Make-up of the eyes under the glasses - do make-up under the glasses

  • Make-up of the eyes under the glasses - do make-up under the glasses

    For some reason, many believe that the makeup of the eye under the glasses do not necessarily. They say that any make-up will not be seen, it's a waste of time. And completely in vain! Glasses are a real fashion accessory. They easily supplement any image. A competently made make-up will make it perfect.

    General rules for make-up

    Make-up for sunglasses without rim
    • Any make-up begins with the eyebrows. And eyebrows are always visible above the eyeglasses, so they must be perfect. If you can not make a suitable form yourself, contact a specialist in the beauty salon. Let you help to give the brow the right shape. Eyebrows on color should not coincide with a frame, because there will be an illusion of double brows. Their color is allowed to be lighter or darker in several tones. Nor can the line of eyebrows coincide with the upper line of glasses, nor is it permissible to match the thickness of the rim and eyebrows.
    • The color range of makeup is better to combine with the frame. So, the make-up of the eyes under the glasses with a thick and colored frame can not be bright. In this case, also do not use eyeliner and bright shadows. It is enough to use a pencil and black mascara. Successful tones of shadows will be neutral and pastel shades.
    • Under glasses with a thin rim or without rim make make-up bright and expressive. It will come in handy and bright shadows, and eyeliner.

    If you have myopia

    Feathering make-up under glasses

    Lenses in glasses with myopia will visually make your eyes smaller. This should be taken into account when doing makeup for the eyes. In this case, you need to consider the following:

    1. Tint the skin around the eyes for a couple of tones higher in relation to the main tone.
    2. Shadows to put on the basic principle: to start light, to finish dark. Colors are bright. Excellent under the glasses will look white, as well as brown and pink shades. In principle, any light tone in this case will do. Here, already, choosing shadows, it is better to consider the color of eyes and skin.
    3. Do not forget about the eyeliner or pencil( which is more preferable).Effectively it will look like an arrow along the line of growth of eyelashes. It can be done both on the lower and upper eyelids.
    4. It is necessary not to forget about the small female trick: light pencil or shadows to apply neatly the dots on the inner corners of the eyes and diligently shade them. The look from this will become radiant.
    5. Mascara is easy to choose, because in this case any one will do. With this type of eyeglasses, make-up, enlarging and lengthening eyelashes, will look fine.
    6. You should use natural lipstick.

    If you have farsightedness

    Eye makeup for a thin rim

    With farsightedness, the glasses make the eyes more visually. Therefore, when doing makeup, you should consider some details:

    1. First of all, you need to make a foundation: apply a little moisturizer on the skin of the eyes. Allow time to absorb.
    2. The use of a corrector for the eyes is welcome, because enlarging lenses of glasses even small swellings and darkening will make it noticeable. Therefore, it makes sense to disguise skin imperfections.
    3. Applying shadows is recommended for this type of glasses very light, natural tones, you can apply pearlescent shades. Matte shades of brown, green and gray will look good. Use better three shades from light to dark. The lightest is recommended to be applied on the upper eyelids and shade. Then, from the middle to the outer corner of your century, an average shade is applied. And the dark part of the eye is slightly different.
    4. Ink is applied lightly. Do not use mascara with a bulk effect.

    You should always remember that a well-executed make-up for the eyes under the glasses will make your face more attractive.

    Eye make-up for eyeglasses photo:

    Make-up for myopia
    EYE under glasses
    Make-up for glasses
    Make-up for color rim