How to make New Year's toys - how to make New Year toys with your own hands

  • How to make New Year's toys - how to make New Year toys with your own hands

    New Year is approaching, so it's time to think about the question "how to make New Year's toys."It seems that it is much easier to go to the store and buy whatever you like and do not fool yourself, perhaps, but sometimes the soul asks for something unusual and this is the best moment to make a few Christmas toys on your Christmas tree.

    You can do this fascinating business with your baby, and he will be interested, and you will work creatively. It's very cool to see in your apartment a Christmas tree decorated with toys that you made with your own hands. So you charge your creations with warmth, love and positive energy. And it's even better when a child makes toys. Imagine how proud he will show them to guests.

    Toys from the test

    So of what can you make New Year's toys? In principle, from all that you get under your hands: paper, thread, salted dough. .. You can try making toys from the dough. It's very simple, and even a child can do it.

    To make a Christmas tree made of dough, you will need:

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    • salted dough, which is prepared from flour, salt, water and vegetable oil;
    • biscuit baking molds;
    • rolling pin;
    • brushes and paints( better gouache);
    • matches or knitting needles;
    • threads or thin ribbons for suspension;
    • good mood. To create it, you can even put New Year's music.

    So, now you know from what you need to make a salty dough, be sure to connect to his kneading of your children. And they will love this process! You can divide all the received dough into two parts and give one of them to your baby. Then mix it yourself, and let the child follow you. Now the dough is prepared and you can start creating a toy.

    How to make Christmas balls from dough? The first thing to do is roll the dough into a small flat cake with a thickness of about 1 centimeter. Now using molds for making cookies, cut out from this cake figurines of Christmas-tree toys. Everything will do: animals, asterisks, fir-trees, hearts, in general, everything that your imagination will last. Do not forget in each of the toys to pierce with a spoke or a match a hole, through it you stretch the thread and so hang the toy on the tree.

    Have you decided how many toys you will have? As soon as you make the required number, send your creations to the oven to dry. Just put in the oven is a fairly low temperature, the toys after all should be dried, but not baked. The drying process should last approximately 4 hours.

    When you notice that the toys have dried up, you can proceed to the most interesting and exciting stage: decoration and coloring. If you want your creations to turn out brighter and more beautiful, you can decorate them with shiny paillettes, which you paste on PVA.It is better after decorate, cover them with varnish.

    You will only choose beautiful ribbons and strings and hang your toys on the New Year tree.

    Toys from papier-mache

    Toys made of papier mache

    To make such an option of toys, you need to take cardboard or thick paper, several old newspapers, a little toilet paper, PVA and paste, paint, pin and lacquer.

    You need to start by cutting out the cardboard shape of the toy you want to make. After that, according to the same pattern, cut out some more of these figures from the newspaper( the more you cut them, the thicker the toy will be).On the form cut out of cardboard, it is necessary to paste layers from the newspaper, properly gluing each of them with glue. Then paste the last layer. To make it more convenient to paint a toy, you can make it from white paper. Do not forget to stick a pin between the layers so that you can hang the toy on the tree.

    Now it remains to dry the resulting blank. So that it does not frown during the drying process, do not put it on batteries or any other source of heat. For a better effect, you can put something heavy on top. Drying usually takes about 2-3 days.

    After the workpiece has dried, cover it with white paint, and then paint the toy as soon as you wish. A ready-made Christmas tree toy needs to be varnished.

    Rag doll

    Well, now you know how to make a New Year's toy with your own hands. But these were fairly simple ways of making it. Do not want to try something more complicated? A rag doll, for example. Such dolls are made from round multi-colored pieces of fabric, which are threaded onto the thread. All the details of the doll must be separated by beads, so that afterwards it is not difficult to attach a head and various small things to them, such as handbags, spruce twigs and other.

    To make a skirt, you need to take a few circles of cloth of different sizes and thread them from big to small. The head of the doll is made of a small ball or ball, which is wrapped with cotton and an unnecessary stocking from the capron. So the doll is ready!