Signs that a man loves a woman is interested in her and wants to achieve it

  • Signs that a man loves a woman is interested in her and wants to achieve it

    Sooner or later a woman who meets a man expects him three treasured words. All the signs of interest are evident, but for some reason the same "I love you" does not sound. As a result, she begins to doubt the sincerity of feelings, tormenting herself and torturing her chosen one.

    The fact is that sometimes it's just hard for a man to say it. His psychology is such that he considers any tenderness a manifestation of weakness. A woman needs not only actions, but words, preferably every day.

    There are clear signs that a man loves a woman. You just need to take a closer look at the behavior of your lover. Sometimes it is more difficult to understand oneself than to look impartially from the side to the other.

    Hopeful signs of

    How to recognize that a man loves a woman? There are clear signs of interest, indicating that the man wants to get your attention.

    1. Talking to you, he wants to look the best. The man jerks his chin high, straightens his shoulders, straightens his back, draws his stomach.
    2. When you can see him, he often looks in the mirror, adjusts his hair, clothes.
    3. In your presence, he inevitably blushes, is lost, begins to mumble something incoherent, gestures become fussy, movements - awkward.
    4. When you can hear his conversations with other people, he tries to show himself on the best side, to look interesting and original interlocutor. He can literally jot down jokes, aphorisms and almost directly compliment himself.
    5. At every opportunity, he seeks to speak with you. Not necessarily aloud and face to face. These can be e-mails, SMS messages, memos.
    6. You often watch the sights directed at you, it's almost impossible to intercept. Noticing your interest, he immediately turns away.
    7. Talking with you, he is ready to agree that any absurdity you uttered is the truth in the last resort. He will defend your point of view in a dispute with others, laugh at your ridiculous jokes and so on.
    8. He knows about your hobbies and hobbies and seeks to share them. Or at least find something interesting for you on this topic.
    9. A man wants to take care of you. He constantly asks if it's not stuffy to you, whether it's cold or if it's all right, whether you want to eat.
    10. After learning about your problems, he will always offer his help. Or find someone who is qualified to help.
    11. It was normal for him to refuse to meet with friends, if you suggest spending time together.
    12. He insists on introducing you to his friends and relatives and wants to get to know yours.
    13. If a woman has children, the one who genuinely loves, will never put her before the choice "either they or I".On the contrary, he will strive to please them, establish contact.
    14. He will ask your opinion on any question. In general, he will share with you his thoughts and feelings and ask about yours.
    15. He will talk about a joint future, build common plans.

    Unlike women. ..

    Men just express their love not like women. Women by nature are more open, sincere and emotional. Men, however, prefer not to declare their feelings towards the chosen one, expressing them in deeds and behavior. They seek to protect and protect their beloved, to provide for her. In this case, in their opinion, no words are no longer needed - things speak for themselves.

    Anyway, in any case, do not rush to conclusions. Do not break the relationship just because the man did not admit to you in love.

    Try to talk to him, gently explain what you expect of him, that there is nothing shameful, no weakness. Do not make the main mistake - do not start a conversation in a sharp tone with the requirements and the presentation of ultimatums.

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