What you need to cook for the New Year 2015 - prepare meals for the New Year 2015

  • What you need to cook for the New Year 2015 - prepare meals for the New Year 2015

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    It has been customary in Russia since ancient times that festive tables are bursting with a variety of beautifully decorated appetizing dishes. At present, we are happy to continue to follow this long-cherished tradition. A special abundance of dishes is always distinguished by a New Year's table.

    During the New Year celebration, each hostess wants to surprise her family and invited guests with all kinds of snacks, exotic salads, unusual hot dishes and delicious desserts. In order to achieve culinary success, she has to search for very few known recipes and make up an original menu long before the festival. If you also asked a similar goal, then perhaps the Chinese horoscope will tell you what you need to cook for the New Year 2015.

    Please note! According to the competent opinion of astrologers, next year will be held under the symbol of the Wooden Goat, so making a New Year's menu should be based on the preferences of this cute pet.

    First of all, take into account the fact that goats use mostly vegetable food( mostly juicy grass).Therefore it is wonderful if the New Year's table in your house is decorated with a variety of dishes from fresh vegetables and fragrant greens( parsley, dill, basil, celery, arugula, cilantro).By giving preference to these very healthy products, you will be able to please the talisman of 2015, while ensuring yourself luck and success for the coming year. In addition, on a festive table, dishes from fish, rabbit or poultry meat, an abundance of fruit and the presence of a plate with cheese sliced ​​will not be superfluous.

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    Appetizers and salads

    Salad with shrimps

    Our people on New Year's Day like to eat well and have a good drink. That is why the secret of the success of the feast of the New Year's Eve is the abundance of appetizing snacks, sandwiches and salads( this time, preferably, seasoned with sour cream or mayonnaise).

    The classic hits among salads are, of course, "Olivier" and "Herring under the fur coat".To give new flavor notes to the traditional "Olivier", try boiled sausage or boiled chicken breast with a finely chopped salted salmon. Such an original innovation in the usual New Year salad will surely be appreciated by your guests.


    On the festive table, salads-cocktails served in glass glasses( glass) will look exquisite. The name is beautiful, but in fact - it means only salads served each portion. You can fill a transparent glass with any ordinary salad. Just do not forget to decorate it effectively with, for example, parsley greens with berries of viburnum or cranberries. To decorate a salad-cocktail it is accepted so that all its components were visible.

    Lovash Rolls

    As one of the appetizers prepare mini rolls. They are prepared simply, but are eaten comfortably. For mini-rolls, you will definitely need pita bread, and for preparing the filling you can take any available products: mayonnaise, cheese, ham, salmon, cod liver, salad leaves, boiled chicken eggs, crab sticks, etc. On the spread lavash, apply a layer of pre-prepared filling( according to your taste), then roll the sheet with rolls, cut into slices. Lay out mini-rolls on a beautiful plate and decorate with greens.

    Tomatoes stuffed with

    Also a great idea are stuffed snacks, for example, stuffed tomatoes. In ripe tomatoes the pedicels are removed, the upper part is cut off, then the pulp is removed by a teaspoon. To the groove obtained, a little salt and ground black pepper are added to taste. Stuff tomatoes can be any stuffing - fried mushrooms with onions, dressed with mayonnaise;cheese mass with garlic and mayonnaise;liver cod with crushed boiled egg and mayonnaise, etc. You can come up with your own original recipe for the filling. Stuff the stuffed tomatoes with a cut top and place on a plate.

    Do not forget about pickled mushrooms with cucumbers, which are an indispensable snack at any festive feast.

    Hot dishes

    Chicken with baked apples

    Baked turkey, chicken or duck with vegetables will become the main festive dish. In addition, you can fry fish, put out rabbit meat and cook delicious cabbage rolls.

    Cabbage rolls

    Christmas cookies "Christmas trees"

    Christmas tree biscuits

    A real highlight of the New Year's Eve meal can be a spicy cookie, beautifully decorated with snow-white glaze, baked with a careful hostess. We offer you a recipe for delicious honey-ginger biscuits in the form of small fir-trees. Prepare it is not difficult.

    1. To prepare a sweet dough you need to take 400 g of flour. Sift it through a fine sieve. Then add a half-spoonful of soda( slaked vinegar), a couple teaspoons of ground ginger, a teaspoon of cinnamon to the flour.
    2. Mix all the ingredients together with 120 g of softened butter. In a separate metal bowl, mix 200 grams of sugar with four tablespoons of honey.
    3. The resulting mixture is heated on the burner until dissolved and then mixed with flour, add a pre-whipped egg.
    4. Mix the dough( to a homogeneous mass).From the resulting dough roll out the cake thickness of about five millimeters and cut out the figures in the form of a Christmas tree.
    5. Bake the cookie for twenty minutes at t 200 ° C.
    6. To decorate the cookies, prepare the protein glaze by thoroughly whisking the egg whites together with 100 g of powdered sugar and 5 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice.



    Take care in advance and about drinks. Of course, first of all, buy champagne, because to drink a glass of sparkling champagne under the battle of chimes has long been a good tradition. Save for the New Year's Eve natural juices, fruit compotes, berry fruit drinks and mineral water - such tasty and healthy drinks are sure to please the symbol of the coming year.


    Most likely, you will have to try hard to keep on the New Year's table not only the familiar "Herring under the fur coat" and "Olivier".But it's worth it!

    Please note! The main thing - try to get pleasure from the process of preparing festive dishes and meet the year of Goats with a wonderful mood in a cheerful friendly company.