cardboard, paints, glue, pencils, sequins and other attributes.