What to give in the year of the Monkey 2016 - the choice of a New Year's gift

  • What to give in the year of the Monkey 2016 - the choice of a New Year's gift

    Ahead of us awaits the New 2016, the symbol of which will be the Fiery Monkey. This animal is crazy about bright and noisy companies, so the more impulsive your New Year is, the more chances that your life will become even more successful and happy.

    Planning what to prepare for the festive table, what to wear and what to choose, do not forget about equally important - what to give in the year of the Monkey 2016.

    Who does not like to receive and give gifts? To make your loved ones and loved ones pleasant, you should pay attention first of all to the character of the future symbol of the year. And its peculiarities include cheerfulness, gaiety, excellent mood. You can safely conclude that gifts should be unusual and original, attracting attention.

    Monkey figurine

    These gifts include interesting figurines and unique souvenirs that were brought from exotic countries. For example, for children the best gift will be unusual sweets, which can not be found in our country. But for the beautiful representatives of half of humanity the best option will be jewelry with bright stones. Also, an appropriate gift will be toilet water or perfume with rich aromas. Such deep smells can conquer even sophisticated ladies.

    Jewelry with bright stones

    An interesting gift option for friends of the family is an ornament for their house. It can be bright, unique collectible stones or exotic alcoholic drinks brought from other countries. These gifts will be the best in case you are invited to visit friends for the celebration of the New Year.

    Exotic alcoholic drinks

    By the way, we should not exclude the fact of making a gift with our own hands. It is only necessary to show your creative courage and imagination. As an option, buy a good champagne, and then beautifully decorate it with colored tinsel, New Year's attributes and bows, asterisks, etc.

    Pay attention! Especially spectacular will look like a bouquet or a Christmas tree from sweets. Such forgery is not difficult to make yourself, and they look quite unique.
    Bouquet from sweets

    A homemade postcard will be a great gift, which will be personally enjoyed by you during preparation. It can be done by the whole family, especially this idea, if you have small children. If you already have a positive experience in the field of making souvenirs for the holidays with your own hands, you can make an original casket, presenting it in an interesting way.

    Please note! We should not exclude the fact that the symbol of 2016 will be a monkey. On the New Year, you can present the figures of the symbol of the year, which will be made in different versions: knitted hand-made articles, papier-mache, figurines made of glass, brass, bronze, combinations of materials or silver. For your friends at work, you can prepare wall panels with the image of the Monkey.

    For people born this year, the actual book will be a book, but only interesting and lively. Since those born in the year of the Monkey have proven themselves in the business environment, you can choose from a diary in a red cover or on an electronic pad. Such gifts will be appropriate for people who are constantly looking for themselves, trying to self-actualize, improve.

    Diary in red binding

    The merry people will appreciate the collection of CDs with the best comedies. It does not matter whether an expensive gift or not, most importantly - spontaneity, brightness and originality.

    As a family gift, you can choose a set of silver for several people, as well as bed linen sets, toys for interior decoration, made of natural materials.


    As for the gift for your parents, an excellent option for them can be a tour to a ski resort. Such a holiday is sure to be remembered by everyone, regardless of whether a person will ski or not. After all, spending time in a beautiful beautiful place will appeal to all, especially people of age.

    If you are in search of what to give a friend, and all of the above options seem unsuitable for you, then, perhaps, you are interested in buying a subscription to a gym or dance hall. Your girlfriend, maybe for a long time already dreams of doing something similar, but he pities time and money for himself.

    Subscription to the fitness club

    A good gift for the New Year will be different original execution, fresh and non-standard idea, matching the taste of the recipient. Remember that the main thing when choosing a gift is sincerity and awe. Only in this case you will definitely get to the point, and you will be able to please your friends and relatives.