Where to go on New Year's holidays - where to go

  • Where to go on New Year's holidays - where to go

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    Ahead of the majority of the working population of the country, eight days off - an excellent opportunity to change the situation and safely forget about this time of hard working days. With the approach of the New Year, it is increasingly necessary to think about where to go on New Year's holidays. A lot of desires and "plans gromadyo."But sooner or later they will have to sort them out and make, in the end, a decisive choice.

    In pursuit of the summer

    New Year in Egypt

    For those who are hard put up with the fact that the warm days are long over, and outside the winter cold, there is a great opportunity to radically change the situation. Most often, Egypt is chosen to celebrate the New Year. What is good about this country is that it is at this time that the weather is very comfortable. Afternoon + 26˚C, at night around + 15˚C.The advantages also include affordable prices, excellent service and short flight. The visa is bought directly at the airport, and costs $ 15.

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    Although Egypt is not officially celebrated this holiday in January, everything is done to appease European tourists, which bring considerable income to the treasury of the country. Therefore, an elegant Christmas tree, and a festive dinner at the hotel will be provided to you. Ten romantic nights spent together will cost around $ 1500.In memory of the trip from Egypt, usually brought tea "Karkade" and bed cotton linen.

    New Year in Thailand

    It's a great idea to meet New Year on the beaches of Thailand. Short-term rains at this time of year will bring a rather pleasant coolness, rather than cause grief. The air temperature is from +20 to +30˚C.Rich entertainment programs, azure sea and white sand, juicy fruit and a huge selection of classic seafood, Thai massage and excellent shopping - will color a small holiday with bright colors. From Thailand, in addition to the stunning suntan and vivid impressions, they bring with them wooden figurines of elephants, jewelry and wallets made of crocodile or python skin. The minimum price for a ten-day holiday with air travel per person is approximately $ 2700.

    New Year in the Maldives

    Scenic coral reefs, sea fishing, fascinating diving, chic SPA-salons, as well as the lack of fuss and noisy animation in the Maldives or Seychelles are waiting for those who appreciate a respectable and private rest. Air at this time will warm to + 25-27˚C, and water in the Indian Ocean - up to +24˚C.Such an exotic vacation will not be cheap because of the long flight. Starting price - from 3 500 $.

    New Year's Eve

    New Year in Prague

    And you can go to a place where the more familiar atmosphere. This, of course, is an old good Europe. And a smart Christmas tree, and snow - everything, as it should be in fairy-tale Prague. And she herself, looks like a New Year's toy. It is best, together with the jubilant crowd, to celebrate the New Year with the chimes in the Old Town Square. Then mentally formulate his cherished desire on the Charles Bridge, touching the sculpture of Jan Nepomuk. Then it will come true.

    In the remaining days you can see the old Czech castles, make a romantic walk on the ship along the Vltava, take a dip in the thermal springs in Karlovy Vary. All these pleasures for 6 days will cost around 800 $.

    New Year in Denmark

    You can meet the New Year in a royal way in the capital of the small kingdom of Denmark, Copenhagen. Romance of New Year's Eve is most strongly felt in the old park of Tivoli, illuminated by a hundred thousand small lanterns. Many people prefer to meet the holiday under the battle of ancient tower clock near the festively decorated Christmas tree, in the town hall square. In favor of the choice of Copenhagen says a combination of impeccable European service and very affordable prices. Weekly tour - from $ 750 per person with air travel.

    New Year in Lapland

    The vanity and tension of everyday work will dissolve among the snowy expanses of Scandinavia, under the polar night sky, the colored luminous colors of the northern lights. The Finnish part of Lapland is the most popular destination in the New Year holidays. Magnificent nature, various entertainments, original festive programs.

    Santa Claus home offers snowmobile safaris, reindeer sleigh rides, hot Finnish baths, water parks, sports and health centers. For children there are very interesting, fun activities. A special rejoicing is their meeting with Santa Claus himself, who lives in the village of Joulupukki. The average price of the New Year's tour is $ 1,100.

    Supporters of outdoor activities can go these days to ski resorts. The most democratic is the Bulgarian resort of Bansko, which has become very popular lately. Excellent ski trails, both for experienced skiers, and for beginners. Expanse for snowboarders and lovers of extreme descents. In addition, Bansko is a wonderful town with beautiful architecture of the XVIII-XIX century. The cost of the New Year's round is from 1 100 $.

    On the native expanses of

    New Year in Veliky Ustyug

    Do not want to fool around with long flights, visas and passports? Go on a trip to the ancient Russian cities that are part of the Golden Ring of Russia. Interesting entertainment programs, New Year's banquet, familiarity with old Russian customs and rituals, Russian traditional cuisine. Visiting Pereslavl, Kostroma and Yaroslavl within three days will cost $ 550.

    Or go to the fabulous town of Veliky Ustyug, perfectly preserved original architectural appearance, its originality and tradition. There, where the possessions of Santa Claus are stretched, and the roofs of carved wooden houses are covered with snow caps shining in the sun. A variety of excursions and entertainment can be alternated with leisurely walks through the streets of the ancient city, enjoying the silence, disturbed only by the delicious crunching of snow underfoot. A trip for 3 days will cost $ 40.

    You can perfectly relax your body and soul in Karelia. Here you will be offered sleigh rides harnessed by noble huskies, gambling winter games, initiation into shaman secrets, helicopter flight over Kizhi island in Onego lake, excursions to the farm of sled dogs and to the winter Kivach waterfall. A four-day tour with accommodation in Petrozavodsk, will cost $ 350.The price includes accommodation at the hotel, a gala dinner in the hotel restaurant, excursions, transport service and guide accompaniment.

    That everything turned out

    To think about , where to go on New Year's holidays, it is still in the summer or in the beginning of autumn. Do not count on the so-called "burning tours".They almost never happen at this time. And if something "burns", it is not at all a fact that it will be exactly what you need. Why spoil your mood on such wonderful days?

    Book your wish in advance, and you will get good discounts, you can easily pick up a hotel and purchase an air ticket at an affordable price. Such a reasonable approach will save you from 30 to 40% of cash, and you can spoil your money, loved ones, or spend them on New Year's gifts to your loved ones for saved money. Have a great weekend!