How to paint your eyes with a pencil - how to dye your eyes with a pencil

  • How to paint your eyes with a pencil - how to dye your eyes with a pencil

    Long-standing folk wisdom says: "The eyes are the mirror of the human soul".And indeed, when communicating, we look into the eyes of the interlocutor, while establishing a nonverbal contact, during which we evaluate and know each other. Therefore, going to work or a meeting, the most attention is paid to the eyes. To bring our eyes with a pencil has been taught us since the days of Ancient Egypt. True, in those days it was made antimony to scare off evil spirits and spoil the priests. A century ago this was considered to be vulgar and defiant in society, but the famous actresses firmly rooted this habit among modern women. And not only women. .. Today, we paint our eyes to achieve maximum attractiveness, trying to make them as expressive and enchanting as possible. Eye makeup allows us to change our image at any desire from gentle to female vamp. The presence of a pencil at least one eyeliner is mandatory for every woman's cosmetic bag.

    Let's talk about the actual issues of interest to us and some of the female tricks, and finally, we will learn how to paint the eyes with a pencil correctly. Pencil has a lot of advantages over padding. It is more convenient to apply it for those who have little experience. And the thickness of the lines is more convenient to adjust. It is the basis in the correction of the shape of the eyes and gives them perfection.

    Choose the "right" pencil

    Let's start by choosing a pencil, which is a very individual matter. The only general recommendation will be a high level of quality of cosmetics purchased. Do not forget to check the terms of the product realization. When choosing, you can try the lead on the back of the hand or on a white sheet of paper. Pencils with a soft texture are easy to apply, but tend to spread and smudge. The hard lead is harder to apply to the skin, but it retains its original appearance for a longer time. However, in any case, scratch the eyelid skin with a pencil should not. Intermediate version will be the choice of a pencil with a medium-hard lead. It is necessary to monitor the fact that the lead was finely ground for the application of more accurate lines.

    Color of pencil

    Color depends on the makeup type. First you need to decide in which situation you are getting ready to prune yourself. For the daytime - not an intense black, brown and natural tones that will make you fresh and natural. For an evening toilet it is better to choose a rich black, perhaps with sparkles, that would emphasize the elegance and solemnity. And for a hike with friends in a nightclub, only your fantasy can set the frame of choice: blue, green, purple, silvery and their simultaneous combinations, which will make the look more interesting and charming. In this case, you need to consider the color of the iris of the eye, the skin tone and the color range of the image.

    Before beginning the application of makeup, it is necessary to clean and tone the skin, by applying a corrector, if necessary, to disguise the dark areas under the eyes. In this case, the corrector should be one tone lighter than a complexion and be applied pointwise, followed by shading with a brush or sponge. The eyelid skin can be slightly powdered, to prevent smearing of the arrows.

    Drawing technique for lines

    Apply a pencil on the upper eyelid with one inseparable line, starting from the inner corner of the eye leading to the outer one, and holding it under an oblique angle. Beginners are advised to start drawing the line from the setting of several points, which are successively connected by a continuous line, to get exactly and symmetrically on both sides. The line should be tried as close as possible to the line of growth of the roots of the eyelashes. In the case of an uneven contour, the error must be completely erased and everything must begin anew, otherwise the makeup will not look neat( you can initially practice on a piece of paper).Although some virtuosians manage to correct the errors imperceptibly with earwax, previously moistened in the liquid to remove the varnish. For the inner corners of the eye, you must use fine lines, as well as light, perhaps even white, shades.

    In the world the ideal form of the female eye is recognized as almond-shaped, which means that it should be sought for.

    Almond Eye Shape

    If the eyes are closely planted, the outline on the upper eyelid should be drawn from the middle of the eye with a slightly raised arrow, and the inner corner of the lower eyelid should be brought in white pencil. This will visually bring them closer together. For widely planted eyes, it is recommended to finish the arrow in a natural outer corner and in the lower eyelid the contour should be drawn from the middle of the eye outwards. Small eyes can be visually enlarged by drawing a line slightly backward from the line of eyelash growth and slightly shading with its applicator, and on the lower eyelid use a white pencil next to the mucous membrane. The black line on the skin of the lower eyelid will make even more expressive large brown eyes, but small ones can visually reduce further. Make sure that the outer tips of the arrows are not lowered down. This makes the eyes drooping and tired. The line on the lower eyelid should completely finish the outer corner of the eye and not reach the inner edge.

    To achieve the smoky effect, the arrow on the skin of the upper eyelid should be progressively thickened from the middle to the outer corner. Strengthen the desired effect will help shadows in the tone of the color of the pencil, feathered applicator. On our site you can also read about the technique of applying shadows.

    To apply the make-up "cat-woman", the arrows should be lengthened and the outer edge of them should be raised slightly higher than usual. This will make the eyes longer and more enticing.

    When drawing double arrows, it is necessary to keep the lines strictly parallel, so that they do not approach each other, otherwise it will look ugly and spoil the whole image.

    In general, individual rules for the use of eyeliner are deduced by independent testing and training. Experiment boldly and you will eventually learn to masterfully and unerringly paint your eyes in the best possible way. The technique of make-up will also be honed in proportion to the increase in experience. Rely on your own sense of taste and preferences. Beauty after all the concept is strictly individual!


    Beautifully painted eyes with black pencil:

    Eyeliner brown eyes
    Thick eyeliner lower lid
    Impressively painted
    eyes thin eyeliner pencil
    Ideal painted eyes with black pencil
    feather pencil
    eyeliner blue-green pencil
    makeup for big eyes
    black eyelinerand gray shadows
    Glamorous arrow
    Natural make-up
    Make-up in
    technique Gently colored eyes with brown pencil
    Arabicmakeup with peach and brown shades Light
    wing using shadow
    Makeup for blonde