How to celebrate New Year with a man - New Year with a guy

  • How to celebrate New Year with a man - New Year with a guy

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    A long-standing folk rule says: "How to meet a magical holiday - New Year. ..".Paraphrasing it a little, you can get no less wisdom: "With whom you will meet joyous and with great excitement the expected holiday, so you will spend it!".What could be more romantic than hugging a really close person for a magic bout of chimes!

    New Year is traditionally considered the time of amazing miracles and fulfillment of cherished desires. The dream of any girl is a magic New Year's Eve and bright memories of romantic impulses for many years. And so to hold such an unusual holiday bright and original together with your beloved is enticingly triple! The idea of ​​how to celebrate the New Year with a man depends in each individual case on how much it is dear to you, from your fantasies and real possibilities. Often, a joint New Year's meeting is a catalyst for the seriousness of your relationship: will they be strong and long or doomed to transience.

    Youth party

    If your couple is created more recently and dreams noisily, it's fun to spend a New Year's holiday, then the best way will be a youth party with interesting contests, quizzes with mini surprises. In a carefree crowd of young lovers can have a great time, if they do not plan to stay alone in a magical holiday.

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    If your financial possibilities permit, the New Year trip for two to an airliner in Paris, and then across the ocean to New York, will make your New Year not only unforgettable, romantic, but will fill your heart with boundless happiness. Time zones will give you the double pleasure of meeting the New Year: in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and then in New York at the famous Times Square.

    With a man alone

    A "New Year's romantic evening spent together by candlelight" can become a "Gift of Fate":

    • To begin with, decide in which style you would like to spend this wonderful holiday: in traditional or romantic, extreme or thematic.
    • In any case, prepare yourself a dazzling New Year's dress for a wonderful holiday. A charming uncomplicated hairstyle, a dress that emphasizes the curves of your slender body, high-heeled shoes will give you the appearance of the Queen of New Year's Eve. Only at the dacha, in the village or on the roof of a high-rise building, you need to wear appropriate clothes and shoes, decorating yourself with a small, but elegant piece of New Year's tinsel.
    New Year's Eve dinner together
    • In the preparation of the menu for a romantic meeting of the New Year, together with the beloved one should not be zealous with the number of dishes and strong drinks. It is better to discuss in advance what favorite light snacks, a couple of salads, fruit, wine and champagne would you like to see on the table. You can buy a tender gentle cake for a young man in the form of a heart - he will not only be a great New Year's dessert, but he will tell your half about the most secret feelings for him.
    • For those who like to celebrate their favorite nightly celebration "at altitude", that is, on the roof of one of the high-rise buildings or on the balcony, you can prepare a table in advance with a small set of dishes, champagne and decorated with satin ribbon with wine glasses. A huge world with bright lights, stretched at your feet, will create a sense of cosmic happiness at the approach of the New Year.
    Christmas Romance
    • New Year's Eve, full of romance and unforgettable sensations, you can spend by preparing a bath strewn with rose petals or flavored with essential oils. The bathroom can be decorated with Christmas toys, garlands, spruce branches. The radio will tell you when the twelve times chime. Extinguish the light. Small candles spread around the tub, champagne in an ice bucket, a dish with fresh fruit and various sweet "delicacies" is a festive entourage that will create an excellent mood. And your favorite music and frothy bliss will make the meeting of the New Year a true delight.
    • A young man can present the original gift by changing into Santa Claus. A girl can become that night with the Snow Maiden, striking her "second half" with a dress from sex shops. Adult fun to give New Year's gifts "to undress" can turn this magical night into fireworks of love.
    • Nowadays it's easy to find training programs like STRIP DANCE or "Secrets of seduction: Striptease for a loved one".Learning simple movements, you can surprise your lover by giving him an erotic dance. This night, full of magic and charm, just created for the magic of love.

    "Golden" rule

    Love in the New Year

    Every detail, every surprise must have a romance! Even an ordered table in a respectable restaurant or a quiet cozy evening in a homely, pleasant atmosphere, a festival with barbecue at the cottage or noisy folk festivities in the main squares of cities should be filled with love and awe of each other. This magical night should surround you with coniferous ambre, aromatic candles, chocolate, kisses and love confessions, great surprises to become bright, exciting and memorable.