How to color eyebrows - to color eyebrows at home

  • How to color eyebrows - to color eyebrows at home

    Do you agree that beautifully curved and clear eyebrows can give a woman's face a special charm? Eyebrows, despite the fact that often their importance is underestimated, one of the most expressive elements of your face. The fact that eyebrows every day should be in perfect order, probably, do not need to tell anyone. .. In them everything is important: both color and shape. And in order to achieve the ideal, too much time is simply not needed. The main "tools" in the arsenal of women: a pencil( shadows) and tweezers.

    Eyebrow coloring

    We paint eyebrows

    You are terribly tired of sitting down at the mirror every day and "drawing" your eyebrows? Hence, the time has come for more radical steps. For example, to paint your eyebrows with paint. Believe me, this is much more convenient. Especially for summer time, when because of the heat there is always a desire to wash, refresh, but have to endure, because it is a pity to wash away so carefully induced beauty.

    In order to solve a problem more similar, special paints designed for the coloring of eyebrows have long been invented. If you want to do everything perfectly perfectly, entrust painting to the professional of your business. Moreover, absolutely any salons, and ordinary hairdressers will come to your aid. In addition, the master can help you find the perfect shape of your eyebrows and their color, which will perfectly match with your appearance. Painting eyebrows, made by a professional, does not take much time - a maximum of 10 minutes, not including adjustments.

    In fact, dye your eyebrows at home is quite simple. After all, this procedure is absolutely uncomplicated and it is possible to fulfill it without someone's help.

    Choose the color


    If, for various reasons, you do not want to visit the salon for painting your eyebrows, you can carry out this procedure yourself without leaving your home.

    Before you paint your eyebrows, you need to go to a store that has a department of perfumes and paints. Do not worry, choosing a particular eyebrow paint will not be very wide. The seller will offer you either a reusable or disposable paint in the form of a gel or powder. The choice of colors is also not great: black, brown and blue. Rarely in stores you can find a wider range. You can, because of the fact that you do not fit the colors presented in the store, choose the hair dye of the desired shade. But these are additional problems: you will have to calculate the proportions, which is far from as simple as the

    . If you do not know which color to choose, pay attention to the new fashion: dye your eyebrows in tone to your hair. This rule, of course, does not apply to blondes. Professionals even came up with their golden rule when painting eyebrows. According to him, brunettes should dye their eyebrows in a shade that is 3 shades lighter than their hair, and blondes on the contrary, 3 shades darker.

    Black paint more everything goes to brunettes with very dark hair. Brown-haired women, paying attention to their hair color, should choose from brown or light brown shades. Red should adhere to terracotta shades, and blondes - golden and light brown. If you have completely colorless or already graying eyebrows, in no case can not leave them in this form, because they make your appearance very inexpressive. It is best to tint them with a slightly grayish hue of paint, although this is only a matter of taste.

    Painting tools

    Eyebrow correction

    Most often, the paint comes complete with everything you need, the most necessary of which is the instructions for use. If you only bought one paint, stock up with such inventory:

    • clean brush, which you will brush your eyebrows. You can replace it with a cotton swab. By this, you will impose a paint;
    • a small glass or ceramic container to prepare the paint. We do not need to take the metalware, as the paint contains an oxidizing agent that can spoil it;
    • protective equipment: rubber gloves and preferably an old towel for covering on the shoulders. Suddenly, the paint will fall on clothes, I do not want to spoil it;
    • cream or Vaseline. You will apply it on the skin around the eyebrows to protect them from staining;
    • cotton wheels will need you after painting;
    • instructions for paint.

    Before you start to color your eyebrows, you need to make sure that you are completely satisfied with their shape, and they do not require corrections. If something is still wrong, you can give the eyebrows the necessary form, or you can contact the master in the beauty salon( which is preferable, as you can pluck the excess and permanently ruin the vernal appearance of your eyebrows).

    There are masters who believe that you need to adjust your eyebrows after you have them painted. This is justified only in those cases when the natural color of the eyebrows is very light and the shape is not so easy to see. In general, it's your business and it's up to you to decide what to do in a particular situation.

    How to paint eyebrows at home

    Color eyebrows

    The first thing to do is to put on gloves and just in case put on a cloak. Now prepare the paint. To do this, squeeze into the container 2 ml of paint, add 10 drops of oxidizer and mix everything thoroughly. Act only as the instruction says, because any departure from it can lead to completely unpredictable results.

    It is not necessary to leave the paint in ready-made form, it is necessary immediately to start direct painting. To begin with, spread the skin around the eyebrows with petroleum jelly, then use a brush or a cotton bud to draw paints and a thick layer, but carefully put it on the eyebrows.

    Depending on how intense you want the result, wait for an amount of time( 10-15 minutes).Then take the cotton wool discs and remove all the paint from the eyebrows. Then you need to rinse them under running water.

    If, despite Vaseline, the paint is still on the skin, first try removing it with a disc, thoroughly moistened with cream. If nothing has turned out, it is necessary to use any means for washing. And rub, rub. ..

    Care after staining

    Eyebrow care

    After you dye your hair, they need good care. Immediately after the procedure, you need to lubricate your eyebrows with a good layer of castor oil. If you want your brows to always remain silky and thick, lubricate them with the same oil every day. To do this, it is necessary to thoroughly wash off the remainder of the carcass tube and pour castor oil there. Then just dipping a brush into it, comb your eyebrows.

    A good effect is given by a compress made from the most common vegetable oil. To make it very simple: moisten the cotton pad in a slightly warmed oil and put it on the eyebrow for about 15 minutes. After that, simply rinse the leftover vegetable oil with warm water.

    The condition of the eyebrows is very good massage. You can lightly press on, pinch or mask them in a circular motion - all this will only benefit. Do all the movements strictly along the line of the eyebrows, starting from the bridge of the nose and ending with the temples. This massage helps to remove hypersensitivity from this area and relieves headache.

    No matter how thick and long the eyebrows are, you need to comb them every day. First, use a brush against their growth, and then in the direction of growth.

    If you do not want to notice the thinned eyebrows after a while, listen to specialists and paint your eyebrows no more than once a month.