How to celebrate the New Year 2015 with her husband - the New Year 2015 with her husband

  • How to celebrate the New Year 2015 with her husband - the New Year 2015 with her husband

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    Each holiday is unique, but which one will compare with the New Year? !Enchanting, bright, noisy and at the same time shrouded in mystery, joyful family celebration. .. The plan of how to celebrate the New Year 2015 with her husband, it is necessary to compose now. You will have enough time to think everything over and prepare, so that the magical transition from one year to another became a real miracle for your pair!

    Relaxing with a cup of favorite aromatic tea on the couch, we write on the usual paper sheet the main factors of the great celebration of the New Year 2015.

    Where to meet the Year of the Blue Goat

    House in the country

    You can do it in the classical version: at home, in the countryside,at the cottage or in a country cottage. If you want to spend time not in noisy companies of friends, relatives, casual acquaintances, but enjoy pleasant communication with a close person, leaving behind all the affairs, cares and troubles, making the New Year's Eve romantic, and fighting the chimes - with the sounds of your hearts,than the native walls or the originality of the village house can not be found!

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    New Year's Eve in the restaurant

    A great pleasure can be obtained from the celebration of the magic New Year's Eve in a good restaurant. Pros at such an evening of the meeting of the New 2015 Emerald Goat will be much more than one might imagine: the wonderful atmosphere of the holiday, the absence of exhausting efforts to receive guests. Specify only whether live music will be in this institution on New Year's Eve and in which style, which of the DJs or show business stars the administration intends to invite. This will ensure you enjoy your favorite tunes and enjoy the entertainment program.

    Please note! In the restaurant you can have the opportunity to feel like the queen of the ball, dressed in an elegant blue or green dress, adding a little silver or gold jewelry.

    New Year Travel


    If you are worried in advance about the organization of a New Year's tour, then on the 1st of January 2015 you can meet on a tourist trip through Europe or southern exotic resorts, in one of the northern countries - Finland or Sweden, with their developed infrastructure of ski resorts orin the same hospitable mountains of the Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Slovakia.

    New Year's cruise

    And, maybe, you are attracted by a New Year's river or sea cruise on the water arteries of Europe? Great popularity, for example, enjoys a four-day tour aboard a ship with a route across the Baltic Sea and a visit to Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.

    The southern routes along the Persian Gulf, the Caribbean Sea and the unsurpassed fairy Canary Islands are unique in their impressions.

    New Year in Egypt

    The tropical warmth, azure waters and white beaches of Thailand and Sri Lanka, Egypt, Maldives, China and Vietnam can give special charm to New Year holidays. It should be noted that such trips are not cheap, but plunge into paradise serenity in the midst of a slushy winter, marking the New Year 2015 with her husband in these parts - this means charging for the whole year with a positive.

    Preparing for the

    Holiday Preparing for the New Year

    Each option from the above will require various preparatory activities. If you plan a trip to a restaurant or New Year's Eve in a hotel room, then in addition to stunning looks and minimal preparations, there will be no questions. But the home comfortable option will require maximum impact: decorating the room, preparing a festive table, imagination and a lot of boring ideas for a cheerful mood and, of course, the luxurious look of a beautiful queen.

    New Year's table

    A certain touch of romance will be given by aromatic candles, which can easily be combined with the twinkling of New Year's garlands on a forest beauty.

    Please note! Intimate twilight and sparkling lights will support the feeling of mystery and magic of this amazing night.

    Light vegetable snacks, seafood, an original salad, fish, chicken or rabbit, cooked according to a unique recipe specifically for this evening, fruit and air dessert are an excellent choice for a New Year's table with candlelight dinner.

    Attire of the Queen 2015

    New Year's dress

    Blue Wooden Goat, although a pet, but jeans or robe will perceive as a personal insult. After all, she is a great esthete: women on this night should be on top! Only expensive natural fabrics without shine, sequins and other unnecessary attributes. An elegant green or blue dress with a rainbow of light shades: turquoise, pale blue or light green, shoes - on a high hairpin, for intimate continuation of the evening - only beautiful erotic underwear.

    Thinking about how to celebrate the New Year 2015 with her husband, in advance, choose a scenario so that this magic evening not only hints at the Blue Wooden Goat about your happiness and prosperity next year, but also awakens new feelings in family relationships.

    Gift for the beloved for the New Year 2015

    Gift for the husband

    In the New Year we like to pleasantly surprise people close to us, to amaze their imagination with some unexpected gifts. And indeed, what a New Year's fairy tale without surprise and surprise about the presentation!

    Please note! The atmosphere of the celebration is laid not only in the outfit of a green beautiful Christmas tree or exquisitely covered with a festive table, but also in relations between close people.

    When choosing a gift, remember what your man dreamed of for a long time. Maybe he likes to spend time with a computer and then a comfortable special chair will be a comfortable and pleasant gift for him? Of course, this is not a unique present, but useful and rational. In addition, your husband, for sure, will appreciate your concern with dignity.


    The car enthusiast may like a DVR or a thermocouple with a connection to the cigarette lighter.

    And maybe your husband has long dreamed of visiting a gym or swimming pool? Give him a subscription for a visit!

    Someone dreams of a sniper class, and someone will be satisfied with the branded Italian shirt and stylish tie. .. How many men - so many opinions! Listen to his desires and find the most wonderful gift.

    Mark The new year 2015 with her husband is bright, interesting and unpredictable - the best sign for the whole next year Goats you were accompanied by luck and success!