Makeup for green eyes - make-up for green eyes of blondes, brunettes, brown-haired( photo)

  • Makeup for green eyes - make-up for green eyes of blondes, brunettes, brown-haired( photo)

    Green eyes. .. As they just were not called: and fatal, and jealous, and insidious, and even witch. .. Of course, all this was invented by envious persons who never possessed and will not possess such a beautiful eye color as green. Another one of the same beautiful and spectacular color no longer exists. And all of its owners know this remarkably well, and, being proud, give out their best decoration even more. And how can this be done without using makeup for green eyes.

    Choose shades

    Choose shades for green eyes make-up

    There are a lot of shades of green eyes: from very light almost transparent green, ending with an amazing color of the sea wave.

    The colors for the green eyes make-up

    The make-up professionals distinguish 4 basic levels of the shade, on which the make-up technique for green eyes will depend. So:

    1. Jade green color, reminiscent of the color of the green forest. This shade is quite intense, saturated, in the palette of green eyes it is the darkest. To the eyes of this color shadows of almost any color will do. But the best thing to look at is a dark brown scale or a graphite color, but only for make-up for the evening. It is with these colors that you can perform the most beautiful make-up of green eyes. During the day, this shade will look too defiant.

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    2. Sea shade of green, can be with a light reflection of the color of turquoise. This shade is the most gentle and subtle among all the greens. Sometimes, under the influence of a certain color in clothing and lighting can seem almost blue. Owners of this color are best suited shades of light and medium in rich colors. And what is most remarkable, with such eyes, you can even afford to use eyeliner and shadows of blue color.

    3. Green light or medium in saturation, usually with fawn or golden veins. This option is called classical, present. And the correct makeup of green eyes in this case should exclude dark shades of shadows, except that you can afford quite a bit and only at the outer corners of the eyes. When choosing shadows, you need to look at the color of the iris of the eyes - the shadows should not be more saturated than it is.

    4. A soft shade of green, most often has a grayish gleam. The sight of such eyes always seems slightly mystical. This shade is the lightest of the green, because of what girls who possess it, often find it difficult to choose suitable shadows. It is necessary to stop on very light shades, it will be possible to make a makeup of eyes by green shadows, but only almost transparent, forever having rolled away from dark colors. After all, they will look rude and interrupt the natural beauty of the eyes of this color.

    Make-up for blondes with green eyes

    Make-up for green eyes of blondes

    The girl with blond hair and green eyes is truly mysterious, tender and attractive. All these features just need to be correctly emphasized. Doing the makeup of the green eyes of blondes, you need to take into account some unspoken rules that professional make-up artists are guided in their work.

    When applying makeup, it is best to use different shades of brown( from golden to dark chocolate).You can not doubt, this option is absolutely safe. But even more wonderful, performing the make-up of green eyes, will choose dark shadows with a golden-green tint.

    As the primary color, it is best to choose a peach or grayish shade. Imagine what a wonderful combination they will create with dark colors!

    Also very spectacular on your charming eyes will look violet shadows, but only again dark. When applying daily make-up, use shadows with a light metallic luster - it will look very fresh and gentle. But the evening make-up of green eyes will not do without the golden and copper colors.

    Of course, there are some colors that are not suitable for green-eyed blondes. This, for example: all the blue colors - with your green eyes they will not be combined at all, pink( and they are so often liked by blondes).

    Make-up for brunettes with green eyes

    Make-up for green eyes of brunettes

    This is some sort of magic combination, capable of breaking many male hearts! A girl with such data simply can not be unnoticed even in the crowd. Using the makeup of green eyes for brunettes, you need to emphasize your femininity and incredible appeal.

    So, what shades of shadows should make-up under the green eyes for girls with dark hair?

    Eyes are best done with a coal-black pencil. Also, owners of this type of wonderful suited so-called smoky eyes - makeup with a peculiar haze. For its application you will need shadows of bronze and golden shades. And best of all, let them be brilliant or at least flickering. Better than a burning brunette, this make-up will not look at anyone! Having wonderful external data, you can afford makeup without shadows - use only black liner and ink.

    You will also look wonderful with shades of pink, blue and all cool shades.

    Girls with such a spectacular appearance, just need to allocate their lips, making them succulent and seductive. Of course, the best way to look at you is red lipstick( a classic shade), it will fully emphasize your sensuality. This color is suitable even for those who perform daytime make-up of green eyes. If such bright colors are not for you, choose pink lipsticks and glitter - they are also great for your type of appearance.

    Makeup for brown-haired with green eyes

    Make-up for green eyes with brown hair

    Do you brown-haired and do not know what make-up is suitable for green eyes? There is no definitive answer. Most likely, you can use a universal version of makeup, which uses purple colors, contrasting with the green in your eyes and perfectly emphasizing their unusual.

    Lilac and lilac shades suitable for both day and evening make-up, you only need to vary their saturation. With these colors, you can even make a wedding make-up of green eyes. Pastel colors - beige, peach and golden - perfectly shade the main tone of the eyes of green.

    Also brown-haired women have wonderful colors. A combination of copper, gold and bronze shadows is a wonderful option for evening make-up. You can beat it by using a brown eyeliner and a reddish pencil for your eyebrows.

    Stages of makeup

    Do not know how to do make-up for the eyes in stages? To do this is quite simple, you just need to follow the known tips:

    1) Shadows .We have already described what colors to choose for girls with different shades of hair. Follow these recommendations and there should be no problems with the choice of shadows. Correctly apply the shadow will help our article on the technique of applying shadows;

    2) Supply of .To perform a competent and beautiful make-up you need to choose the right color for the eyeliner. It is best to use black, gray and brown. They will fit any of your clothes. But what's on the green eyes does not look good, so it's a blue hue. So try to avoid it;

    3) Ink .Here the advice is similar: let it be either black or brown. Leave bright colors for the holidays.

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