How to remove lenses - how to remove contact lenses

  • How to remove lenses - how to remove contact lenses

    For most women, their appearance means a lot. Yes, the glasses are now firmly in fashion, but they do not always go to girls. Moreover, wearing glasses in each situation is simply impossible, because they can fall, break, in the winter they sweat and so on.

    With lenses, there is no such problem, they are much more comfortable to wear. A considerable number of patients even had an improvement in vision, albeit insignificant, after they had long been wearing contact lenses. Everything in them is fine, but at first they need to dress and remove their big problem.

    To quickly and correctly wear and remove the lens will require a certain skill and experience. People who have to go through this procedure for the first time sometimes feel even fear. After all, these are the eyes, and it's very unpleasant to "climb" in them, especially when a completely unfamiliar person does it. But experts believe that the probability of somehow damage your eyes is very, very small, especially if the person is careful.

    To everything else, when you try to put a lens on the eyeball, the eyelid on the reflex is closed. And this makes the task even more difficult and difficult to achieve. But do not worry at all, because after a certain time you will develop a skill, and you can both remove contact lenses and put them on very simply and quickly. This will become a routine procedure, which does not cause any trouble and unpleasant sensations. And beginners should learn such advice.

    How to put on the lens

    First, you should never wear a lens on your eyes that did not get enough sleep. This leads to the fact that in the eyes increases the tension, there is an easy feeling. And in such a situation the result can be very unpleasant - the lens will simply provoke irritation.

    It's very, very undesirable to confuse which lens is on the right and which lens is on the left eye. This applies even to the case when both lenses have the same diopters. Want to avoid confusion? Then always wear and remove the lens, starting with one eye, for example, from the right.

    In doing so, just removed the lens must be placed in the container section, which is designed for the right lens. Many companies on top or bottom of the lid write the English letter R, which means right-right. And only after this, take the second eye.

    The next rule is to wear the lens by placing it on the end of the index finger pad. You can do this with any other finger, if that's convenient for you. Note that the softest touch is provided by the ring finger, but it is more likely that it will not be so easy to wear a lens.

    Make sure that your lens is not turned inside out. You can understand this by looking at it in the light. The correct shape of the lens is a bowl, with the edges pointing upward. While its reverse side does not have the correct shape of the ball. As you can see, it's not so difficult to understand how to put on lenses.

    The most important thing before you wear a lens on your eyes, be sure to make sure that it's absolutely clean. That is, it should not have any dust, grains of sand, hairs and other. All this will cause terrible discomfort and irritation of the eye.

    Very important for

    Those who wear contact lenses just need to know the main thing - to put on and remove the lens can only be absolutely dry and clean hands. To date, a lot of lenses have been created with a porous structure, into which dirt, sweat and grease fall. And because they are in constant contact with the eyes, all this can cause allergies, irritations and infection.

    How to properly remove the lens

    Again, always remove the lens, starting with the one with which you began to wear them. That is, they put on the first right lens, which means that you must remove it first. Even before removing the lens, thoroughly wash and wipe your hands. This is very, very important! You do not want to get in the face with all that filth that has accumulated on your skin all day long?

    It is noteworthy that some experienced lens carriers note that it is much easier to shoot them when their hands are not completely dry. Then the lens slides much more smoothly both on the eye and on the fingers. But in this case, it is very important not to miss it. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to find it on the floor. She's very thin and completely transparent.

    ATTENTION!Before removing the lens, make sure that both are on the cornea of ​​the eye, and only then start removing them.

    So, lift up your eyes and pull down the middle finger of the lower eyelid. With your index finger, you must move the lens from the pupil to the squirrel. Then gently squeeze her index and thumb and remove from the eye.

    After wearing, the lens may be slightly sticky and dried. When removing them, be sure to check that their edges are not wrapped, and the lenses themselves are not stuck together. If you will take off and wear the lenses, as written in this article, namely in turn and, putting each immediately after removal to the container, you will not have such problems.

    But if the lenses are stuck together, you do not need to make any effort to separate them, so you just can tear them apart. Put them in the solution, and after they are filled with water, the lenses themselves will be straightened. You should never pinch them with tweezers or nails.

    Wearing contact lenses

    When you first start using lenses, the first few weeks( depending on which lenses you choose) your eyes will adapt to a foreign body for them. During this period, the production of tears changes.

    If you want this time to pass faster and more imperceptibly, use special drops from the very first day. It is very important not to wear the lens at once. The first few days can be limited to only a few hours, with each day increasing this period by one hour.

    You can not leave your lenses on all night. Do not listen to those who tell you that they can walk for a few days in lenses and not take them off. Yes, it's possible. But only with lenses of a new generation - the so-called silicone-hydrogel. And you can sleep in lenses only after consulting with your ophthalmologist and with his permission.