How to celebrate the New Year on the train - how to celebrate New Year in the train

  • How to celebrate the New Year on the train - how to celebrate New Year in the train

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    Each New Year's Eve is painfully similar to the previous ones: vanity in New Year's Eve, kilograms of salads, champagne rivers, president's speech, explosions of firecrackers under the window, universal gluttony, and then fatigued and splitting head on January 1.Hello, "Happiness" is the New Year's Eve!

    For many people this festive ritual is repeated with enviable constancy, while others are looking for variety. For example, thinking about how to celebrate the New Year on the train.

    Connoisseurs, who often go on a special trip on December 31 to celebrate the New Year, often give recommendations to newcomers.

    Tips experienced

    In order for your trip to work out "for one hundred percent", make a plan of the trip in advance, prepare the necessary attributes and tickets. In addition, you need to consider some rules:

    • Choose an interesting destination, so you do not have to immediately go back to the way. Excursion around the city, visiting interesting cultural and historical sights will brighten up your stay in a strange city and fill you with new exciting impressions.
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    • When buying tickets, choose the time of departure between 19 and 23 hours. This is very convenient, since the expectation of the New Year's midnight will not last long. In addition, you can slowly unzip things, decorate the compartment with New Year's hand-made articles and cover the festive table.
    What is on the train
    • On the 1st of January arrival time is optimal from 5 to 8 am. Having met the New Year on the train, you can have a good night's sleep and come to a time when it will be convenient for you to stay at a hotel or visit relatives. If there is also a desire to save a little on the New Year's tour, then accommodation can be chosen youth hostels - hostels. These facilities are akin to student hostels and living in them does not burden the family budget. The network of hostels in our days is just beginning to develop, so the list and address of such establishments can be specified in advance on the Internet.
    • Expect your destination to be no more than 7-11 hours drive from your hometown.
    • Railway ticket offices often reduce the cost of tickets by half on the day of departure. However, depending on the direction, you can already for a week not to find tickets with one hundred percent cost. So, for example, from the capital of our country to the glorious city of St. Petersburg, it is necessary to buy tickets for 10-14 days, otherwise we will have to give up the trip.

    How many people are traveling in your compartment or car?

    Student New Year on the train

    Even on December 31, absolutely different people get in the transport and they go each for their own reasons. The main cohort of passengers on this day are those who did not manage to leave earlier. Often students go on vacation home, or experts return from business trips. They rarely think about how to celebrate the New Year on the train, rather, anticipate a joyful meeting with their loved ones. But they gladly support the company and together with other passengers create a festive noisy mood.

    Experts say that a few years ago there were only 12 people traveling by train from Moscow to the capital of Belarus. Unthinkable, but it's a fact. All gathered in one car, met and arranged a noisy, cheerful holiday. And the trains that come from Moscow to St. Petersburg, in any year on December 31, are packed to capacity.

    What does the New Year's Eve promise you on the train?

    Where to go?

    Conductors say that there are three types of passengers who celebrate the New Year on the train:

    1. There are travelers who do not even know how fun, festively you can meet this magic date. Therefore, they go to bed beforehand. The rest will have to respect their opinion and find a compromise: for example, gather in another, more cheerful car.
    2. Others - celebrate the holiday roughly: have fun, drink, eat, sing, watch the president's speech on a pre-stored mini-TV or on Internet TV.They can even dress up in fancy dresses with a festive tinsel and walk around the cars with congratulations. Some railway employees arrange a New Year's program right on the train. The third type of passengers is the most hectic. They are ready to riot till the morning, preventing everyone from resting, such travelers are often pacified by officers of the police detachment and the train brigade.

    There is a regularity: in an almost empty train, always a few passengers celebrate the coming of the New Year with might and main, and in a much more quiet way.

    How to prepare?

    How to celebrate the new year on the train

    When you are going to meet the New Year on the train, take care of the food in advance. Purchased on the occasion products on the platforms can cause poisoning, and food in the restaurant car can substantially devastate your wallet:

    • Store your refrigerator bag and avoid perishable food.
    • Pack a couple of salads, a few snacks, sandwiches, champagne and fresh fruit in food containers. For marching conditions such a range will be enough. Exclude salads dressed with mayonnaise and smoked snacks - they can turn a reality into a prospect of being in the hospital waiting room.

    Prepare to bring New Year's inexpensive attributes - snowflakes from paper on the windows, on the tinsel with fixings, a couple of balloons and a small spruce twig on the table, for decoration and aroma of needles.

    You can meet the New Year on the train together with your lover, buying a whole coupe and having a romantic dinner. A cozy holiday with a magic night will be remembered for a long time.

    A good company and a cheerful festive mood - a pledge of an exciting adventure. Then do not have to miss the banal party and just think about how to celebrate the New Year on the train.