How much it costs to make a breast: the price of implants and the cost of the surgeon's work

  • How much it costs to make a breast: the price of implants and the cost of the surgeon's work

    How much does it cost to make a breast? Every woman asks herself this question, which nature has not awarded with a satisfactory bust size. If you decide to increase the breast operatively, then be prepared for the fact that the price of breast augmentation surgery will be slightly higher than the declared advertising price.

    The fact is that usually in the advertising value they talk only about the work of the surgeon, and the operation includes much more. The price for breast augmentation starts from 100 thousand rubles and above. So, today we will help you to understand how much the operation for correction of the breast really is.

    What is included in the cost of the operation

    Let's figure out what makes up the price of breast augmentation surgery. The cost of breast augmentation surgery includes: the surgeon's work, the cost of implants, anesthesia, hospital stay, and the "share" of the clinic is added to this.

    The cost of the operation is influenced by many other factors: the status of the clinic, the name of the surgeon, the city in which you are doing the operation.


    Modern surgeons use mainly silicone implants with gel filler. Implants are safe, even if the shell is damaged. Gel for consistency resembles marmalade and does not spread. Implants vary in size, shape and texture of the surface. This, of course, affects the cost of the entire operation.

    Incision site

    The incision can be made in one of three areas: the bottom of the areola, in the chest fold or in the armpit.

    The location of the incision is selected based on anatomical features, skin characteristics, whether there is an omission of the breast and so on.

    Breast surgery duration

    The cost of the operation is affected by its duration. The operation can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It's all very individual. It is clear that in complex cases and with long operations, the cost of the operation increases.

    After operation

    After the operation in the hospital there are days if the entire operation was successful and there were no complications. Postoperative rehabilitation is 10-15 days, but a special compression underwear is required for a month.

    All these components provide an opportunity to imagine how much it costs to perform breast augmentation surgery.

    Total average price

    The spread of prices for breast augmentation operations ranges from 140 thousand rubles to 210 thousand rubles.

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