Aquatic zodiac signs: compatibility and characterization of this element

  • Aquatic zodiac signs: compatibility and characterization of this element

    Any sign of the Zodiac has its secrets and secrets, characteristics and features. Water signs of the zodiac are in the lead in the rating of the sacrament. Water - the element of concealment, concealment, intuitive insights. What is reflected in the character of representatives. Consider what signs represent the element of Water.

    Zodiac water begins with the Rakov. This is the first of the aquatic zodiac representatives. It is controlled by the moon, making it gentle and receptive. Cancers are domesticated, calm creatures. They do not like being away from home, keep close ties with close people and relatives throughout their life. Cancers like creativity, music, recreation, everything that is not connected with routine work. Very courteous and loving to talk personalities. But if you talk about a cancer-aware topic, then a protracted conversation will turn into a monologue, quite interesting. Cancer is a mean sign. All his life he hides somewhere accumulation. He does not like to spend money or give more than what he needs. From stiffness egoism and narcissism are born. He is that rare sign that is ready and loving and suffering, but only from self-love.

    Scorpio. He is ruled by Mars and Pluto, who make him an aggressive and very difficult sign of the Zodiac. But the same Moon retains in him sensitivity and vulnerability, which is much more evident in depression than in Cancer. The character of Scorpio is a string of extremes. If you love to the last breath, if you are jealous, then to death, if hate, then to exhaustion. Complexity Scorpio knows no bounds. He constantly finds in himself hundreds of aesthetic and natural deformities and with an effort will prove to all those around him that this is exactly so. An adult scorpion often behaves like an ill-mannered youngster. But his physical strength leads to suspicious thoughts and gives the impression of a dangerous person. But the scariest form of Scorpio, the more tender its essence. The more vulnerable sign of the Zodiac does not exist, its experiences and stresses are very much reflected in appearance.

    Scorpions alarmists, capable of crying, but alone. Always looking for subtext, even in the eyes of unfamiliar people, takes very seriously all domestic and social life, their surroundings.

    Characteristics of the third representative of the watermark Pisces is very cognitive. They are very dodgy, but laziness often prevails, so these people can be both great scientists and yard keepers. Fishes of nature are creative, dreams and illusions are a big part of their essence. Pisces are very vindictive and communication with them can be difficult because of great secrecy. They can hide their claims for a long time, but they pour out the entire negative instantly and often meanly. Despite such traits, the Pisces are soft enough and subject to pressure, if it is based on pity. This later leads to forgiveness, which is not inherent in their fellow Scorpions. Pisces is always endowed with pity. And they regret not only others, but themselves, so violence and power they do not like. Fish often remain alone, and the blame for all is their silence and reluctance to go to meet their second half.

    Compatibility of water signs of the zodiac is very interesting to astrologers. Everyone agreed that fish and cancer would perfectly complement each other. They will not only be lovers, but also business partners. They clearly share roles in their relations, are able to go only to each other on concessions, leave aside dreams, illusions and sensitive vulnerability. Their union is successful if there are always common things, because in moments of relaxation both begin to understand that they are very different personalities, which leads to conflicts.