New Year 2016 in retro style - retro style features

  • New Year 2016 in retro style - retro style features

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    You can celebrate the holiday in your apartment with your family or go to the country, outside the city, go to the central tree or order a table in the restaurant. The choice is big, it's up to you.

    If you do not know which style to hold a New Year's party, we suggest you to stay on a retro option. Here is a photo of a similar party.

    A party in retro style

    The more you diversify your program with contests, the better your New Year party will pass. Of course, do not forget that such a holiday as the New Year, can not successfully pass without Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. It's not at all necessary to refer to actors in a specialized agency, because you can cope with this task yourself. Only in this case it is necessary to entrust this to non-drinkers, that Grandfather Frost did not leave ahead of time from the party.

    To relax the guests, you need to turn the room into a fairy tale, in this case, a retro film. It is necessary to take out all the excess furniture, and also to free a place where you will have a dance floor.

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    Please note! It is worth considering how and whom to seat at the table, so that the guests would be comfortable and interesting to communicate with each other. If there are enemies in the company, then it is better to arrange them.

    Choosing the New Year 2016 in retro style, in the first place, you need to decorate the room. For this, it is worth using old photos, as well as things and attributes of the Soviet era.

    In order for your party to be interesting, you should take care that there is a toastmaster at the celebration or the hosts who will congratulate the guests on the New Year. To begin the congratulation is with the words: "Let's move to the past!".

    In breaks between toasts, we offer to have fun, for example, you can play a game in which you have to guess the songs. It should be done on notes, of course, all the songs should be taken from the repertoire of the Soviet era.

    Soviet Blue Light

    You can also play a game in which you will need to guess the winged phrases from the films of that time. To be more interesting, you can split into several teams.

    In principle, the scenario of celebrating the New Year in retro style will not be much different from the other. Everything should be in accordance with the traditions - the president's congratulation, champagne, Olivier salad and dances.

    It is especially important that the dances should also be accompanied by the music of Soviet performers, but do not forget that at that time disco dancing was also very popular. So under such music to come off to get at all visitors.

    If there are guests with kids at the party, then for them it will be necessary to organize several competitions, you can make them common, so that both children and adults have fun.

    When planning to organize a party in retro style, be sure to plan the whole evening plan, because the spontaneity effect can spoil the holiday a little.

    Image of disco

    When inviting to a retro party, you need to tell the guests that the costume should match the theme of the evening, and therefore it is necessary to look for old leggings, slacks and jackets with big shoulders in their dressing rooms. In this outfit, dancing to the hits "S.C. Catch ", everyone will look irresistible.

    Dress in the style of stylogs

    As for your image, then you should pay attention to all the details. Nothing should give out the modern notes of the 21st century. Pay attention to the hair, because at that time were especially fashionable naches and lacquered bangs.

    Hairstyle like C. C. Catch

    To make yourself such a hairstyle, special skills are not needed. Follow the plan:

    • wash the hair;
    • apply foam or mousse on hair, but not much;
    • head down and in this position, dry all the curls with a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle;
    • for medium length hair dryer will not be needed, it is only necessary to put mousse on your fingers and massage your head, lifting your hair from the roots.
    Please note! In the same way you can make a haircut for your chosen one, of course, if hair length allows.

    At that time, every fashionista wanted to stand out, and therefore put on some decorations. In this case, it would be appropriate to wear a bandanna, a handkerchief or a hoop. It is also recommended to make a bright make-up, you can even stick eyelashes, like a doll, to apply a juicy lipstick, i.e.make up as you would never have allowed yourself in real life.

    As for the New Year's dress, it should be refined and feminine with silhouette lines.

    Please note! The bat style was then a real bomb, such a dress can complement bright leggings.
    Dress Bat

    But as shoes you need to pick up catchy, but very comfortable models, for example, bright ballet flats, silver shoes.

    The main advantage of a retro dress is that in such a free dress and tights, you will definitely feel comfortable and confident, and therefore will not be constrained in movements. Everyone will dance to the drop.

    Since ahead of the year of the Fiery Monkey, which loves fun and extraordinary people, a retro party for the New Year will be the best option.