Costumes for the New Year 2016 for children - New Year costumes

  • Costumes for the New Year 2016 for children - New Year costumes

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    New Year for every child is the expectation of wonderful gifts and bright, memorable events. The responsibility of every adult is to create a situation for the kids that will be remembered by them all year round. To this end, various games, contests, competitions are organized, artists are invited, of course, with Father Frost and Snow Maiden in charge. A very important part of the New Year's holidays - elegant and unusual costumes for the New Year 2016 for children.

    Choosing a dress for the youngest

    Preschoolers The New Year always seems to be something very similar to a carnival, so the outfits for them can be very bright and original. Smart things are not unusual enough for a New Year's Eve. Using themes of the next year, it is possible to offer to kids to feel the inhabitants of a tropical forest. Since the next year will be the Fiery Monkey, one of the children will necessarily want to dress up in her costume. In order not to be offended, monkey dresses can be made for all the children who will gather for the holiday. Of course, each suit will have individual features.

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    Monkey costume

    It's very easy to make such an outfit - at the base of the image there will be large round monkey ears and a long tail. To do this, you need a cloth, sintepon or any other filler and a piece of medium-hard wire. The wire is simply wrapped in a soft filler and lined with a cloth. The ready tail is bent to make it look natural, and attached to any panties or skirt.

    For the ears cut out large almost round blanks, sew them and fill with a sintepon so that the ears keep the shape. Additionally, they can be sewn along the edge for greater rigidity. Ears are sewn to an elastic band or attached to a hair hoop. In general, the image of the Monkey is ready.

    Monkey costume

    overalls Now you can start decorating the outfit. Here everything is done as your own imagination tells you: big buttons, ribbons, bows and beads are in play.

    Please note! Monkey - a famous fashionista, she likes bright shiny things, so boldly decorate the costumes with tinsel tinsel and rhinestones.

    Festive costumes for middle-aged children

    Older children are waiting for the festive carnival dresses of originality and creativity. It is very important for them not to be "like everyone else".To the child was pleased with the holiday, adults will have to think carefully about what will be able to please him most. In some cases, it is not worth making surprises, but it's much better to ask directly who your son, daughter or relatives will want to be at the New Year's celebration. Perhaps the child is no longer interested in portraying Pinocchio or Harry Potter. Many children at this age want to be adults. For them, there will be an excellent gift for a classic men's suit with a butterfly and a vest or an elegant dress in the floor. And for someone, the opening will be the opportunity to dress up as a plush toy or turn into a basket of tropical fruits.

    Dress in the floor with diadem

    No girl can refuse at least for the time of the holiday feel like a beauty queen. And to make such a suit will not be difficult. The main thing in this outfit is a large shining crown or diadem. Make your girlfriend a tall fluffy hairstyle, attach the crown and sprinkle everything with varnish. Do not forget to properly fix the decoration with several invisibles and hairpins - not in time a broken haircut or a slipped diadem can completely ruin a holiday.

    Please note! For the outfit, you can adjust the usual beautiful dress, richly decorated with a variety of Christmas tree tinsel.

    Adolescents and holiday suits

    It is very difficult to imagine modern teenagers dressed up as cosmonauts or Winnie the Pooh. They consider themselves to be adults and have long grown out of such fun. But, if you offer them an interesting topic, teenagers can become interested and take part in creating New Year costumes. The only condition is that the theme of the evening and dresses should be close to teenagers by interests and as far as possible from the usual "children's" fairy-tale characters.


    At this age, Marvel comics and movies are popular. Just do not offer already pretty podnadoevshego Spider-Man. There are many characters that will be of interest to teenagers - both boys and girls. Soldiers JI-Joe, Iron Man, Shield Heroes, Thor and Locke, Aliens and Predators, Terminator and Transformers - these images are much closer to teens. To sew full-fledged costumes for them is also not necessary - a symbolic designation of the character, for example, the badge of Autobots, inscriptions on the T-shirt "I'll return," a hammer of papier-mache or a mask of Tony Stark. As they say, who is in the topic, he will understand.

    Terminator Suit

    A bright New Year's holiday should be a wonderful memory for the whole next year. A well thought out outfit will bring success and make your little owner happy and cheerful.