Rating of the best mascara - how to choose the best mascara for eyelashes

  • Rating of the best mascara - how to choose the best mascara for eyelashes

    At all times, girls have tried to emphasize their beauty. The beauty of female eyes was sung by poets in the ages. The eyes were always given special significance. It is usually called girlish pride. It was believed that it was the beauty of the eyes that gave the angelic character of man.

    To emphasize the attractive look, the girls resort to the use of decorative cosmetics. Mascara is an indispensable assistant. It is she who can give you a perfect look and give the image an incredible charm.

    Mascara - an indispensable assistant

    Dry mascara

    In acceptable for us understanding decorative mascara appeared only in the middle of the 19th century. This kind of cosmetics almost immediately won popularity among women all over the world. At that time, a dry sort of carcass familiar to many people was produced. In its composition was wax, petroleum jelly and a solution of coal. The mascara was applied with the help of a special brush, in the form resembling a toothbrush.

    In the late 50's. The 20th century was invented by the more familiar packaging for the carcass. It was supplied in a special tube. This species was immediately appreciated. To this day, mascara is an indispensable attribute in the cosmetic bag of every girl.

    How to choose mascara

    Mascara for eyelashes

    The modern cosmetics market offers a huge selection of mascara. With her choice, many girls face difficulties. It is difficult to choose the most suitable for yourself.

    All mascara are divided into two main types:

    Waterproof mascara
    1. Resistant to water. It includes various types of animal and vegetable waxes and artificial polymers. It does not contain substances that are subject to destruction due to moisture. To remove waterproof makeup it is necessary to use special tools. It can be lotion, milk or gel, not damaging the mucous eyes.
    2. Ink exposed to water. Its composition includes more sparing substances, subject to destruction due to moisture. This type of product does not require the use of special tools for removing makeup. However, it can easily wash off when crying or under the influence of rain drops.

    When choosing a carcass, be sure to follow the following rules:

    Fashion trends and mascara
    • If your dream is good mascara, check out the modern fashion trends in the world of decorative cosmetics.
    • Buy cosmetics only in specialized stores.
    • Pay attention to the expiration date of the product.
    • Before applying mascara to eyelashes, it is recommended to test for susceptibility to allergic reactions.
    • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to consult your ophthalmologist beforehand.
    Please note! To choose the most suitable product for you, it is recommended to study the world rating of the best mascara.

    Requirements for the perfect mascara

    Perfect mascara

    What are the requirements for perfect mascara? What do consumers pay attention to when making a purchase? Consider the main factors:

    • Brand fame.
    • Advertising.
    • Availability of shares.
    • Cost.
    • Functionality.

    It is believed that the world leaders in the production of quality decorative cosmetics are the EU countries. Not surprisingly, the most popular mascara for eyelashes will be French or Italian.

    Advertising. How do we learn about the appearance of a new product on the market? Of course, from advertising. She follows us everywhere: from TV screens, on the Internet, to newspapers and magazines.

    Choice of mascara

    That's why when buying carcasses, we primarily pay attention to a well-advertised brand. There is one standard consumer misconception: if the product is advertised, then it is of good quality. However, this is not quite true.

    Please note! You can often find quality and functional cosmetics, advertising is not found in the media.

    Shares. The purchase of a product may be affected by the availability of shares and discounts. This move is the main engine of trade. Rarely, which consumer can pass by the goods at a discount.

    Cost. Pay attention to the price list. You should be alerted by too low or too high a cost. Often, it can be overstated because of the popularity and brand awareness. Low cost may imply the presence of substandard materials in the composition of the carcass.

    Carcase requirement

    Functionality. This factor should become decisive when choosing cosmetics. You need to understand what requirements should meet the ideal for you mascara. To date, carcasses have many functions: lengthening, separation of eyelashes, creating an expressive look, giving the effect of false eyelashes and much more. For the right choice, you should determine what you expect from the carcass: lengthening eyelashes or creating volume. Based on these data, you can go to the selection procedure.

    World rating

    Mascara from Meybelin

    The study of the world rating can help with the choice of the optimal product. Consider the best mascara:

    The world leader in the production of decorative cosmetics is the company Maybelline. This company is one of the founders of the production of carcass. Its feature is the use of only high-quality materials in cosmetics. To date, one of the most popular products of the company is Lash Stilleto mascara.

    Please note! The main emphasis here is on giving incredible length to your eyelashes.

    It includes a vitamin complex that provides additional care. Consumers appreciate her for her ability to separate cilia and lack of lumps in her work.


    Mascara Lash Power Mascara, presented by Clinique. This company has gained popularity, thanks to plant and hypoallergenic components in cosmetics. The composition of the carcass includes natural ingredients that are resistant to moisture.

    Please note! Women appreciate her for incredible stamina for many hours.

    This mascara will not smear on the eyelashes and will not ruin your makeup.


    Decorative mascara from the company Dior. Speaking about this company, we mean high quality, sophistication, popularity. The ink from this company is high-class ink, the ink of movie stars. If you want to feel like a real Hollywood star, choose DiorShow - extra black mascara.

    Please note! Its deep color will give your look a dramatic and charming look.

    The pleasant texture of the carcass does not crumble and does not roll down on the eyelashes.


    If your eyes are prone to allergies, hypersensitivity, or you wear contact lenses, pay attention to Lancome products. This company has established itself as a manufacturer of cosmetics for particularly sensitive eyes. There are no artificial components and harmful polymers. The composition of funds includes only proven hypoallergenic natural components of plant origin.

    Please note! To get a look with the effect of false eyelashes, we recommend to look at the Hypnose product of this company.

    Its unique four-facet brush is really capable of transforming your look. Forget about short and rare eyelashes.

    Max Factor

    Max Factor continues our rating of the most popular products for eyelashes. Her Mascara 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume effectively takes care of every your cilium. Never have your eyelashes been so well-groomed.

    Please note! Mascara gives incredible volume even to the rarest eyelashes and increases their length several times.

    The French firm Bourjois brings to your attention the product Volume Glamor ultra curl. This mascara is in a more affordable price category. However, this does not mean that its quality is somewhat lower. The composition includes natural ingredients and a caring vitamin complex. Care for eyelashes - delicate.

    Please note! The special shape of the brush will prevent the loss of eyelashes and give them an incredible length.

    Maybellin company offers mascara that has already become a classic. Its effectiveness is verified by time. Mascara Great Lash is on the world counters for more than 15 years. The unique composition of the product and an incredible brush make mascara one of the most popular to this day. Great Lash is simply created for the recently popular make-up of "Smokey Aiz".Her deep black color will give the necessary depth to any look.


    L'Oreal - perhaps the most famous advertising brand carcass. Annually the company offers so many novelties in the field of decorative cosmetics that every girl can easily find a really unique mascara for herself.

    Please note! Today at the peak of the popularity of Telescopic Explosion.

    It is distinguished by a unique shape of the brush. It is made of silicone and is a ball with bristles. Thanks to its unusual design, this mascara not only won world popularity, but also became a real breakthrough in the field of cosmetic products.

    Mascara YSL

    YSL produces carcasses, the main direction of which is the creation of an incredible, but at the same time natural volume. The popular Volume Effect Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara was no exception.

    Please note! Its main qualities are: care for each cilium, uniform staining, creating a natural density.

    Among its components can be noted a unique mineral complex, which not only can strengthen eyelashes, but also significantly increase their life.


    The real French brand - the company Chanel offers a novelty - ink Inimitable.

    Please note! It includes a unique caring complex, and an unusual shape of the brush will help to achieve a 3-fold volume of your eyelashes.

    The only drawback here is the high cost of the product, but it easily pays off the undoubted merits of the carcass.

    As you can see, popular brands of carcasses from world producers offer a variety of products of the highest quality. To choose the mascara that is perfect for you, read and learn the functionality of each.