• Care for sensitive skin( at home)

    Care for sensitive skin is rightfully considered one of the leading cosmetic problems of our time. It is not surprising: a bad ecology of the city space, an unbalanced diet with an abundance of chemical additives and genetic engineering, a high degree of nervous tension and the familiarity of stressful situations - the familiar features of the 21st century inevitably affect the state of the human body, all its organs and systems. And the skin of the face is no exception. In response to the prolonged impact of negative factors, it loses its natural capacity for self-regulation and recovery, becomes vulnerable and defenseless against the influences of the external environment. In other words, the skin becomes sensitive and begins to react inadequately even to the lightest stimuli. In this article, we will show you how to take care of sensitive dry skin in your home.

    Symptoms of

    Symptoms of skin sensitivity are very unpleasant: redness( solid or uneven stains) and marked tightness, small cracks and flaking, burning and itching. And all this manifests itself with noticeable constancy and regularity at the slightest supercooling or overheating, contact with solar ultraviolet and walking in windy weather, applying cosmetics( both decorative and therapeutic) and even simple washing with tap water. The list of provoking factors is huge, although it has some specific features. By the way, it is in an increased response to everything and everything that the main difference between sensitive skin and the skin is normal, but prone to allergies to any one chemical or biological element of the environment( allergen).

    Taking care of the skin of the face

    It is important to note that the cosmetological disorders under consideration are not inherent, but are of an acquired nature. In addition to the mentioned ecological and emotional moments, their development can be caused by the transferred dermatological diseases, the use of cheap makeup, smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, disruptions in the endocrine system. Thus, a full-fledged care for sensitive skin should be accompanied by the identification and elimination of the underlying cause. In the meantime, we will get acquainted with the basic rules allowing to remove the symptomatology of sensitivity or at least to make it less pronounced.

    Rules for each day

    So, if you are the owner of a sensitive, easily irritated skin, learn to take care of her beauty and health every day.

    Rule number 1 - Soft cleansing

    Soft cleansing of the facial skin

    To your face, almost all the fashion procedures of cosmetic salons and many home cosmetology techniques are contraindicated, in particular - various variants of peeling. You will have to cleanse your skin without the help of special tools, because even ordinary soap, not to mention scrubs and peeling masks, can be harmful.

    The best solution - every morning to wash with warm boiled or warmed-up spring water, you can use warm filtered water. During the day, wetting the face as little as possible, especially avoiding moisture before going out into the street in windy or frosty weather. In the evening, wipe the skin with a cotton swab densely moistened in natural pink or lavender water( sold in pharmacies and aromatherapy stores) or in the infusion of flowers of these medicinal plants. So you clean the pores of dirt and gently tones the skin, in addition, the rose and lavender have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

    Rule number 2 - Gentle protection

    Dry sensitive skin

    Sensitization is characteristic mainly of people with dry skin type, lacking skin fat, as well as very light skinned people with low pigmentation levels. But it is the fats and pigments that provide the natural barrier that protects our face from the negative influences of the environment. Their shortage must necessarily be compensated using a day cream that combines the properties of nutrition and protection. Apply it every morning, 20-30 minutes after washing.

    Please note that it is better to care for sensitive skin using hypoallergenic creams. Corresponding marking on the package will reduce the likelihood of redness and discomfort. A cream with allantoin content is well suited - the substance gives an anti-inflammatory effect and protects the skin not only from harmful weather factors, but, which is noteworthy, from the aggressive effects of other cosmetic ingredients. If the irritation still arose, then it means - this is not your means and it is worth looking for another.

    Rule # 3 - Healing Restoration

    Face Vitamins

    Sensitive skin needs regular restoration of damaged areas, healing of microcracks, deep softening and moistening. To achieve these goals, a good night face cream will help, which apart from allantoin is panthenol, cava, vitamins A and E. When applied to the skin, this composition will remove irritation and redness, moisturize, strengthen protective functions and start regeneration processes.

    Face cream application

    Despite the typical difficulties associated with the selection of preparations for sensitive skin - you never know how a person will react to a substance - finding your own, the right cream for you is quite realistic. Just remember the psychological factor: do not start using a new tool, being in a stressful, excited state, conduct the test in a period of emotional calmness and a benevolent mood.

    Make-up for sensitive skin

    Unfortunately, the perfect make-up for sensitive skin is its complete absence. If you can not do without decorative cosmetics, consider the following points:

    • set the background tone of the face with the help of powder, and not a foundation lot - there are fewer chemical elements provoking irritation;
    • give preference to shades of light colors, containing a minimum of dyes;
    • forget about liquid eyeliner - they contain a highly allergenic latex, in your case it will be much safer to have a usual pencil.
    • use a simple, non-waterproof mascara, which is easy to wash off without using special solutions that are very aggressive in their properties;
    • remove makeup only with milk intended for sensitive skin, otherwise redness and itching are provided to you.

    Terms of use of face masks

    Milk masks for sensitive skin

    Summing up, we will touch upon another important issue - cosmetic masks for the care of sensitive skin. You can apply them, but you must observe extreme caution, guided by the principle "Do not Harm".Cottage cheese and milk, oatmeal and potatoes, cabbage and cucumbers are the main ingredients for such procedures at home. Apply them better individually, without mixing, that is, make a mask from any one product of your choice. At the same time, it is recommended to test the effect on a small area of ​​the skin first, and then lubricate the entire face. The latter, we note, is also relevant when testing novelties of medicinal and decorative cosmetics.

    Take care of your sensitive skin, be careful and patient with its needs - and the result will be on the face!