Mask from the circles under the eyes - how to do

  • Mask from the circles under the eyes - how to do

    The presence of dark circles under the eyes, of course, does not make a woman more attractive.

    About the causes of the appearance of dark circles

    Skin under the eyes may become dark for several reasons:

    1. Lifestyle.
    2. Disorder with health.
    3. Heredity.

    The most common cause is a person's way of life. For example, due to an incorrect sleep and wakefulness, a systematic lack of sleep.

    Now almost everyone can not imagine their workplace without a computer. And because of the many hours of sitting behind the monitor, after a while, excessive fatigue and chronic fatigue begin to manifest. Just for this reason, and there are dark circles under the eyes.

    Strongly damaging computer
    Please note! Skin under the eyes may darken due to smoking or permanent presence near smokers. Nicotine poisons the body, which entails darkening of the skin.
    It is necessary to take care of food

    The presence or absence of high-quality nutrition is very much reflected in the skin. If the woman's breakfast consists only of coffee, and there is never enough time for a normal dinner, then what beauty can be forgotten.

    Also a constant companion of a modern resident of a metropolis is stress. Frequent and prolonged stressful conditions are another reason for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

    Various diseases make circles noticeable

    There are a lot of other reasons that are more individualized:

    • is an allergic reaction to a detergent or cosmetic product, as well as a certain product;
    • exposure to the scorching southern sun on thin skin under the eyes can lead to dehydration and the appearance of darkening;
    • various diseases contribute to the fact that the manifestations of this cosmetic defect become more visible;
    • disturbed venous and lymphatic outflow;
    • presence of ischemic disease, heart disease, arrhythmia and other cardiovascular diseases, resulting in insufficient oxygen and the formation of dark circles;
    • a violation of pulmonary activity( tuberculosis or bronchitis of the smoker), also leading to oxygen starvation;
    • anemia - inadequate hemoglobin concentration in the blood;
    • a sharp rise in temperature due to an acute infectious disease. This leads to an increase in the level of acidity of the blood, which in turn expands the capillaries. Thin skin can not hide them, but because of the lack of fluid defect only increases, because eyes look sunk.

    How to get rid of

    Regardless of the reason for the appearance of circles under the eyes, thin skin requires good care. For example, excellent results can be achieved through the use of funds rich in collagen, moisturizers and vitamins.

    You can use special tools

    By the way, if you consistently eat fruits and parsley, and drink citrus and carrot juices, the skin around the eyes will become more attractive. According to many dermatologists, dark circles under the eyes appear due to accumulated toxins, coping with which can be a plentiful drink.

    A significant reduction in dark circles at home can be achieved with a salt-free diet and foods that contain a lot of folic acid, fish oil and vitamins.

    Many women use household masks under the eyes to get rid of this unwanted cosmetic defect.

    A recipe for pasta, which relieves of the circles. For preparation, several types of juice will be needed, namely, cucumber, potato, aloe and lemon - each with 1 teaspoonful. After careful stirring, you need to combine them with pasta from spinach or basil. Cover the area of ​​darkening followed by a cotton swab. After 15 minutes, all this should be washed off with water at room temperature. Such a mask from circles under the eyes will effectively fight and manifestations of puffiness. Do too much pasta should not, as in the refrigerator it can be stored only 3 days.

    Tea Compress

    Tea Compress. It has long been known that tea is the strongest antioxidant and has a strengthening effect on the skin, because it contains tannin. To improve the condition and color of the skin around the eyes, you can use the following folk recipe: sage( 1 teaspoon) pour steep boiling water, cover with a lid and insist for 30-40 minutes. The resulting infusion should be filtered and divided into two equal parts, one of which should be frozen and the other heated. This must be done simultaneously. Now it is necessary to soak the skin around the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in a hot broth, and then wipe the face with ice cubes. To achieve the desired effect, this procedure should be repeated at least 5 times. Sage can be replaced with chamomile flowers or dill.

    Walnuts are useful not only for the body as a whole, but also for the area around the eyes. The mask consists of carefully crushed walnuts( 2 large spoons), melted butter( 1 spoon) and lemon juice( 2-3 drops).In addition, this product perfectly moisturizes dry skin.

    See how to prepare a mask from dark circles based on walnuts:

    Cucumber mask has an excellent clarifying effect, and also perfectly moisturizes the skin. Cucumber should be cut into thin circles and put in a freezer. Once they cool down, you can start the procedure: for 15 minutes, you need to alternately apply to the eyes of chilled cucumber circles.

    Cucumber mask

    There is another option for cooking a cucumber mask: the cucumber should be grated, and the resulting gruel should be spread on the lower eyelids and left there for 10 minutes. For washing, use cool water, and for the subsequent skin care - a nourishing cream.

    And in general, not to puzzle over how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you just need to prevent their appearance: to lead a healthy lifestyle and to visit doctors regularly.


    Recipe for mask with mint and almond oil: