How to get rid of pigment spots on your face - how to get rid of age spots in your face at home

  • How to get rid of pigment spots on your face - how to get rid of age spots in your face at home

    The appearance of pigment spots on the face can not make any woman happy. They arise gradually, increase, darken and become too noticeable to not pay attention to them and do not mask with a tonal cream and powder. At the same time, getting rid of them is not only difficult, but sometimes impossible. That is why, although there are a lot of ways( folk and medical), how to get rid of age spots on the face, you will have to prepare for a long "war" with shortcomings of your skin.

    Reasons for the emergence of

    For a start, it is worthwhile to carefully study your opponent - pigment spots. Why do they appear? The spots themselves are skin areas in which the content of melanin( the substance responsible for our tanning) for some reason exceeds the norm. And since the skin is constantly renewed, gradually "dumping" its dying top layer and replacing it with a younger one, the removal of pigment spots on the face will consist in accelerating this natural process. But there is one "pitfall": if the cause of the appearance of pigment spots on the face is associated with a violation of the work of one or more internal organs, it will not be possible to get rid of them without previous treatment of the underlying disease, since the pigment spots will be constantly "born" in new areas of the skin.

    So, the first step in our struggle is a visit to a dermatologist plus a comprehensive medical examination to detect abnormalities in the work of internal organs, who reported their problems with the appearance of pigment spots on the face."Call for help" in this way, can, first of all, the liver and digestive system. And, accordingly, treatment of age spots on the face will begin with bringing the internal organs back to normal, cleaning the body of most of the accumulated harmful "stocks" and maintaining the diet.

    And although almost every woman realizes that, without eliminating the disease, she can not boast of her beautiful white elastic skin, elementary employment( plus omnipresent laziness) does not "give" her to see a doctor who could really establish why there were pigment spotson the lyceum and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    In addition to internal organs, the state of our skin can also be affected by a violation of the hormonal balance in the body, caused, for example, by pregnancy or the onset of menopause. In such cases, the skin becomes more susceptible to the sun's rays, "protecting" from their effects pigmentation spots, rather than an even tan( as we all would like).Trying to fight pigmented spots during a nine-month waiting for a child is not worth it, so as not to accidentally damage or cause an allergic reaction, after which you will need to take medications. Usually, even before the baby turns a year, the mother's skin itself comes to its original natural state. If this does not happen, it can be helped a little by using only natural remedies, so that no harmful substances are passed into breast milk.

    Get rid of pigmentation at home

    Before you clean your face of age spots, you need to lighten them. To do this:

    • wipe freshly squeezed lemon juice with water( proportion 1:10);
    • cucumber( it must be rubbed and put on face like a mask);
    • sour milk or kefir( they need to "wash" the skin daily to remove pigment spots on the face);
    • hydrogen peroxide( use should be very carefully so as not to cause drying of the skin);
    • cottage cheese( to prepare the mask, only 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese will be needed plus 10 drops of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and conventional ammonia).

    This folk remedy, helping to eliminate the pigmentation spots on the face, is not exhausted. However, the process of spot lightening is better combined with a shallow peel that can slightly "hasten" the removal of the thin upper layer of the skin without damaging the underlying layers. As components for such formulations, you can use:

    • ground and brewed oat flakes or bran,
    • coffee grounds,
    • clay or any other substances with abrasive properties( that is, just gently and gently "ripping off" dead skin cells from its surface).

    If there is no desire to make scrubs on your own to remove pigment spots on the face, you can buy already prepared compounds.

    All means used for this purpose should not cause any serious mechanical damage to the skin( scratching it).In addition, peeling can not be done by women who have any skin lesions( pimples), so as not to spread the infection all over the face.

    Any of the products is applied and easily rubbed into the skin by smooth, cautious movements of the fingertips in a strictly defined direction( irrespective of where the pigment spots on the face appeared exactly):

    • forehead - from the bridge of the nose upwards and to the sides to the temples;
    • nose - from the bridge of the nose down the wings of the nose;
    • eyes - in the lower eyelid from the temples to the bridge of the nose;and if necessary, it is very, very neat in the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose to the temples;
    • cheeks - from nasolabial folds to temples;The chin is
    • - from its center to the temples.

    To facilitate the procedure, you can use a special cosmetic device, the vibration of which will help "rub" the scrub into the skin.

    Facial massage lines

    Removing pigment spots in beauty salons

    Unlike home remedies, professional methods used in beauty salons will help to get rid of pigment spots a little faster( but with a slight skin damage):

    Ultrasonic peeling

    Ultrasonic peeling

    Ultrasonicpeeling - special bleaching preparations are injected into the skin under the influence of ultrasound( approximately ten procedures will be needed to make the pigment spots on the skin of the face remainin the past);

    Laser peeling

    Laser peeling

    Laser peeling is a winter variant of a "rough" peeling, in which the laser cosmetologist gently removes the top layer of the skin, literally provoking it for renewal( it helps to remove pigment spots on the face, but can injure the skin, so after such procedureit will take several days to protect it with a special cream);

    Chemical peeling

    Chemical peeling

    Chemical peeling - removal of the top layer occurs due to the ability of acids to dissolve dead skin cells( this not only removes pigment spots, but also reduces the depth of wrinkles, tightens and rejuvenates skin).

    Do not forget that carrying out any of the above procedures can cause an allergic reaction( edema of the eyelids, the appearance of pimples on the face and other minor troubles).Therefore, before you "put" on the clarification of your entire face, try the chosen variant of peeling on a small area of ​​the skin. However, some procedures cause reddening of the face, not lasting for several hours or even days. The presence of such a side effect should be clarified in advance by a cosmetologist, as well as contraindications to the use of peeling: various diseases, pregnancy and so on. Try not to plan a visit to the beauty salon on a weekday, if later you have to return to your workplace.