New 2014 alone - how to spend the new year alone

  • New 2014 alone - how to spend the new year alone

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    The traditional meeting of the New Year is usually a warm family celebration or a friendly party, a corporate masquerade ball or an intimate atmosphere with a loved one. The most extroverted people prefer a noisy crowd of cities, New Year's fireworks at the main Christmas tree and wild joy about the meeting of the coming year.

    However, life circumstances are a stubborn thing, the stars sometimes line up in such a way that it is the fate of fate to meet the New Year 2014 alone. Happened on the eve of a quarrel with friends or an unexpected divorce with his half-husband or wife, or maybe the usual separation because of an urgent trip of a spouse - are there few reasons, negative or not, because of which you have to magically celebrate the holidayalone with myself.

    If this happened, do not despair, but try to arrange a holiday for the most beloved person in the world - yourself. What if this is your only chance? And will never, ever again be able to meet such a magical feast alone? Psychologists advise to draw from this situation the maximum benefit.

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    Merry New Year alone

    The proud loneliness on New Year's Eve is a circumstance that can give you a lot of positive moments:

    • First, save a bunch of nerves, time and money in preparation for the New Year's celebration: do not worry about gifts to relatives,about your attire, do not worry about the dishes on the table, whether they like the guests or not. In addition, often useless fuss and rush will not spoil your impression of the holiday.
    • You can enjoy any favorite delicacies, regardless of whether you prepare them yourself in advance or just order them from the restaurant. Only be careful with alcohol - it is insidious and can ruin your mood and holiday atmosphere.
    • "Script" of your New Year's adventure, without looking at the addictions and habits of others, you will also direct yourself, which is very nice. Your imagination will tell you what to do, just throw away sad thoughts.

    How to cheer up the

    Decoration of the house
    • Excellent saves from the melancholy decoration of the home. At the same time the installation of a traditional Christmas tree is not an absolute ritual. You can just as easily replace it with coniferous or pine branches, sprinkle them with tinsel. They, just like the tree, will nourish the home with the scent of the New Year and bring back to you the fabulous feeling of the holiday, born from childhood. And you can break the stereotypes and hang a few balls, bulbs and tinsel, even at a sprawling ficus! The spectacle is not for the faint-hearted, but how many times will you smile over the evening, only by looking at this "miracle-yudo"?
    • Beautiful New Year outfit can have a miraculous effect on you. Even if no one notices, the landlady of the coming year - Blue or Green Wooden Horse will certainly give you his patronage and bring good luck to your home. A green or blue flowing dress, a beautiful hairstyle with a pony tail and exquisite makeup - the attributes of the "Queen of the Ball", will be very welcome, even if you organize this ball for yourself.
    New Year's menu for one
    • Think of the best menu of delicious dishes. Enjoy them to the fullest. Show respect to the mistress of the year, prepare salads from vegetables, decorate with assorted bright carrots or beets - favorite horse delicacies. The advantage is that you do not have to rush through the supermarkets in a hurry, buying up mountains of products, and then surprise everyone with culinary delights, stuffing the table with dishes to please the guests. In addition, you can not absorb everything in a row from the delicious table, earning extra weight, then for a couple of months to exhaust yourself with diets and fitness. You will not need to support senseless toasts, using excessive amounts of alcohol. You are not threatened with a killer mix of Old Year's wires for vodka, a meeting of chimes with champagne, a test of my mother's tasty liqueur, and finally your favorite liquor! In your power to arrange yourself any festival, even unloading!
    New Year in comfort
    • For yourself, you do not need to get a table-book from the far corner, cover it with a parquet cloth, which then will have to be "gnawed" from the festive feast with great difficulty, and the table will be served with your favorite service, in which someone will definitely break something. You can feel like Scheherazade, overlap with sofa cushions and celebrate at least on the floor! Mermaid can go to the pre-decorated bathroom and enjoy the original New Year's Eve. You do not have to worry about a soiled dress, but in a luxurious bath with fragrant foam and a glass of champagne in your hand, feel like a fairy, fulfilling all desires. In general, any fantasy can turn into reality, when you want to arrange a holiday for yourself.
    • Nobody will rush you to the TV so you can contemplate the president's congratulation or the New Year comedy when you want to wander around the "World Wide Web" or watch an interesting thriller. Dance, if you want, will be under your favorite music, and not under boring pop music. You can play darts without waiting for the turn to throw the dart. Yes, you never know how interesting you can entertain yourself, if you do not give up to despondency? !
    A Dream on New Year's Eve
    • You do not have to wait when the cheerful guests go home to finally have a good night's sleep. And lie down and bury yourself in the pillow when you want. The next morning you will get up fresh and cheerful, unlike most "tired" earthlings.

    Meeting the New Year 2014 in isolation, as a result, you can get a huge number of pluses, and it's not for nothing that they say: how you will meet the coming year, so you'll spend it!